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Welcome to Region Trotters! A series about a fully original-character-cast travelling around the Pokemon World in a series of trials for One Million Dollars and Champion Status. Each contestant represents a different Pokemon Type!

Fan of Pokemon? This is for you! All content is built around the Pokemon Universe in the games, ranging from Pokemon Red & Blue to Pokemon Sun & Moon.


=== JOHTO === (Johto is a region completely west from Kanto. It’s just so west, guys. Johto is connected by a thin strip of cliffsides along a heavy barrier of majestic mountains. Johto is a region scrunched between mountains and seas. On the opposite side of a vast inlet of water is another area of Johto filled with beaches and massive cliffs)

Johto by CoGreen20

(Johto is a very soft and quiet region that’s deeply connected to its roots through tradition, religion and cultural phenomenons. The land is very old and the technology is infinitely more quaint than other regions)


=== Goldenrod City, Portside === (The lush port of Goldenrod City. Goldenrod City is a large town on the west coast of Johto. This city houses the Goldenrod Underground, the Radio Tower and the Global Trade Terminal, the Department Store and the Magnet Train which connects to Saffron City in Kanto)

(In this vast city, lots of Pokemon scurry about in the alleyways. A lot more clean and prestigious than Kanto’s Saffron City. Two Sandslash roll out of an alleyway and into a small door for pets in a household. A Tangela in a window above is waggling its tentacle vines at a clothing line. A trainer exits the house and smiles at the Tangela)

(A police officer is letting people cross the street at the moment. Cars pass by, and a school of children get their chance to walk. By their sides are their Pokemon. A Psyduck, a Makuhita, a Cyndaquil, along with a few others. The Cyndaquil trips but catches up)


(In this world, people have Pokemon. Pokemon are strange and wonderful creatures with each an amazing feature and a variety of quirks that make any talented human look insignificant. These creatures also bear the ability to have a genuine connection with humans, and fight alongside them and be their friend once trained-)

?????: -If the reader doesn’t know what a Pokemon is, they really should evaluate how they managed to get to the second season of this show.

(The voice belongs to the host of the season who approaches the camera. He’s a man in his late twenties. He has a nine o'clock shadow and a navy blue button up, combed black hair and an eternally fake smile)

(This is Chris, the host)

Chris: Welcome ladies and gentleman to season two of our grand competition. Eighteen trainers each representing one of the eighteen Pokemon types will clash. The winner will proceed to take the title of Johto Pokemon League Champion and One Million Dollars. You could buy a miniature version of Johto with that kind of money. Real estate is magic.

(Chris walks with the Radio Tower in the far background. He waits at the port of Goldenrod. A stone wharf with crates and plenty of ships on the harbor)

Chris: So this is Region Trotters. Our last season was hectic, and we plan to make it even MORE hectic… With an even crazier cast!

(Chris pauses for a moment. He looks incredibly irritated)

Chris: … (deadpan) …. Also, because of past crimes in government embezzlement and trying to gold plate a Pokemon and accidentally killing it I am legally obligated to inform our viewers that I, Chris, am NOT allowed to own a Pokemon. Same goes for the co-host. …

(Chris pretends that didn’t just happen)

Chris: HEY!!! Ohhhh boy, get ready. It’s contestant time!



Chris: Our cast comes from all over the Pokemon World! First to arrive in Johto are naturally the Johto natives. Let’s welcome them.

(The first trainer arrives. She’s on rollerblades, and she’s flawlessly maneuvering through traffic, leaving an audible wake of cars honking in her path. She has a black helmet, a white button up, purple sweater vest, and a black skirt with a purple pixel pattern. She’s vietnamese with short, light brown hair stuffed neatly into her helmet. She navigates to the harbor where Chris awaits. She skates around Chris before spinning to a stop and offering him a handshake)

(She caused at least three non-lethal car crashes)

Chris: April Bremen! Poison Type! Quite the entrance! Had you tried that in Saffron you’d definitely be dead. Road rage is REAL there.

April: I come from a short but dedicated line of daredevils, my dude. (She chuckles and crosses her arms) I would have managed.

Chris: You seem like a gal who’d find a strange way to appreciate all the danger I’m going to knowingly subject you and many others to. Welcome to the party.

(April shakes Chris’ hand. The sounds of cars honking in anger finally dies down)

April: (holds out her Pokeball) And, of course, can’t hog the limelight for myself. Come out, Trubbs!

Chris: Ooh! The first Pokemon reveal of the season! I’m excited!

(April releases a Pokemon from her Pokeball. It’s a frail, lumpy and rather… disgusting looking creature. At first it looks like April just dumped a load of trash in front of Chris, that is until it starts moving and blinking. It’s a Trubbish)

Chris: EW!!! What is that!? It’s ugly!!!

(April picks up her Trubbish and skates to the side. Trubbish heavily breathes and looks around aimlessly. April is grasping Trubbish defensively, giving Chris a stink eye)

April: It’s called a Trubbish, no need to assassinate the buzz, dude.

(April skates over to a couple of crates. She takes a seat on one of them… The camera pans next to April. There’s another girl there)


(The girl next to April has her knees hugged close to her chest and has a meek and noticeably frail demeanor. She’s chinese, is clutching her knees tightly, and her lip appears to be constantly quivering. She’s wearing a sailor fuku which cringe-inducingly ties her to the “asian schoolgirl” stereotype. She also has two long thin pigtails on the side of her head draping down her shoulders. Her hair is jet black and a small lily is tied to her hair as an accessory)

April: (notices the girl) OH! Sup’ gal. How long have you been sitting there?

????: EEP!!!

(The girl scrunches up more and scoots back. Her Pokeball slides out of her pocket. She scrambles to grab it. Chris, however, moves towards her and starts talking at her, causing the girl to shrink back farther and drop the Pokeball completely)

Chris: YURI-CHAN HANAZAWA! Didn’t see you there. Our Fairy Type specialist!

(Yuri’s Pokeball hits the ground and releases the Pokemon inside. A small little bulldog Pokemon with a flabby pink neck ring tucked under its puffy cheeks emerges. It waggles its face at Chris and growls. It’s a Snubbull. Yuri’s quietly moaning in discomfort due to having April and Chris so close. Snubbull leaps up next to Yuri and glares at everyone, daring them to move closer)

Chris: … Good talk.

(Chris walks away from Yuri-Chan who continues to shake in fear until Chris walks away. April moves to put a hand on Yuri-Chan’s shoulder)

April: Hey, you alright-

(As if teleporting, Yuri-Chan scoots five solid feet away from April with little to no effort. Yuri shrieks)

Yuri-Chan: D-DON’T TOUCH ME, PLEASE! (mumbling) I’m sorry…Sorry. Mmmmmmm… Sorry.

April: (blinks) … (shrugs and looks away) Girl’s got demons.

(What the two don’t know is that the third competitor is lurking right behind them…)


(This third girl lurking behind the boxes has spiky black hair, a maroon crop top, a khaki jacket and khaki shorts. She has tan skin and a short stature. She’s sneaking stealthily behind the crates, slowly making her way towards April and Yuri-Chan. She emerges from behind the boxes and shouts directly into Yuri-Chan’s ear)


(Yuri-Chan freaks out and does something rather unexpected. She SHRIEKS, reaches behind her, grabs the girl by the throat, and performs an aikido move that sends the third girl soaring over her head and onto the pavement of the harbor. Chris laughs. April skates over and helps the third girl up)

Chris: HAHAHA!!!! VIOLENCE!!!!

(Yuri-Chan looks on the verge of tears after doing that. She scoots further away into the shadows)

April: Woah! You okay?

?????: (leaps into the air onto her feet, totally unfazed) AM I!! … I was gonna say “I spy with my little eye something PAINFUL” then wet willy the closest victim but THAT was cooler! (????? looks around) Let’s do it again!

(The new girl searches the area for Yuri-Chan. Yuri-Chan is hiding successfully this time and has disappeared somewhere into the Goldenrod Harbor. ????? investigates, searching behind boxes and such)

April: (turns to Chris with a smug look on her face) Must be the fighting type chick, am I right?

Chris: NOPE. Marta’s Psychic Type. Marta Ryan.

(Marta, the girl who just pointlessly tried to wet willy someone and got casually thrown a few yards is the PSYCHIC type trainer?)

April: … (her smugness melts away) You’re fronting me. For real?

