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Oil on Canvas

Wow, did this painting challenge me. I started this piece with the line work, and then paused a bit. I started this before my Revelry painting, set this aside as I really liked the composition and wanted to think about it. Several color sketches later and I started to paint. During the whole process the painting went in several directions beyond the original sketch. At one point I hated this painting and wanted to start over, but my need to complete things overcame that so I looked at the painting from a different angle, So, I ended up flipping this composition upside-down and adding more layers on it. The result made me Very happy.

Really digging this evolution of my style. We'll see where this goes.

My one gripe is the I didn't get the yellow vibrant enough, I might have to go back in and add more yellow to the layer since the blue in the back may be interfering. I'll give it a few weeks.

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Looks like it was worth all the trouble, and it still have an ease to it, I like it =]
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Excellent a good change, i like the red and and those arcs.
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 the curves make me happy. there is something slightly melancholy about the tone of the colors but in a good way like a long ago good memory.  Personally I like the yellow. I really like the bottom left quadrant that blue and yellow dripping into it and the shocks of red.  beautiful image 
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Many thanks, my friend!!
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I love the palette....reminds me of light skipping through late summer trees
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