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So I've been a very busy boy of late in a way. In August, I had a small show up at a local library that is really friendly to local artists. I had my work up there for the whole month and had 6 original paintings sold during the run and 1 that was sold a week afterwards as a result! Pretty amazed by that and the library was so thrilled with the success that I'm booked for the next 2 years there, August 2016 and 2017. Happy times!

So riding high on that success I decided to enter another art show, this time being held at my Alma mater. It's a group show for the art alumni, not a solo show. I put two paintings up that didn't sell, figuring why not. That show starts I think this month and culminates at the university's Homecoming thing...which I'll be missing so I won't know the responses the paintings get. I'll have my work in one the apparent lesser gallery. There was a juried thing to get into the main gallery of which my work didn't not get in. Kind of deflates the ego a bit. I also don't know/haven't seen the work I was up against. All work will be printed out in some mailing so I'll eventually see the rest of the art in the show. I can't make the artist reception.

While that's going on, the company that I work for has been redecorating and re-configuring the office space and they were looking for artwork from within the company. And since I was promoting my library show at work I decided to mention that I have some artwork that would look great for the office. Long story short, my company is going to be buying my latest "circle" abstract paintings with 2 additional "circle" paintings being commissioned. So my evenings are booked now! I wasn't planning on doing more "circle" abstracts, but plans change and I'm happy about it.

Speaking of originals...I have a lot just sitting around collecting dust. Literally, sitting in a closet not doing anything. Because of this and because I desire to make more paintings...well compelled is more accurate. I can't NOT paint. Anyway, I decided to open up an Etsy shop to sell my originals. The price point is pretty reasonable for original work, though shipping is out of my hands since these things are fairly large to ship. So if you want to own an original painting of mine, I've put up all the ones that are currently available in my shop:

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sounds you have a good thing going on Rome, with the production-exposure-sale cycle! keep it up :D
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I'm trying.... :-]
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Congrats Rome, and good luck on riding that high wave on! :) :#1:
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Many thanks!!
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What great news! Congrats on your sales and commissions!!
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Great news!  I find these stories encouraging.  Best wishes on your Etsy endeavour.
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Many thanks!!
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Congratulations on your recent successes! :) Sounds very exciting. Here's hoping you can keep it up and rise even further!
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