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Fertile Foundation

Oil on Canvas

One of the last paintings that I have reworked. In the paintings initial state it was truly a minimal piece akin to the work of Rothko. And, I think that's what really bothered me about it and it just didn't feel like it was saying anything except, "Look at my pretty colors". So I used that as a jumping point to totally rework this painting and created an amalgamated state of organics and textures. I added some red to liven things up a bit and got this composition that reminded me of new growth coming up from a cracked, yet solid foundation.

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I dont know if I can keep critiquing your work. Your work is filled with so much passion for creation. I see plant flowering vegetation struggling to come forth from being held down in it's smothering darkness. It refuses to let anything keep it down, hence the crack in the surface. The heavens are feeding it's desire to bloom and overcome! The starving roots are siphoning up every bit of life force, like good overcoming evil in a sense. I am continually amazed by the feelings I get from looking at your work. The chaotic lines and colors are perfectly placed in this setting.