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By cogwurx
24"x24" - Oil on Canvas

This one took an interesting turn, literally, from my original sketch. I was trying to create another piece using circles like my last one, "Immerse". I found those to be rather intriguing and wanted to do more with them. This painting, however, would have none of it. So I gave in to the colors and movement and struggled a bit. I spent a day or two just staring at it towards the end wondering how I could push it further. So when I get to that point I usually take a picture of the painting and bring it into ProCreate to do some sketching on top of it. Well, lo and behold, the painting was photographed upside down and when I saw it at that angle I called the painting done.

So it seems that I like to painting every other painting subconsciously upside down. Not sure how I fee about that...

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Love the writeup...can see it all the finished piece.

How would I feel about the process, I know the feeling (or something similar) and in my humble opinion, it's best to just step aside (figuratively) and let them (the paintings) get on with it.

Nice work!
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I keep forgetting to do that, sometimes, as I stare at the paintings during the process. I also need to let go of the sketches more often as the paintings do really evolve during the "conversation". Hence the seemingly subconscious upside down painting.