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So...on this 3 year anniversary of my last journal post I thought I'd update this thing with all the goings on since the last time I wrote. It's funny I use to write in my journal quite frequently but that time is not longer. Mostly due to the fact that I have too many distractions these day that writing in this journal isn't a priority. Anyway, enough bemoaning the lack of journals for 3 years.

What's been happening? Lots actually.

As the kids are getting older life evolves in fantastic ways. The kids are getting bigger and growing so fast you wonder where the time goes. It's wondrous to see their interest in things and the art I create inspire them to do their own unique things. My kids love to paint, love to sculpt and are creative in some many ways. The quote: “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” is so true watching not only what they create but asking me to teach them how to paint or sculpt or create.

Art shows
I've had a few art shows with varying degrees of success. I currently have a good relationship with local cafe where my art has been hanging on rotation. I've sold a couple paintings from there.

Art style change
Not sure if you noticed or looked through the gallery but my work has changed a bit over the years. I've developed a bit of technique with the help of water mixable oils that allows me to paint in 15-20 minute increments. This, not only, allows me the freedom and movement that has become part of my work; but time to actual do a painting. I only have a small window of time to paint in the evenings or weekends due to the fact that my kids deserve more of my time than the canvas.

and finally achieving a small goal
For about 15 years or so I've had a goal to get my work to the level of consideration in the decor market. Last year all that hard work paid off when I signed on with a Fine Art Publisher to have several of my pieces licensed. It's been a fun ride with that and one that I hope will grow. It's also a really interesting challenge between what "buyers" in the decor market are looking for and my self-expression. Looking forward to see where this goes.

What's next?
We'll see. I'll keep plugging away. I'll also try to get more engaging journals happening again. I'm planning on posting one sometime soon showing the different stages of my work in progress. I take a lot of photos when I paint so that when I'm stuck in a spot I can take those photos and digitally paint on them to push the painting to where I want it to go. I'll explain more in a future post. Stay tuned!

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I was a bit surprised yesterday with getting a Daily Deviation for Smoldering:

I usually try to thank everyone for the :+fav:'s and I'm going to attempt it eventually, but for now I want to say a general: Thank you so much for all the favs and +watches!

Would also like to thank OfOneSoul for suggesting it and jempavia for featuring my painting.

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So I've been a very busy boy of late in a way. In August, I had a small show up at a local library that is really friendly to local artists. I had my work up there for the whole month and had 6 original paintings sold during the run and 1 that was sold a week afterwards as a result! Pretty amazed by that and the library was so thrilled with the success that I'm booked for the next 2 years there, August 2016 and 2017. Happy times!

So riding high on that success I decided to enter another art show, this time being held at my Alma mater. It's a group show for the art alumni, not a solo show. I put two paintings up that didn't sell, figuring why not. That show starts I think this month and culminates at the university's Homecoming thing...which I'll be missing so I won't know the responses the paintings get. I'll have my work in one the apparent lesser gallery. There was a juried thing to get into the main gallery of which my work didn't not get in. Kind of deflates the ego a bit. I also don't know/haven't seen the work I was up against. All work will be printed out in some mailing so I'll eventually see the rest of the art in the show. I can't make the artist reception.

While that's going on, the company that I work for has been redecorating and re-configuring the office space and they were looking for artwork from within the company. And since I was promoting my library show at work I decided to mention that I have some artwork that would look great for the office. Long story short, my company is going to be buying my latest "circle" abstract paintings with 2 additional "circle" paintings being commissioned. So my evenings are booked now! I wasn't planning on doing more "circle" abstracts, but plans change and I'm happy about it.

Speaking of originals...I have a lot just sitting around collecting dust. Literally, sitting in a closet not doing anything. Because of this and because I desire to make more paintings...well compelled is more accurate. I can't NOT paint. Anyway, I decided to open up an Etsy shop to sell my originals. The price point is pretty reasonable for original work, though shipping is out of my hands since these things are fairly large to ship. So if you want to own an original painting of mine, I've put up all the ones that are currently available in my shop:

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So it's been awhile since I've updated this journal and I've been meaning to do so since I rebranded Cogwurx a while ago; lots going on so I couldn't devote any time to any journals.'s new. I have an 8 month old who is now crawling, so that's taken up most of might time, but I'm fortunate enough to be able to squeeze some paintings in. I'm so glad I switched to the water-mixable oils. Takes a lot of the worry out of painting around kids, though still need to be mindful of them.

I have an art show coming up at a local library. Nothing major, but it will allow me to sell my originals and clean out some space from a closet I dubbed "art storage". That also means that I'll be getting my latest batch of paintings (about 19 of them) professionally photographed so I'll be able to offer some new prints! YAY!

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So this wonderful site turns 14 today. Holy Moses!  I can't believe this site is 14 years old and I've been a part of it as a member for 11 years. Anyway, I'll keep this short as I'm not much of a writer so here's my story on DA in a nut shell.

I've been coming to this site since 2002, drawm to it (Ha HA, no pun intended) by the large Wallpaper gallery and I was really into desktop wallpapers at the time. I found that the more I looked throughout the wallpaper gallery, the more I got inspired and decided to create my own wallpapers and share it with the community. I joined up with DA in June of 2003. Being the introverted artist that I am, I was nervous at first but found a small group of artist's, with a few stand out internet artist friends,  that I still talk with and get inspired by; I'm looking at you gregoriousone and Senecal, among others.

It's funny to look back and my gallery and see the Time line of DA and bask in the flood of memories from the meteoric rise of deviantArt which brought about the Bandwidth Crisis, the drama around Jark, the artist friends the came and went, with a llama or two here and there. I've seen my art work mature along the way too, helped in part by the wonderful, talented, and amazing artists that I've found here and gotten to know and be inspired by.

Happy Birthday, dA!

Cheerleader Here's to 14 more years!!

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