(A Natu flies over by. Marta runs after it. It’s her Pokemon. It squawks loudly, arriving late to the party but not caring in the slightest)

Marta: Come Natu! Lend me your mind’s eye! We’ll find her together! (Marta and Natu search for Yuri-Chan)



(The first boy approaches. He’s carrying a suitcase with a noodle-like Pokemon wrapped around his neck like a scarf. He’s a large, rather tall, pudgy boy with bright orange hair and freckles. He has a T-Shirt with the numbers “151” on the front of them. He has a very warm and open-armed approach to him as he offers Chris a firm handshake. Chris takes it)

Chris: Francis Jeckleson! Dragon Type! Looking forward to seeing you compete! And hey, nice Dratini, man. (Chris finger guns at Francis)

Francis: (smiles pleasantly at Chris) Thank you, Chris. Dratini’s a little road-sick from the Magnet Train, so I’m letting him relax with me for now.

(Dratini cutely curls and nuzzles Francis’ neck. Francis muses and waggles his finger on Dratini’s nose)

April: Awwwwwwww. (Marta walks over, crossing her arms)

(Marta’s Natu is perched on her own head, making her hair into a makeshift nest. April is holding her Trubbish. She takes a step towards Francis)

April: Those things are rad as, my dude! It’s so cute!

Francis: Oh! Thank-

(Francis turns his attention to April… which immediately moves to her Pokemon, Trubbish, the literal garbage Pokemon. Francis’s caring smile flips in an instant to a condescending, upturned scowl)

Francis: … I wish I could say the same for your abhorrent little waste of Pokedex space.

(April takes a step back. She was not prepared for that)

Marta: HO HO HO!!! That was ROUGH! (giggles and cracks her knuckles) I hope a fight comes out of this!!!

April: (sharply at Francis) Woah! I was just complimenting your dragon, man! It’s a DRAGON, they live to be flattered! Whatcha being a hoser for? (to Marta) The Trubbish hate is unreal, girl.

Marta: (smiling) YEAH! Let her comp your drag, maaaaan!

Francis: (his attitude has completely flipped) I don’t want any compliments from someone who’s doltish enough to own LITERAL TRASH and call it a “Pokemon”!

April: (matching Francis’ level of pettiness in a heartbeat) Sheesh! I take back my compliment. Your Dratini looks like frozen spaghetti.

(The Dratini gives April a look as if saying “leave me out of this, please”)

Francis: When Arceus was making Pokemon, he CLEARLY gave up by the time he reached THAT thing. (shakedly points a finger at Trubbish. Trubbish responds by farting out of the top of its head) … (shudders) … Frankly, I think he should have STOPPED after the first 151 in the Pokedex. I don’t know why Arceus himself isn’t one of the first 151!!! The GOD of Pokemon SHOULD BE!!!

(Marta and April simultaneously realize it. Good lord. This guy’s a Kanto elitist. Before this can escalate to a possible fight, an outcome Marta’s REALLY hoping for, they’re all suddenly interrupted by the sound of a loud screech. They double over and cover their ears)


(Another girl has arrived. The screech wasn’t anything human. It was an object. An instrument. The girl has electric yellow highlights, a yellow tank top, a leather jacket tied at her waist, long black leggings, and red combat boots. She has multiple necklaces on, and one that has a key on the end of it. This girl struts her way into the area while shredding on her guitar)

?????????: Guess who’s feeling MUUUUUSICALLLL and ENTHUSIAAAAAASTIC !!!!?!??!?!?!? …. (stops shredding on the guitar and casually tosses it aside into a bunch of crates) Three hints. Me. Me. Me. Answer is “me”. (poses) Ugh! (The girl falls to her knees and hangs her tongue out of her mouth doing a peace sign)

Chris: Cassandra, everyone. Electric Type… (picks his ears) And ow.

(Cassandra stands up. She’s done. She takes a bow. April, Francis and Marta’s ears are relieved)

Cassandra: And now for a moment of recognition…

(Cassandra slides over to April, Marta and Francis. She pulls them all in for a group selfie with her phone. She snaps the picture. Cassandra steps back and fiddles on her phone with her tongue out)

(A Pokemon rolls from behind Cassandra boots. It’s a tiny little Voltorb. It bumps into her foot. The Voltorb has a deadpan expression. Everyone backs away when they see the little bomb Pokemon)

Cassandra: (tucks her phone away) My name’s Cassandra, and I’m here to bring the ROOF DOWN!!! (Cassandra does a rock and roll hand gesture as she continues to lightly head bang)

Francis: UGH! (reels back in disgust) And, pray tell, which vile crevice on this forsaken planet did YOU crawl out of?

Cassandra: KAAAAANTO, babies! (Cassandra picks up her Voltorb) Ain’t that right, buddy!?

(Voltorb is unshaken by anything. It slowly turns, maintaining its stoic stare. It keeps looking forward)

Francis: OH! (his “respectable” demeanor immediately returns) KANTO YOU SAY??!!? How lovely! (looks at Voltorb) And would you look at that adorable little thing? Completely original too. A MUCH more pleasing design than per say, ANYTHING after entry #151 in the Pokedex.

April: It’s a ball. (Voltorb is in fact just a ball with eyes)

(Francis takes a step closer to Cassandra. Cassandra suddenly stiffens up and takes a step back, staring at Francis entering her personal space)

Francis: And may I add, someone as exciting and vivacious as you REALLY sums up exactly what I LOVE about Kanto and Kanto only…

(Francis takes Cassandra’s hand and gently kisses the back of it. Cassandra yanks it away. Cassandra begins smiling widely at Francis. Her attitude doesn’t change, but her mood sure does)

Cassandra: Oh ho ho!!! (awkwardly) Ha ha ha… ha… Ohhhhh I can’t wait to write a song YOU. (Cassandra speaks through her teeth and turns away) It’ll be all about how uncomfortable I am right now. (scoots away)

Marta: (pops between Cassandra and Francis) I punch stuff when I feel that way. WAY cheaper than therapy. (chuckles and nudges Cassandra) I once combined the two. The therapist took only one hit before he vomited all over the couch. It was nasty! Haha!!

(Marta’s oddness sucks the attention out of this moment, and spares Cassandra anymore odd flirts from Francis. Thankfully, the arrival of another contestant breaks this scene)


?????: AHOY!!!

(Cassandra, Francis, Marta and April all turn around. They look out at the water. A small raft is pulling up to the harbor. A burly and incredibly muscular teen in a captain’s coat, a captain’s hat and bright blue boots with a blue button up shirt underneath hops onto the pavement harbor. He towers literally above the rest of the cast with his tremendous herculean height. He turns to the sea and salutes. A faraway boat waves to him and takes off into the distance as those onboard’s cheers slowly fade out)

(The newcomer turns to the other contestants. This contestant’s voice echoes across the harbor due to how loudly he speaks)

?????: So! Which one of you is m’competition!?

Marta: (waves her arms) All of us! Why?! You wanna fight!? Please fight me.

(The teen walks over to them. He heartily smacks Francis on the back, which causes the pudgy man to flop over and land on his face. ????? speaks with a constant outdoor voice)

?????: FAAAAANTASTIC! Fifth to arrive too! Five’s a lucky number out at sea!

April: Actually, the fairy type specialist got here before I did. (looks around) She’s on the down-low at the moment. She’s hiding somewhere.

Francis: (sits up) WAIT?! FAIRY is here?!?! (shouts into the air) Well she should STAY hidden if she’s using a type that SHOULDN’T EVEN EXIST!!! (yells) DELEGITIMIZE THE FAIRIES!!!

(Yuri-Chan’s whimpers echo over the harbor. Marta listens in the air and chases after them. Her Natu pursues)

Francis: (stands up completely and pokes ????? in the chest, seemingly unintimidated by his massive muscular size) Well… Since you’ve arrived on boat I can only assume you came from a faraway region. (Francis leers) Therefore, not worth my time.

?????: M’hometown is Vermillion City!

Francis: (throws his hands in the air) THAT’S KANTO! NEVERMIND! (Francis smiles)

Chris: This is Monty Quaid. He’s our Water Type trainer.

Monty: It’s a pleasure to meet you all! I look forward to our time together!

(Monty releases his Pokemon from a Pokeball he takes out of his coat. Upon a flash of light, a ditzy, armless, mudfish appears. A Wooper. It waggles and dances on the ground. Monty chuckles loudly at it, easily amused by his own Pokemon)

Monty: HAHA!!! Wooper naturally agrees! We’re gonna have a good time!

