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So...on this 3 year anniversary of my last journal post I thought I'd update this thing with all the goings on since the last time I wrote. It's funny I use to write in my journal quite frequently but that time is not longer. Mostly due to the fact that I have too many distractions these day that writing in this journal isn't a priority. Anyway, enough bemoaning the lack of journals for 3 years.

What's been happening? Lots actually.

As the kids are getting older life evolves in fantastic ways. The kids are getting bigger and growing so fast you wonder where the time goes. It's wondrous to see their interest in things and the art I create inspire them to do their own unique things. My kids love to paint, love to sculpt and are creative in some many ways. The quote: “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” is so true watching not only what they create but asking me to teach them how to paint or sculpt or create.

Art shows
I've had a few art shows with varying degrees of success. I currently have a good relationship with local cafe where my art has been hanging on rotation. I've sold a couple paintings from there.

Art style change
Not sure if you noticed or looked through the gallery but my work has changed a bit over the years. I've developed a bit of technique with the help of water mixable oils that allows me to paint in 15-20 minute increments. This, not only, allows me the freedom and movement that has become part of my work; but time to actual do a painting. I only have a small window of time to paint in the evenings or weekends due to the fact that my kids deserve more of my time than the canvas.

and finally achieving a small goal
For about 15 years or so I've had a goal to get my work to the level of consideration in the decor market. Last year all that hard work paid off when I signed on with a Fine Art Publisher to have several of my pieces licensed. It's been a fun ride with that and one that I hope will grow. It's also a really interesting challenge between what "buyers" in the decor market are looking for and my self-expression. Looking forward to see where this goes.

What's next?
We'll see. I'll keep plugging away. I'll also try to get more engaging journals happening again. I'm planning on posting one sometime soon showing the different stages of my work in progress. I take a lot of photos when I paint so that when I'm stuck in a spot I can take those photos and digitally paint on them to push the painting to where I want it to go. I'll explain more in a future post. Stay tuned!

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This update is great! I've never expected something so down to Earth to appear on this site, but this is even better! I wish you good luck. ^^ 
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You are very welcome!
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Interesting stuff, great journal update! :thumbsup:
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