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OCT: Evanesce

EDIT: I'm so sorry guys! I'm changing her height! Soooo sorrrrry... TT__TT
She's no longer stupidly tall at 6'2" - She's actually 5'4"...
Again, sorry. I work with metres, not feet...

Whoa! Another OCT? Yep, I had to XD
This is for the :iconthebrotherhoodclub:'s OCT! Which I'm very excited about!

Anyway, Dru is an old, old character- revamped. Same powers - totally different personality!

So, a bit more info on this to-be Hoodling~ Dru sides with the Brotherhood mostly because everyone she trusted turned on her when they realised she was a Mutant- and that leaves her feeling like humans can't be trusted...
And she probably doesn't trust mutants as easily either...
That could change with time- but for now, Dru has trust issues.

Anyway! I've sketched up her Intro comic! And It's at the top of my list to finish next- seeing as the deadline is getting close!
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She's cute in an an unusual sort of way. Love her hair cut!
Congrats on making it to round 6!!
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Aw, thanks X3 She's a lot of fun to draw/write~ I'm glad you like her ;D
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Can you please put up a sketch of her with her battle uniform? Me and our other teammates need to draw it. Thanks!
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Oh yes- sorry ;_; I was just thinking about that- It's sketched and should be up... within the hour-? I'll note you all with it- *apologies again*
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No worries -- thanks for getting one up!
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What's her battle uniform?
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She doesn't have one- she'll probably stick with her hoodie til someone forces her to make one~
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We need battle uniforms for this phase.
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Aaah- well, I haven't made one ;_; Maybe she'd wear a dark cloak- a black one...
Are you sure? I've sketched everyone with their usual clothes already... damn
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Yes I am sure, I asked Rain and she said YES

[link] I made one quickly
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Oh nice, I may have to fix my sketches- thanks for the heads up!!
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I love her! So wish you the very best in the tournament!
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Thanks! And you too~ I can't wait to get started!! :eager:
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I really hope you make it in! Dru looks pretty freaking awesome.

As a random side note, I love her hands.
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Thanks~ I love her hands too :3 I hate drawing hands, but for her, I don't mind so much (:
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oh cools~! I'd totally havethe per guy for the brotherhood! but alas, again I can't scan ;x;
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You need a graphics tablet! Go buy one!!
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I really want one D= but it'll have to wait cuz cant afford it right now.
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i know right? T^T
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