(Francis’ opinion of Monty changes once seeing that he has a Pokemon NOT from Kanto. A Wooper. Johto Pokemon. Francis is now sticking his nose up at Monty, which is hard to do since Monty’s so tall)



(Suddenly, another small boat arrives. It’s a small, shabby hand-crafted raft. The owner hops onto the stone shore. She reaches into her pocket and SLAMS a chunk of ashes onto the stone harbor)

????: BLESSED!

(This girl has a tight white dress with floral, bare tree designs. Around her waist is a wrapped clear silky red cloth. She wears bright red sandals, has her black hair tied in a bun, and has long red baggy, flowing sleeves. She’s pale and white, and walks forward with her hands cupped in prayer)

Chris: Everyone please welcome Rise Senwil. Our Fire Type specialist.

Rise: (smiles warmly) My safe journey here was nothing less than a Universal Stirring in my favor. (She opens her eyes and unclasps her hands) My name is Rise and I can only hope that Ho-Oh continues to watch over me and guide me in her good name.

(Rise gently moves to her knees and bows on the ground, honoring the land she’s arrived on)

Francis: (scoffs) Bowing? PFFT! (sarcastically sniding the newcomer) Overselling Johto just a bit.

April: Johto’s awesome. Kneel for Johto.

(Rise stands up. She smiles at the cast, opening her arms widely towards them all)

Rise: I come as a representative and future heir of the Solfire Clan. A following of devoted spiritual fire monks who praise the high spirits of Ho-Oh’s name. (Rise clutches an amulet around her neck) I wish only the best for all of us. My aspirations and higher beings shall be my guidance. (Rise stands back up, letting her arms drop to her side)

(A religious girl. The only person who seems bothered by this is, you guessed it, Francis)

Monty: (approaches Rise) Nice to meet you! I’m Monty! (salutes) I travelled here just from Kanto! Where’d you come from?!?

Rise: All the way from Hoenn. I braved many storms just to arrive. (Rise holds out a Pokeball) I’ve been given this Pokemon to be my guide. A vessel for Ho-Oh herself to keep me strictly bound on the path of righteousness.

(Rise releases a Torchic. A spunky little fire chicken. Rise drops to her knees and bows to her own Torchic. Torchic puffs its tiny fluffy chest out, acting boastful and braggingly chirping as Rise kneels before him)

Rise: Forgive me. I shall confine you within an orbular prison no more.

(Rise hands Monty her Pokeball)

Rise: You. You appear to be strong and righteous. Could you perform a favor for me and the high winged heiress Ho-Oh and throw this for me?

Monty: (takes the Pokeball) No problem!

(Monty winds up his arm and CHUCKS Rise’ pokeball into the city. Rise blinks as the ball soars straight into a distant window, shattering it)

Cassandra: NICE SHOT! (high fives Monty)

(Torchic is waddling around, chirping at other people’s Pokemon. Clearly, Torchic thinks it’s a pretty important Pokemon due to how Rise treats it. Torchic pecks Voltorb. The orb doesn’t flinch)

(They’re all cut off by a boat horn. Rise’s tiny raft is decimated by an incoming ship. This small ship pulls up to the harbor and parks at the stone docks. A plank is laid out for the passengers to get off of the ship. The cast watches as someone walks down the ramp and onto Goldenrod’s wharf, taking their first steps into Johto. They’re a young woman)



(This young korean woman is wearing a maid outfit with dark purple stitching instead of traditional black. She has black heel boots and black gloves. She has deeply dark shaded coke-bottle glasses. She has two small, spiky ponytails on the back of her head and a purple sash tied to the right one. She has an elegant posture and her arms laid against her front. She’s gently making her way to the others)

Chris: Keira Nguyen! Ghost Type!

(Keira bows to them all politely. She then surprises everyone when she stands up straight and procures a tray with a silver platter lid over it. Nobody's quite sure where she pulled it from...)

Keira: And it’s an honor to meet you all. Allow me to make your journeys here as comfortable as a Snorlax on paid leave.

(Keira takes off the lid. An odd rock is underneath. It’s a small rock with two divots and a squiggly crevice on it. It shakes for a moment, glowing green and purple before Keira notices it and puts the lid back on)

(Keira blushes in embarrassment before turning and redo-ing her introduction. She turns around, fiddles with the tray, and returns to her intro. Keira smiles and takes the platter off again to reveal cheese samples this time. Everyone shows immediate interest)

Keira: (she smiles politely) If there’s anything I can do to make your experience in this game more enjoyable or comfortable, please don’t be afraid to ask for my assistance. It’s my job, after all.

Chris: (taking a cheese sample) Um, Keira. Your job is to compete and try to win, not pamper the others.

Keira: Oh… (lowers the samples) Well, I’ll do my best to multitask. It’s a shame though, I give great shoulder massages I’m told.

Chris: … Okay, serve people maybe a little.

(Chris is interrupted by the arrival of another contestant walking down the ramp of the boat. Keira, having been on the same boat as this next arrival, decides to step away from him… )


(A teenage boy with large glasses and a bored expression enters. He has a short sleeve shirt with a diamond mahogany pattern. Underneath is a long sleeve grey shirt that tightly hugs his surprisingly bulky frame for a rather nerdy looking guy. He has light brown hair which spikes to the side and is combed neatly on the other. He has long black pants which tuck into his bulky boots)

Chris: -!!! Oh! More contestants! Everyone, this is Seymour Vallis. Ground type!

(Seymour casts a judgemental and dismissive half-stare in the direction of all the contestants gathered before him. Monty, Cassandra, April, Francis, Keira and Rise all look at him. By his side, a GIBLE walks. A small pudgy, big mouthed, navy blue dragon)

(Rise’s Torchic runs up to Gible and chirps at it. Gible keeps walking and roughly and abruptly smacks Torchic aside. Rise scuttles to its rescue)

Francis: (mumbling as he pets the Dratini still wrapped around his neck) My dragon’s better. (Dratini purrs)

Monty: (still shouting) Hi! … (no response) … Hello!?

Seymour: ... (rolls his eyes and looks to Monty) Hi. I’m just gonna wait for everyone else to show up and hope that I eventually start being impressed.

Cassandra: Daaaaaaaaang! He went there!

April: (smiling as she speaks with dripping sarcasm) Yeah, insulting us all right to our faces point blank? Good strategy, poindexter.

Seymour: (shrugs) I don’t mind the risks that I know I can avoid.

April: That’s kinda dumb and risky, boi. I’m a daredevil so that’s saying something.

Francis: (scoffs at April) Geez, woman. You’re picking fights with EVERYONE today. Why don’t you calm down and make me a sandwich or something?

(Cassandra, Rise and April all look at Francis. Cassandra and Rise look uncomfortable. April isn’t fazed, and if anything just casually shrugs Francis off)

April: Yeah, none of us are doing that for you, pal.

(Keira approaches Francis while holding a neatly cut sandwich on another random tray she has. Francis smirks and takes the sandwich and eats it whole. He chews with his mouth open in April’s direction)

April: (NOW she’s bothered) Keira, NO!!!

Seymour: I regret nothing and I rest my case.

(Seymour walks aside. Everyone looks at him either confused or angrily. Gible keeps walking. Monty’s Wooper dances over to Gible only to get the same fate as Torchic. Punched)



(Suddenly, a bus pulls up. Chris grins and marches over to it. It has bright colors on the side with paint chipping away and gas bellowing out the back)

Chris Ladies and gentleman. I’d like to announce the arrival of our Unova contestants. Fun fact, last season we had NO Unova arrivals.

Francis: I wish that could apply to ALL the other regions except Kanto.

(The bus lets off its first contestant. A frail, tan skinned boy with red extensions and a black T-shirt. He has on long black pants. He has a tiny scar across one of his cheeks … But one of his most notable features are his incredible boots. He’s wearing steel toed, spiked and skull designed boots which appear to be on the wrong person considering how much he’s struggling to even move in them)

(On his shoulder sits a Murkrow. It caws at everyone. It ruffles its feathers and nuzzles the boy’s face)

Chris: Samson Grey, Dark Type! (Chris pauses) … You ok, buddy? You look nervous.

Samson: O-oh. (shyly smiling) Sorry. I’m just not used to travelling all too much. New experiences, you know.

