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TESV: Skyrim - Rocky Mountains

new art, a bit late, but nevertheless
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Very, very cool landscape shots. With the character added somewhere in them.. kudos ;P
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Ahh so majestic....well that is until you're attacked by bears, trolls and sabre cats. xD
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Beautiful! especially love the blowing tree
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Please watch this video, it's got your picture on (made by me) sorry for forgetting to ask permission =(
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The atmosphere of this piece is simple amazing. It feels so forboding and eerie. It's like something could come at you at any moment, but you know it's empty. It's so lonely. I really love and admire the painterly-ness of your work. :)
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ahh this game is going to be sweet :) nice stuff man
I can't wait for Skyrim...
I need my Mountains and Dragons MAN!
Can't Wait for Skyrim...
I need my Mountains MAN!
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Very nice. Like the atmosphere.
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Stunning as always! <3
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thanks :)
nice to hear )
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Can't wait for 11 11 11! If they make a special edition, I Will buy it
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Oh, they definitely gonna make damn awesome collector's edition
art book, some stuff... map... just 6 more monthes
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Perhaps even a small model of a dragon, or a book about all the creatures on the world of Tamriel
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