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during a Q&A on Twitter Catra said she carries a pic of Adora around to fill her with ""hate""

that sounds p gay if u ask me lmao

based on @ beatonna's comic
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I'd say this was prophetic, but it's not like it was hard to guess.

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you know what they say; keep your friends close, but the enemies even closer

NoDrogs's avatar this the same reason Kim Possible keeps a Shego pin-up in her locker?

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The Kim Possible fandom promotes the idea of a villain who's only mission is to flirt with the hero, which I found not only hilarious but also endearing and compelling, but only Noelle Stevenson had the courage to follow that trope to its inevitable conclusion.

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lol not to be rude but why does she do that if shes her enemy? im trying not to be rude but on the other side its funny! I like dat :3

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I think our definitions of that word differ.

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Catra: *purrs*

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I’m faving this solely on the expert facial expressions and the joke.. and everything else. But mostly for the expression.

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Catra I am pretty sure that is not how it works
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of course that‘s how it works. What other reason aside from... ohhhhhhhh, OHHHHHHHHH!

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This is absolutely perfect <3

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Oh, this is perfect!

Is it wrong that I heard this in her and Scorpia's voices when I read it?
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Great minds think alike :D
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nah that's p fitting
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Lesbian nemesis poster lmao
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This is awesome
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haah! This is great! I love this show. Can't wait for season 3.
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Thankies lol and same
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At least her fantasies are G rated.
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