(Samson tries his best to genuinely smile, but from the looks of it, he’s shaking a little. He’s looking around at this new environment)

Samson: (whispering to himself as he passes Chris) I’ve seen a man’s ankle be split open with a baseball bat, but new cities always surprise me.

Chris: … (eyes darting back and forth) Am I the only one who heard that?

Cassandra: HOLD UP! Before you say anything, I gotta know … (Cassandra steps back and puts her fingers in a “camera” frame) Are you in or looking to be in a PUNK ROCK band? Cuz you look like you belong in one. You got the hair! The style! A SCAR! Spikes! WOW! (Cassandra moves her hands down to look at Samson’s shoes) And those BOOTS, man!

April: Put some wheels on those and you’d be head honcho at every skate park in the world.

(Samson appears nervous and shy. But not nearly on the same level as Yuri-Chan. At least this guy is making an effort to actually exist in the same space as everyone else. Samson shows a lot of excitement and eagerly answers their questions and compliments)

Samson: (smiling sheepishly) Thank you… I’m borrowing them from a friend!

(Chris is still weirded out by what Samson said, and on top of that he notices something odd. The Murkow that was on Samson’s shoulder is gone. There’s now a Poochyena walking lightfully by Samson’s boots. A small dark-type hyena Pokemon)

Chris: … H-hey where’s the Murkrow-

(Keira goes forth and helps Samson get his supplies off the bus. When they exit, another contestant emerges from the bus as well… but not from inside)


(Crawling out from beneath the bus is a smaller boy with a beanie, long slanted brown hair poking out from underneath it, and raggedy clothes, sweatshirt and pants. He has large eyes which rarely blink. April, Monty, Rise, Cassandra, Francis, Samson, Seymour all jump back from the pure spontaneousness of this boy’s arrival)

Chris: AH! (Chris jumps the highest) G-gosh Gareth! You could have taken the bus in the NORMAL way!

Gareth: … … … (he looks at the bus) … … (he looks back at Chris) … … …

Chris: This is Gareth Roach, everyone. Our Bug type specialist.

(Gareth crawls back under the bus. He reemerges with a sack of soup cans. He clutches them to his chest)

Keira: (as she exits the bus with Samson’s luggage) Oh! Hello there. Need help carrying your stuff?

Gareth: … (shakes his head, holding his soup cans close)

Samson: Wait… Are those… ALL of your belongings?

Gareth: (nods) …

Cassandra: (scratching her chin) You brought nothing else? (chuckling) Heck, dude, are you homeless or something?

Gareth: (nods) …

(Everyone’s eyes widen. Not a word spoken, but they already know a significant part of Gareth’s background. The poor kid is homeless)

Cassandra: (mumbling) Oh crud I was not expecting a “yes” to that.

Seymour: (breaking the silence with a blunt question) What Pokemon do you have?

(Gareth holds up a Pokeball. In a flash of light, Sewaddle, a small grassy caterpillar wearing a plate of leaves around its body snuggles up. Gareth releases a Sewaddle onto his own lap as he sits down and begins to eat a burger from his sack of belongings. Nobody can get a word out of him … )

April: Do we really blame him for not saying anything?

Monty: (moves to Gareth) Ooh! Lemme try!

(Everyone gets nervous. Monty practically yells every time he talks, whether he means to be intimidating or not. They all get scared as he kneels in front of Gareth to speak to him. Gareth is clearly the youngest and by far the smallest of everyone there. Monty, on the other end of the spectrum, is the tallest, loudest and biggest)

Monty: (smiling widely and shouting loudly into Gareth’s face) WHERE ARE YOU FROM!?!?!?!!?!?

Gareth: (eating his burger with his hair blown back by Monty’s yell) … … … Castelia City.

(Everyone is surprised that Gareth has finally decided to talk. And to all people, the loudest one there)

Monty: WOW! I’ve sailed there before! M’ship got hijacked by a swarm of Venipede once! It took WEEKS to clean the deck!

Gareth: … … … (nods) Bugs are cool.

(Gareth moves out of the way when another character emerges from the bus. Gareth strays from the attention)


(A burly girl exits. She has on a short sleeved flannel, long khaki pants, and a ponytail braid that goes down her back. She’s rather stocky, but not overweight. She has freckles and a hardened, stern scowl on her face. She gets off of the bus with a duffel bag and walks to Chris and puts her bag down, mustering up a smile as to make a good first impression)

????: Hello, Chris. Chris, right? I’m so excited to be here!

Chris: Thank you! (turns to everyone else) Everyone, this is Ruth Denning. She’s representing the basic and uneventful Normal Type!

Ruth: (Ruth’s smile dies out. She now looks irritatedly at Chris. Her tone shifts to sarcasm) Insult me again, I might blush next time.

(Ruth rolls her eyes turns back to the bus. She whistles. Upon whistling, a rather impressively sized Lillipup bounds out of the bus and rushes to Ruth’s side loyally. Ruth nods and annoyedly brushes past Chris, already fed up with him)

Ruth: So where do we start, huh?

(Despite being a farmer girl, Ruth’s accent is fairly tame. Not as much of a twang as last season’s signature farm girl. Ruth walks past everyone, not saying a word. She just grunts when people try talking to her)

Seymour: (deadpan) Finally, another shut in.

(Rise approaches Ruth. Ruth raises an eyebrow at her)

Rise: The admirable part about Normal Types are that they were the world’s beginning, and through Ho-Oh’s good nature, all other types were born from their malleability. (puts a hand on Ruth’s shoulder) In a way, you encompass one of the strongest types here.

Ruth: … (looks at Rise irritatedly) Good to know. (Ruth looks away)

(April comes over and gently takes Rise away from Ruth, understanding that this person clearly doesn’t want to be bothered. The next contestant arrives)


(A Swablu, a tiny cottonball-esque pidgeon soars out of the bus, chirping merrily and flying overhead. Everyone gasps in delight, but their gasps in awe turn to gasps in shock as the frail bird slams headfirst into one of the crates behind them. With that out of the way, the trainer emerges from the bus)

(He’s a rather thin and slender asian boy with an average cyan hoodie jacket and spiky black hair that almost covers one of his eyes. He has tired eyes and a wide smile. He casually steps off of the bus and looks expectantly at Chris)

Chris: Simun Sun. Flying Type!

Simun: Soooooooooooo, did Swablu nail my intro?

(They all just point at Swablu twitching on the ground, delightfully chirping up a storm in a crumbled heap of tiny winged clouds)

Simun: … (fist pumps) Accurate. (rubs his hands together) Okay okay. Real talk. I know what you’re all thinking. “Gee, I’m up against THIS toothpick? Just hand me the million dollars already. I can take this knob down with my eyes glued to the back of my hands while my hands are simultaneously drilled into the pavement.”

Seymour: My imagination isn’t as vivid as that but you’re pretty spot on.

Simun: Well if you WERE thinking that, just know that you’re right. (Simun smiles and suavely turns to Cassandra, Ruth, and April) Keep your expectations low, ladies. I’m a terrible conversationalist and my looks don’t compensate. (winks and clicks his tongue)

Ruth: (bluntly) Noted.

Samson: (approaching Simun) Do you need a hug?

Ruth: (smacks Samson lightly in the ribs) Don’t do that. It’s girly. (Samson winces from the hit)

Simun: (interjects) I don’t know about THAT… But either way, back up, grim-let. (points at Samson) Don’t wanna get impaled by all those edges of yours.

(Samson looks down. He’s wearing spiky boots, a spiky collar, and spiky arm bands. Simun has a point)

Samson: Haha… (rubbing the back of his own neck and smiling in amusement) Yeah. I guess you’re right. Sorry!

Simun: I wouldn’t have to worry about getting impaled on your wit though. It’s not too sharp, I can tell. (Simun laughs at his own joke)

Samson: … (frowns. Now Samson’s feelings are reaching hurt territory) … S-sorry… (walks away)

(Simun turns and notices the glares he’s getting from Monty and April. They’re upset that Simun insulted Samson. Simun acknowledges them and speaks as though he’s being genuine… but you can tell he’s just hamming it up)

Simun: (to Monty and April) You’re right. You’re right. I should be more positive. I’m gonna start being nice now. Turning over a new leaf-


(Before Simun can say another word… he gets thrown onto the ground by sheer impact. Marta, who had run off a while ago, came sailing through the air and landed on Simun. Marta is laughing wildly)

Simun: Oh good! A sign! Nevermind, everything sucks again!

