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The Dreaming


24"x24" Oil on canvas

This was a very interesting piece. The composition that I was working on changed a bit due to a minor mishap, so I went with it and discovered this piece. Very fun to do. I will be going back to the original composition with my next painting, though.


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This is an excellent and a technically very interesting piece. The moment I've seen it I decided to discover your gallery to watch more of your Art. So I'm going to give you a whole critique of your artworks, because The Dreaming reflects perfectly your whole style. The fact that you are on the frontier between stylization and abstraction makes your painting maner intringuing. Even if you don't use geometrical precision, it is obvious that the forms you created are calculated, as Kandinsky made for his first abstract compositions. By this way, your realisations remind in my opinion different abstract artworks created before World War I, questioning the definition of the abstraction itself. But at the same time there is some figuration in your works as the blue flower here, which may symbolize a pleasant dream. I like a lot the expressiveness of your paintings. Get a watch from my part!