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Hi all,

My name is Songbird21 and this is the art gallery for my fanfic "Colors of Life and Death" (AKA: COLAD). You can find both books of COLAD by using the link provided in the profile.

The art here is by a few different artists (Including myself), so when you comment on the art please make sure you pay attention to who the artist is. ^_^/ Don't make a comment addressed to me unless the art is mine. :D

There are two catagories: Official art (In other words, art done by me) and fanart. You can view the catagories by going to the gallery. :)Keep in mind that doujinshi (Fan created manga) with more than one page will only have page 1 on here and then at the bottom will be a link to the rest (Unless they don't have a DA account). :)

I hope you all enjoy the images here. And if ya have time, stop by my other account. It houses all my anime My Little Ponies. ^_^/


June 27th- We got 3 new doujin pages! Check 'em out! ^_^/