(Simun laughs loudly, but coughs since Marta is sitting on top of his stomach. Marta isn’t harmed or woozy at all by being hurdled through the air again)

Marta: HAHAHA!!! WOO!!! (Marta stands up) DO IT AGAIN! DO IT AGAIN!!!

(Yuri-Chan, who had been the one to throw Marta for the second time today, emerges from the maze of boxes stacked by the wharf. She timidly appears once again)

Yuri-Chan: I’m s-so sorry! … (hiding back behind a crate) You sn-snuck up on me again…

(Everyone turns their attention to Yuri-Chan. For most of the people there, this is their first time seeing Yuri-Chan. April and Marta were the only ones to have actually seen her. The others stare at her. Francis turns and smiles politely at her)

Francis: Aw! It’s okay! No harm done! (whispers to April) Who’s that?

April: Yuri-Chan. The Fairy Specialist.

Francis: FAIRY TYPE?!?! (Francis immediately changes his mood and screeches at Yuri) I take it back! It’s your own fault for being a lazy, stupid, useless space cadet who settles on a Pokemon type that deserves to be genocided.

(Yuri-Chan’s eyes well up with tears. She’s about to cry. Ruth is standing closest to Francis. Without warning, she smacks him upside the head. Francis whimpers and hobbles away from her. Ruth looks away, pretending she didn’t do that)

(Yuri-Chan prepares to disappear into the harbor again until she bumps into Monty. Yuri-Chan screams briefly and grabs his hand in attempt to throw him. He’s too burly and heavy. Monty smiles and gently nudges her towards everyone)

Monty: (smiling) Today’s “Meet The Cast” day! You shouldn’t be missing out on this!

(Yuri-Chan whimpers as Monty, with good intentions, forces her to stand with the rest. Yuri-Chan is placed next to Gareth and Ruth. Ruth looks down at Yuri. Yuri squeaks. Ruth blows hair out of her own face and ignores the timid girl. Yuri turns to Gareth and sheepishly yelps at the sight of his buggy eyed stare)

Marta: (not listening) Let’s go for distance next time! WAHOO!!! (laughs)

(Simun stands up and walks to the crowd. The bus begins to pull away. Chris grabs everyone’s attention again)

Chris: Wait, that’s not all of the Unova natives. Where’s-

(Suddenly, a blinding light, gradually growing in brightness from the harbor, causes everyone to cover their eyes. Chris looks in the direction of the harbor)


(Another boat shows up. People have to subvert their eyes to intently look at the ship pulling in. This boat is glistening with gold. It’s a lavish and an extravagantly lovely boat. Gold plated everywhere with pink ribbons painted on the sides. Everyone is staring in awe at the boat)

Chris: WOAH! … Now whoever owns THAT boat must have a LOT of money.

Monty: Now if I had a boat like that! HAHA!! (grinning)

Samson: Wooooooooow. It’s so pretty! (Samson smiles widely)

Keira: (has walked over to the boat and is already wiping the side with a washcloth. There’s a tiny smudge Keira’s located) … Missed a spot.

(A dollar is dropped down from the deck of the boat to Keira for her assistance. She grabs it and shakes her head, smiling upward)

Keira: I don’t do this for the pay.

(Keira tosses the dollar into the air. Cassandra soars over her head to grab it and lands in the water)

Cassandra: MONEY IN THE BANK!!! (Splash)

(The contestant who owns this boat finally arrives. A girl runs down the side ramp and reaches the harbor below. She has dark skin, big glasses, and a lavish white sun-hat with a little pink bow on top. She has a sleeveless white sundress to match with a pink ribbon wrapped at the waist and a maroon purse in her hands. She excitedly twirls and approaches everyone. Everyone is still staring at the boat until she speaks, whereas they snap out of their daze and acknowledge the girl)

???????: Hi everyone! (The girl gasps and looks around) Wow! Oh golly! Look at this place! It’s so! … It’s so cute! (She spins around and giggles) I love it!

(Everyone looks at this girl, not sure what to make of this scenario. Marta is the first to respond)

Marta: I want to use your yacht for stuff!!!

Monty: (tips his captain’s hat) Where’d you get the nice boat!?

???????: Isn’t it beautiful!? I call it the S.S.TeeYuVee! (giggles) It was my most recent birthday present!

(Everyone pauses for a moment. That perfect boat… is personally HERS!?!)

April: Dang! You have YOUR OWN boat!? You’re THAT loaded!?

(Many people look at Gareth impulsively. Everyone just met, so there are only so many details everyone knows about one another. Most of them only know Gareth so far as the HOMELESS KID. People are naturally curious to see how he’ll react to Vecepia showing up in her own personal golden yacht)

(Gareth is making no outward indications of any inner emotions. He’s merely chewing his stale burger silently...)

(The silence is broken by Cassandra emerging from the water after having dived in to grab a throwaway dollar bill. She crawls back onto the dock, grasping the soggy dollar)

Cassandra: I’m buying at least five ketchup packets with this!

Chris: (rallying everyone back) Everyone, this is Vecepia Clermont. She’s our Fighting Type trainer.

(Everyone in sync tilts their heads. Her? Fighting Type?)

Vecepia: Uh huh! I’m from Undella Town, Unova! (she gasps and smiles) Do you wanna meet my Pokemon?! I got him as a birthday gift too! He came all the way from Kalos!

(Everyone seems less enthusiastic to talk to her after the revelation that she owns all of these fantastically expensive items)

Seymour: (sarcastically) Is your Pokemon made of gold too?

Vecepia: (oblivious. She giggles) Noooooo. Come on out, Pancham!

(Vecepia sends out a small panda-like Pokemon from a Luxury Ball in a flash of light. Pancham arrives. It’s a rowdy little panda with a leaf in his mouth. It immediately starts wiggling as Vecepia holds it. Pancham just wants to run and play)

Vecepia: Isn’t he precious!? Pure-bred and imported from Kalos’ finest breeding ce-

Ruth: -I’ll just be the one to say it. (turns to Chris) She’s already rich. Why is she competing? (A silent “Amen” echoes across everyone’s minds)

Vecepia: Huh? (looks confused)

Chris: My reasons for accepting you all are to remain confidential. … (whispers) I pick at random. (shushes everyone) Now onto the next slew of newcomers!

(Chris must have had the timing planned perfect, because a helicopter flies overhead as soon as he mentions more newcomers. The wind from the skyborn vehicle causes every contestant to grab their belongings and hold on. Vecepia grabs her hat. Gareth holds the last bits of his burger. Keira holds her skirt down)

(The helicopter is gently maneuvering itself down onto the stone harbor. Two silhouettes are sitting in the backseat)

Chris: We have two natives from KALOS!



(A girl leaps out of the helicopter door before it even fully lands. She rolls on the ground and masterfully leaps up and faces Chris. She emerged from her roll a few inches from the host man, sending him taking multiple steps back)

(She’s wearing practice armor. She has a legitimate steel plate of armor over her chest, has iron knee pads and leather protection pads on her forearms and the front of her knees. She has light blue hair that is tied into a ponytail, black sweatpants, a purple shirt underneath her practice armor, and a determined expression)

??????: I require NO introduction.

Chris: … I would prefer if people would know your name regardless.

Ferrum: … Very well. I am Ferrum Justice! User of the fabled STEEL type! (Ferrum crosses her arms) I will personally see to it to keep this game lawful and civil throughout its entirety. If there’s an evildoer here, I will let them taste my blade and enjoy a buffet platter of JUSTICE and RIGHTEOUSNESS!!!

(Ferrum throws out a Pokeball into the air. A Sword-like Pokemon is released. It has a blade with an eye on the handle and a long ghastly sash protruding from the stem of the grip. It’s a Honedge. It floats down until Ferrum grabs it by the handle)

Ferrum: My Pokemon and I are the swords that smite evil!!!

(Ferrum lets go of Honedge. Honedge spins around for a moment, unhappy with being grabbed)

Ferrum: (coughs) … My apologies, Honedge.

Chris: Worry not. EVERYONE here has had a background check. None of you should be members of any evil organizations or whatnot.

Marta: What about FORMER members of evil organizations? (Everyone looks at Marta and takes a step back)

Chris: … … … Y’all are giving me anxiety.

Vecepia: (runs up to Ferrum) Are you a real live knight!?

Ferrum: (smiles widely and gleams again) I’m training to become one. Certain customs of the academy are ingrained in me, so you’ll have to forgive my honoraries.

Seymour: Certain customs? Like what? Being obnoxious?

