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24"x24" Oil on Canvas

Another painting that just quite feel done from a couple years ago. This was one of my last pieces that I worked on with textured minimalism. I was trying something a little different with this at the time, but didn't feel like it executed well. I LOVED the colors that I used so I went back and expanded on the idea that I intended to have with it, but more in an expressive style.

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I like your work with this palette!
I'm just wondering, have you ever heard about energetic art?
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Thank you!
No, I've not heard of energetic art. Should see what that this about?
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Well, I tried to google smthng about it on english, but can't find anything, so I'll try to explain you.
It's type of art which uses some elements of Theta Healing. You should perform short meditation sessions before and after painting. First meditation should have strong influence on what you'll paint then - you don't actually think, just feel and paint ^^" Before first meditation you don't know what you are going to paint - just waiting for appropriate feel or inspiration. It could be anything. I tried a few time and I got some sea paintings, flowers, and the last one was called "spring miracle" I'm going to post it here soon. 

Hm... I see, I'm not very clear with my thoughts, but I hope you can understand at least a bit from it.
I asked you, because some of your art pieces reminded me of it. And actually that is why I painted my last pic :D
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Interesting. I understand what you are trying to explain. It's basically intuitive painting with a more meditative bent.  Thank you for sharing.
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Np c: Your works really reminded me of it. Somehow... So that is why I was wondering c: