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Wake up, sleepyhead!!

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this idea has been on my mind for weeks and I finally drew it lol
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for real tho


Catradora: BRUH

Fandom: YESSSS

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Yep, Lonnie ships Catradora, y'all! ❤

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love their sleepy faces so much ♥

Really cool style.

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I wish that was real.

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Oh god, you just woke Doodle up too!

*Doodle comes out crawling on all fours like a spider and starts growling and screeching like some kind of monster*

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Didn't they share a bed in the horde? Both their pictures by one mat, Catra was sleeping by Adora's feet.
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They shared a bunk bed, but Catra always slept down at Adora's feet apparently
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Well, obviously it was because she was in love with Adora, and she’s always been!

"Don't you get it? I love you, I always have! So please just this once, stay!......Stay." - Catra declaring her love for Adora(S5, E13: Heart Part 2)

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dude wh

why are you replying to my old comments from a year ago from before the show was even finished lmao I never denied that they were in love? Quite the opposite actually, I've been saying that they're gay for each other since the beginning

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OML what if she sleep's in a BoX :')!
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that'd be hilarious
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Hahaha, I laughed so hard at this, love your drawing style!
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thank you so much!
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Laugh Hilarious! Now that Adora is no longer a part of the Horde, I wonder if we get a similar situation with her and Glimmer.
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mmh idk lol as a catradora fan, I hope not, but who knows
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It’s just a thought. Now that Adora and Catra are fighting on opposite sides, maybe Adora and Catra will find other women to sleep with for the time being.
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Think of it like a rebound after a really bad break up. Adora and Catra move on by giving other new girlfriends a try. After going through a few failed relationships, Adora and Catra finally realize the only one meant for them is each other. Wouldn’t that be a heartwarming romance?
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