(Seymour just lightly insulted Ferrum… but he does not expect the reaction he gets. Ferrum flusteredly turns to Seymour. Ferrum’s face turns red as she gets viscerally angry and begins a tangent)

Ferrum: Excuse me!? OBNOXIOUS!? What ho! You have a bubble and I shall verify BURST IT with the power of truth! I’ll have you know I am the Academy of Wikstrom’s Guard’s school valedictorian, which I earned through a fabled multitude of my proud abilities. NOT ONE of which was “being obnoxious”! (Ferrum crosses her arms, she smiles proudly to herself) Your insult is justly nullified. Good day to you.

Simun: (chuckling at Seymour) Wow. Smoked, huh?

Seymour: (to Simun) Could you shut up, please?

Simun: WOOP! There it is! The first “shut up” of the season and it goes to me! (Simun bows You’re all welcome. There’ll be plenty more where that came from.

Marta: (puts an arm around Simun and pumps her fist in the air) Can I give you the first knock out of the season!?

Simun: WOW! I’m inciting people to get violent with me already? I’m on a roll today!

Marta: Nah, I just wanna punch someone.

(Seymour just looks confusedly at Simun. Seymour rolls his eyes and steps back, ignoring everyone again like he’s been mostly doing so far)


(Another teen exits the helicopter. But he trips on his way out. He falls flat on his face. He smacks nose-first into the pavement with a loud SMACK. Everyone cringes. Marta gives a thumbs up)

(The teen gets up. He has practically no hair, buzz cut down. He has a droopy face and a small brown coat on with multiple badge patches. He has on dark pants and white shirt underneath the coat. He lazily walks towards everyone)

Chris: Everyone, this is our rock type specialist. Carl Parkinson! Welcome to the game, Carl. How was the flight here?

(Carl’s voice is very mumbly. As if whenever he speaks one of his lips attempts to get in the way)

Carl: Terrified for my life. Thought I was gonna die.

Chris: Why’s that?

Carl: Whatever Pokemon was uh… powering the copter was bound to get tired and pass out eventually. … Woulda fallen to my death.

Ferrum: (sighs) He was commentating on that the entire flight here.

Chris: Carl, you’re aware that helicopters are powered by engines and their wind turbines, right?

Carl: (looks at the helicopter) … … … (back at Chris) Well that’s a theory… … … Bit weird, innit? Wish I came here in a car instead. Woulda been safer. They just have engines.

Chris: That’s exactly how helicopters are powered too.

Carl: … … … (shakes his head lightly) Nah.

(Wow… this guy)

Vecepia: (runs over to Carl) So you’re from Kalos too!? (holds up her Pancham) You’ve probably seen a lot of these, huh!? What kind of Pokemon do you have!?

Carl: I got, uh, a rock… (Carl holds up a Pokeball) Though I don’t really like it when it’s out of its Pokeball, y’know.

Rise: (puts her hands to her mouth) Any opportunity to release your Pokemon from its confines is a moment to be celebrated.

Carl: Well, uh… He’s a lil weird lookin.

(Carl releases his Pokemon. He lazily brings out his Pokeball and drops it to the ground. A flash of light emits and dissipates to reveal a small aquatic pokemon with two glove-like limbs protruding from the rock with faces on them. It’s a Binacle)

Vecepia: Awww!!! It’s like two fuzzy mittens coming out of a rock!

Carl: Ain’t that weird… Like… two hands… in a rock… Whassat about? Where are the legs? … Did it get rid of em? Curious...

(Everyone gives Carl a strange look. He looks like his own Pokemon is giving him a headache)

Carl: (looks to Pancham) And lookit that. … A lil panda… he’s eating a leaf… Does he always have a leaf? … Who knows? Whassat about? Man, Pokemon are strange, huh?

Francis: MOST are. About 151 of them are perfectly fine. (Francis turns to Cassandra, who is still soaked from jumping in the water) And a few trainers who are fine as well. (purrs at Cassandra)

Cassandra: (chuckles) I could write an album of songs based on how uncomfortable I am right now. (scoots away)



(Another boat arrives. It’s a much smaller yacht, and this one drops off a dark skinned teenager with a blue cap, long black dreadlocks, a pale blue tank top, and long baggy khaki-colored pants with sandals. He has a warm, approachable smile as he walks towards everyone with a wave and a grin)

Chris: Everyone, this is Jackson Bo’lal! Our Ice Type trainer!

Jackson: (waves) Alola, everyone. I’ll be accepting your ice puns later. So... how’s it goin?

Vecepia: (runs up to Jackson) WOW! You’re from Alola! I’ve always wanted to vacation there!

Jackson: (chuckles) Ah, tourists. Feel free to come by, just clean up after yourself, you know, man? (Jackson smiles) I’m excited for this!

(Jackson casually holds out his Pokeball. He presses the button to release what’s inside. It’s a small mole-like Pokemon with an icy frame to it. It’s a Sandshrew emerges… but it looks different. Instead of its sandy mosaic design, it’s igloo’d. This Sandshrew is ICE type. An Alolan form. Endearingly nicknamed a “Snowshrew”)

Everyone: WOW! / Look at that thing! / CUTE! / Awesome! / DISGUSTING!!!!

Chris: (ignoring Francis’ comment) So, Jackson. You’re the only contestant from Alola this time around.

Francis: (interrupts) Which is good, because the last thing we need are more people from a region like Alola, a place that deserves to be burned to the ground.

(Everyone looks incredibly shocked with Francis’ bold statement, except for those who have been around long enough to get used to him at this point)

Vecepia: (horrified) W-what?

Carl: That’s a bit weird, innit?

Simun: Outwardly expressing interest in burning people’s homes down… Now THAT’s an interesting strategy.

Francis: (turns his nose up) Alola is garbage. Burn it all.

Jackson: (shrugs) Well that’s an opinion. Good luck trying to burn us all down with all the water we have. (Jackson chuckles) Better shot at drowning us.

Ferrum: What is thy damage, Francis?!

Francis: I’ll never forgive Alola for RUINING some of Kanto’s beautiful Pokemon with disgusting ALOLA FORMS.

Jackson: Maybe the Alola forms feel the same way about the Kanto forms. Hehe. (smiles)

Francis: (growls at Jackson) Kanto’s better. Alola is trash.

Jackson: Love all around, man. Give it time.

(Francis glares hatefully at Jackson. He’s unable to tick him off. Francis looks around for a more expressive outlet for his anger. He finds an easier target. Francis turns to Yuri-Chan)

Francis: You’re still an absolute waste of space you fairy-enabling trashbag.

(Yuri-Chan starts crying again. Francis gleefully grins at his work before Ferrum grabs him by the ear and yanks on it. Francis squeals in pain and scampers hastily away from Ferrum when she lets go of his ear. She shakes her head at him pitifully)

Ferrum: Sometimes pettiness is almost worse than evil itself.

Jackson: (steps back, but not shocked) Woooooah. (puts his hands up, smiling) Chillax, man. He was just playing around.

Francis: My hate is REAL!

Carl: (mumbling) Alola forms… bit weird, innit? Super tall eggs. … How’s that work? (Carl is just mumbling to himself)

Chris: … You’re all disasters and I love it. (Chris smiles) And there’s still one more...


(Suddenly, everyone hears loud rager music. Some kind of party is occurring. Everyone looks out at the harbor and sees a ship pulling in. Another boat arrives. This one has a lot of teens partying onboard. It looks like a good time)

Gareth: (mumbling) … … … Least this one isn’t gold.

Monty: HAHAHAHA!!! I laughed because that was FUNNY!!!

(Monty high fives Gareth. Gareth doesn’t break his glassy blank stare or even turn in Monty’s direction to high five him)

Chris: I’d like to preface this by saying that you are all equally worthy and appreciated. … And on that note, HERE COMES A CONTESTANT WHO IS LITERALLY BETTER THAN ALL OF YOU!!!

(Everyone looks up at the boat. The teens onboard make way for the contestant arriving. The teens are applauding, cheering, whistling, and having a ball of a time on the boat giving the final contestant their sendoff)

Boat Teens: AW YEAH! / Here he comes! / Uh huh uh huh! / Alright! / Go get em, tiger! / Hey, uh! It’s your boy!!! / AYY!!!

April: Whoever this is, they brought an entire hype crew with them.

Jackson: (crosses his arms) Seems like whoever they are they like to have a good time.

