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Well...hello anyone who still follows me. It's been quite the journey these last three years and since I had a habit of giving updates in my journals I figured on the 3 year anniversary of my last journal it was time to give an update. I know...I missed the actual anniversary by about a week.

So for starters, let me just say that ever since the Eclipse version of deviantArt was flushed upon us my engagement with this site has dwindled. I find its user experience to be counterintuitive, buggy and slow. I've made my opinion on several official journals and such and that is all I will say about Eclipse. I will persevere.

In the last 3 or so years a lot has happened. My work has been a bit of a roller coaster with a year of non-stop production to an epic, grinding halt of an artist block. I'm still trudging through the block but this year has been a bit of a dumpster fire and it's not even pandemic related.

Work. I'm thankful I have a job and that I can provide for my family. However, I've hit a burnout stage with work that has been contributing to my artist block. It's not an overworked burnout, it's more a lack of meaning in the job and work. I could go into further, but I'd rather not at this time. The reason I share this is both cathartic for me and that I discovered that there are different types of burnout that one can feel.

Personal. As parents get older and being an only child out of state the challenges can be quite unique. When the pandemic/lock down happened I wasn't able to see them much and then my dad ended up in the hospital with Covid. It was a long couple months with being long distance and trying to help my parents. He survived and is doing well. My mother, on the other hand, presented a more unique challenge. I can go into a lot of details, but this is social media so you get a more limited story. My dad is a saint who took care of my mom as she was declining in her health both physically and mentally. I didn't fully know the extent of things until I was having to help my mom while my dad was in the hospital. After he got out and recovered, things with my parents got back into a routine, but with the pandemic it was still long distance help.

This August, all that changed as my mom passed from this life. Art and interaction on this site took a stand still and thus began several months of getting family affairs in order and moving my dad closer to us. Thank you hot realty market. Dad is now moved about 10 minutes away and he gets to spend more time with his grand kids than he's ever had. So the light at the end of this weird tunnel shines brightly and warm.

What now? Plugging way. Hopefully in the next couple months with new routines I can start up painting/creating again with a renewed vigor. I'll try to be a bit more active again here, but the way the message center is on this site leaves much to be desired in it's usefulness.

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I'm glad things went well with your dad. :)