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Starfinder Dead Suns Poster

Whoop, here it is, my latest project: a Starfinder Poster featuring everyone in the party!! This was super super fun to draw, from the composition of the piece to the finishing touches!

From the bottom to the top we have:
ICH, the android Solarian
Esh, the lashunta Envoy
Cakes, the ysoki Witchwarper (who belongs to bloodflow666)
Ague, the kasathas Biohacker
Kellovan, the vesk Soldier
Escap, the android Mechanic
aaand of course Alandria Zeizerer, the drow Mindbreaker Mystic!

They‘re a very interesting team with a very fun dynamic and I love them all ahgdftghsgj

Alandria © :iconcoksii:
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I would fund this movie, even if I have to sell organs

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Chdbdvgd bless

Very cool indeed! So have you already completed the AP or are you folks still playing?

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Thank u! And we‘re still playing, we‘re only at book 2 rn

Ooh, have fun! Me (playing half-elf solarian Arcalinte Soter) and the group I'm part of are in Book 5 right now.

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Oooh neat, you too! Yeah we're currently stuck in the jungle on Castrovel lol had some interesting homebrew connected to my character happen, gonna post about that here soon

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