Seymour: Or this is all some big elaborate power move.

(A boy steps out of the crowd aboard. A ramp is lowered so he can hop onto the Goldenrod Harbor. He ditches it and leaps off the ship onto a box. The teens onboard all cheer in celebration for him. He slides down and hops in front of the entire cast and opens his arms, awaiting their reactions)

(Some of the cast mates react in a big elaborate fashion due to recognizing who this person really is … )

Vecepia: NO WAY!!!

Cassandra: OH MY GOSH!!!

(Yuri-Chan’s expression goes blank. She starts gasping for breath out of pure excitement)

Everyone: !!! / You’re kidding me. / Wut? / Is that?...

Chris: YUP! Gather around, kiddos! Cuz we scored a world famous POP STAR in this season’s cast! Let the self-loathing sink in. It’s… Lo-

Samson: -LOGAN DIAMOND!!!! (passes out)

(This boy has tan skin, shaggy dyed blonde hair with clear dark brown roots. He’s wearing a pale green tank top. He has a muscular build and white pants with ripped stitching at the knees. A small vine with tiny flowers lay entangled in his hair. He smiles

Logan: How about some music to commemorate this moment? (turns to the ship) Hit it, boys!

Jackson: Live entertainment. (chuckles) Johto’s not that bad.

Rise: How blessed are we!

(Marta is grumpily tapping her foot against the ground. Marta’s attitude has suddenly gone dead serious. She does NOT sound like a fan of whatever this guy’s genre is. Cassandra, Yuri-Chan, Vecepia and Samson are the complete opposite. The other contestants merely watch in amusement or confusion)

♪ ♫ = = = ♪ ♫ Logan’s Intro Song ♪ ♫ = = = ♪ ♫ (Logan begins his song. He has a beautiful, soothing voice. A pop star voice. He mingles with the cast and trailblazers the start of the game with this “catchy” musical number)

Logan: (yelling to random directions with a wide smile) Pick an octave, I can adjust!

(The music picks up from onboard the ship. They’re playing the tune for him)

Logan: ♪ ♫ Oooooooooooh! This boat has been a rockin, for a long time, and I’m looking for some action on THIS region so fine. I’ve been training day and night in the gym and the dojo, so there’s no better place for me to claim my mojo than JOHTO!  ♪♫

(Logan does some dance moves before twirling over to the girls. Cassandra and Vecepia scream. Yuri-Chan is hyperventilating. She uses Rise’s big baggy sleeve as a place to breath into)

Logan: ♪ ♫ I’m incredibly stoked to be here, be your friend! Hope we all can be on a good note from start till the end! I wanna battle, wanna mingle, wanna prattle (aside) not be single. Oh woah! ♪♫

(Cassandra passes out. Logan moves over to the guys of the cast)

Logan: ♪♫ Don’t sweat it fellas, we can be pals too. Sharin all the ladies, and formin our own crews. ♪♫ (leans cross armed against Monty)

(Seymour rolls his eyes. The cheesiness is painful. Simun is visibly cringing, he’s not digging this either. Logan spins over to dead center again)

Logan: ♪♫ My name’s Logan of Five Vine / Your favorite boy band / I’m gonna have a blast in Johto / cuz that’s my whole plan! OW!!!! ♪♫

(Logan poses. A Foongus wiggles from atop his head, a small mushroom-like Pokemon. It’s taking in some of the action. A few people are surprised that this pop star owns a strange Pokemon like a Foongus. Grass and petals fall down from his song’s finish. They were thrown by people on the yacht he got off of. It disappears into sight after that, finally leaving. The cheers fade as the boat pulls away from the dock and goes back out into the great ocean)


Cassandra: (gets back up from passing out) AUGH!!! LOGAN!!!

Vecepia: (hopping up and down) He’s HERE!!! Oh my gosh! We’re competing with a celebrity!

Cassandra: SIGN MY BAND!

Monty: (attempting to mumble and whisper to Samson… but alas, Monty only knows how to scream) Who is this guy??!?! (Logan gives Monty a look)

Samson: (whispering to Monty) H-he’s Logan Diamond! Musical heartthrob nation-wide. Lead singer of Five Vines, a boy band about saving the environment.

Monty: … (raises an eyebrow) I’ve missed a lot at sea!

Carl: (scratching his head) Um… Don’t get why “pop” is called “pop”... Why not “soda” … … Bit weird, innit?

Gareth: (has finished eating his burger) … … … (politely claps)

(Gareth starts it. Most of the contestants applaud Logan’s entrance. Seymour is the only one who doesn’t clap or entirely care)

Logan: Thanks everyone. (Logan bows) Now, listen… I wanna level with everyone. Then I wanna stay on that level. I don’t want any of you feeling like you have to be nice to me or play fair with me just because I’m a big star.

Simun: WERE a big star. (smiles) Aren’t your sales at rock botto-

(Cassandra covers Simun’s mouth. She’s not letting her celebrity crush get trash talked in front of her)

Marta: (dead serious) Naw, let him keep talking.

Cassandra: (defensively with a smile) His sales are FIIIIINNNINE! I would know, I’m a good, loyal fan who pirates every album.

Marta: His music sucks.

(Everyone gasps and looks at Marta. Seymour, Ruth and Simun don’t entirely mind her comment. Everyone is either offended for Logan or just surprised that Logan’s being trash talked this early on and right to his face)

Logan: (staring at Marta. Just looking at her. He appears disappointed) … … ...

Marta: (tilts her head and widens her eyes) Yeaaaaaah I said it and I’ll say it again. Fight me.

Logan: … (sighs. He looks at everyone overall) I just want us all to be friends, ya know? (smiles) So no pressure.

Vecepia: (hopping up and down) Y-yeah! We can be friends! Sure!

(Vecepia is giddily clapping as various others nod in response to Logan’s plea. They’re open to just treating him like a normal human being. Others, however, have their own agenda)

Cassandra: (under her breath, excitedly) I want him to join my baaaaaaand.

(Chris steps over to Logan and pats him on the back. Then he pushes him to the crowd. Everyone stands together)

Chris: What a FANTASTIC and moral message that none of you are gonna likely follow through with.


(Vecepia, Ferrum, Samson, Marta, Logan, Yuri-Chan, Carl, Monty, Simun, Ruth, Rise, April, Jackson, Seymour, Francis, Cassandra, Gareth and Keira. The cast)

Chris: Welcome everyone! You are our Region Trotters season 2 contestants! We’re gonna be dealing with each and every one of you for WEEKS! None of you SHOULD be friends by the end of this, considering only ONE of you will be the winner. And if there’s ONE winner among EIGHTEEN of you, then there’ll be SEVENTEEN LOSERS! None of you wanna be losers, right? Well, the rules are simple! You’ll compete in challenges. The one who performs the worst on that day is sent home. In a moment, I’ll be showing you your sleeping quarters. But until then… begin to evaluate whether you wanna buddy buddy your way through the game… or claw and backstab the way you’re supposed to. The winner becomes Johto’s newest champion, and NOBODY’s ever become champion by allowing themselves to be stepped on. … (Chris grins) Interpret that as you will.

(The whole cast glances at one another. Let the games begin… )


The first official episode of PokeDrama: Johto Jeopardies! Hope you enjoy! Part 2 will be out shortly!

(Vecepia. A happy go lucky spoiled rich girl. Fighting type. Owns a Pancham)
(Jackson. A lax surfer from the coastal Alola. Ice Type. Owns a Snowshrew)
(Francis. A snobbish, perverted, genwunner. Dragon Type. Owns a Dratini)
(Keira. A disturbingly obedient mansion maid. Ghost Type. Owns a Spiritomb)
(Carl. An unintelligent sloth-like, curious boy. Rock Type. Owns a Binacle)
(Monty. A hearty, loud, rule-following sea-bearer. Water Type. Owns a Wooper)
(Ferrum. A judicially dramatic knight. Steel Type. Owns a Honedge)
(Yuri-Chan. A fragile and shy aikido master. Fairy Type. Owns a Snubbull)
(Logan. A sing-songy, gorgeous, pop star sensation. Grass Type. Owns a Foongus)
(Marta. A rambunctious thrill-seeking wild card. Psychic Type. Owns a Natu)
(Gareth. A quiet, mysterious homeless child. Bug Type. Owns a Sewaddle)
(Ruth. A gruff and easily irritable loner farm girl. Normal Type. Owns a Lillipup)
(Seymour. An observant, intimidatingly uncaring wise guy. Ground Type. Owns a Gible)
(Rise. A religious representative of a far-away religious following. Fire Type. Owns a Torchic)
(Samson. A softspoken doormat in punk attire. Dark Type. Owns a Poochyena)
(April. A spunky daredevil in roller blades. Poison Type. Owns a Trubbish)
(Simun. A wisecracking jokester who thrives off of insults. Flying Type. Owns a Swablu)
(Cassandra. A rowdy and phone-obsessed punk rock guitarist. Electric Type. Owns a Voltorb)


"Vecepia" created by :icondragonettes: Type Fight
"Cassandra" finalized by :iconcogreen20: Type Electr
"Carl" created by :iconitsnouse: Type Rock
"Seymour" created by :iconshsl-screwup: Type Ground
"Ruth" created by :iconjimentone: Type Normal
"Ferrum" created by :iconfinalphantom5: Type Steel
"Keira" created by :iconpunx193: Type Ghost
"Marta" created by :iconthe-sarcasm-master: Type Psychc
"Gareth" created by :iconcragmiteblaster: Type Bug
"Monty" created by :icongrimerie: Type Water
"Samson" created by :iconretro-guy: Type Dark
"Logan" created by :icontentacooldude17: Type Grass
"Yuri-Chan" created by :icontinyhammer: Type Fairy
"Francis" finalized by :iconcogreen20: Type Dragon
"Jackson" created by :iconerstellung666: Type Ice
"April" created by :iconorange-ratchet: Type Poison
"Rise" created by :iconlolitafreak88: Type Fire
"Simun" created by :iconxnimus: Type Flying



- Region Trotters takes place after the events of Sun and Moon.

- New episodes come out every Wednesday at 8:00PM EST! Stay tuned and get hyped! 

- And with all the seasons there'll be, there are plenty of opportunities to have one of YOUR OWN OCs featured in this fanfic! :D (Big Grin) Note me for more information.




© Chef and Chris, along with the mention of any characters owned by "Total Drama", as stated, are owned by "Total Drama". "Total Drama" itself belongs to Teletoon Studios, Fresh TV, Cake Entertainment, and its creators, Jennifer Pertsch and Tom McGillis.

© Region Trotters: is a fan work that is inspired by and centered around the characters/settings/premise/etc. from the world famous videogame/tvseries/manga/etc. "Pokemon", Game Freak, and belongs to any and all businesses that collaborated in its creation and distribution.
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SpoopertGoopert Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2017
Oh boy, time for a clusterfuck of a good time with this season! I'm ready to roll into this one! :3
Padfoot12111 Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
I will fight anyone who insults Trubish

Dark guy has a Zoroa fits what in know about huts character.
CoGreen20 Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2017  Student Writer
XD I feel like Super Jack would just befriend all the Trubbishes on his street.
miraclesoup Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2017  Student General Artist
I'm back to say marta is a goddess
CoGreen20 Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2017  Student Writer
Ur right tho
AuraMasterFox Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2017
Yeah, this cast is gonna be something special.  I can tell already.
CoGreen20 Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2017  Student Writer
Glad you're enjoying it! :)
AnOptimisticSnarker Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
These guys are all disasters and I love them. This season is gonna be a hell of a lot of fun, I can just tell.
CoGreen20 Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2017  Student Writer
AnOptimisticSnarker Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
You're welcome!
Crazed-Blue Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2017
Nice way to kick things off.  As you said, the drama has already started and we got a lot of people with a ridiculous amount of hate-on for each other, so I'm pumped.
CoGreen20 Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2017  Student Writer
XD Thank you!
Itsnouse Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2017
Welp, I'm late to the party. But I have to say I'm loving what I'm seeing so far! 
CoGreen20 Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2017  Student Writer
Thank you!!!
Tinyhammer Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2017
This had been a great first episode. You had displayed everyone's personalities well and they had bounced off each other great.

I feel sorry for Yuri-Chan, Jackson and Cassandra who have to deal with Francis. At least Jackson and Cassandra could defend themselves but Yuri-Chan...
CoGreen20 Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2017  Student Writer
XD Thank you!!!

Yeah, poor Yuri. :(
PKRS-arts Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
yuri chan could beat up francis without even trying and then feel really bad afterwards as francis spews insults from where he lies on the ground with six fractured teeth and a broken leg
CoGreen20 Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2017  Student Writer
That's exactly what Yuri doesn't wanna have to do xD
PKRS-arts Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
exactly why she'd feel really bad afterwards
BeekBeek85 Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2017  Student Artist
CoGreen20 Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2017  Student Writer
xD LOL ;-;
BaconBaka Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2017   Digital Artist

Vecepia - She’s totally flaunting her wealth unknowingly, as well as unintioning sparking a rivalry with Gareth. She’ll be one to look out for.

Cassandra – I think she’ll have a good time. Now to keep Francis’ paws off her.

Carl – He’s gonna be a laugh riot. XD

Seymour – Adorable as always!

Ruth – Looks like we have our tomboy of the cast.

Ferrum – She has code and honor. I think I’m gonna enjoy her.

Keira – And we already see our maid at work. Although we haven’t seen the fullest extent of her Pokemon yet.

Marta – Ironic that the fighter of the group is weilding Psychic types… She’s gonna be awesome to watch.

Gareth – Our little staring contest has arrived! Totally rooting for him.


Samson – Also gotta root for him, cause if I go against him, he’ll send his friends to beat me up.

Logan – I don’t see nothing wrong about an environmentally friendly pop-star taking part. Nope!

Yuri-Chan – She’s gonna need to man up and punch Bitch-Francis in the stomach!

Francis – True stuff we hear from Genwunner’s mouths right here. Although he creeps me out… And I created him.

Jackson – He’s gonna be interesting to watch.

April – She’s a total mess! I’m hoping for her to go far!

Rise – Also hoping for her to go far.

Simun – He has to go far; or Johto may have a Bad Time…

Now onwards, to the next chapter!

CoGreen20 Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2017  Student Writer

Woops. xD Poor Vecepia.

Spiritomb is a sleepy lil Pokemon. Keira doesn't like to disturb people or Pokemon.

u got something against the environment, bub??? (Malika's his predecessor) 

yuri gon have to woman up

XD Thanks!

wifishark Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2017
This is going to be chaos for sure.
CoGreen20 Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2017  Student Writer
xD Oh yeah.
Apollotalon Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2017
So far, everything is going completely awesome! Happy Post 4 July!
CoGreen20 Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2017  Student Writer
Thank you!!! :)
MADMatt66 Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2017
I loved all of their introductions...This is going to be one chaotic season L:OL
CoGreen20 Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2017  Student Writer
xD Thanks!!!
PKRS-arts Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I'll leave a longer comment on both chapters later, my internet at home went out so I'm using data rn

(samson x logan)
CoGreen20 Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2017  Student Writer
s'all good. xD
Lolitafreak88 Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Bring on the Johto! Your writing's just as exceptional as ever and I think this cast is zany, wild, and has LOADS of potential as well as great interactions to start with already. So let's see...

Francis is actually quite hilarious and while he does have his aggressive, harsh moments (Like a character I know) towards those not from Kanto it's cool to see him be buddy buddy with those who fit his likes. :3

April still best girl in my book. I like how acute she is and she's open-minded, going out of her way to help people when they aren't feeling comfortable, she's very nice.

Keira's great too and I'm not sure what is more awkward, everyone pitying Gareth deep inside or the fact Vecepia is already drawing skepticism from some of the other castmates. Hopefully both of them can show the cast they shouldn't be judged like that so quickly.

Samson and Gareth are endearing. Logan knows how to make an entrance. And overall everyone is off to a good start I would say. I'll save my comments on Rise for part 2. Nice work ^_^.
CoGreen20 Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2017  Student Writer
Kanto was a lot more down low and realistic, so I'm glad this cast is getting that cartoony vibe cuz... well, fictional universes need those loud and wild characters, so yeah. xD Glad it's coming off as such.

It makes him less one dimensional. I'm glad people are digging that. xD

We'll see how she does in challenges. >: )

Vecepia probably should realize that not everyone is super mega rich like she is for starters. xD

Lolitafreak88 Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
And apparently Unova-less 030. I didn't realize that myself. No wonder there were quite a few Unovans this time around. And it's definitely becoming cartoony. I figured that out as soon as Marta reacted to being tossed by Yuri. XD

It's a very good writing choice.

True, you could be best in personality but being a Trainer is what'll keep you afloat in this.

I'm sure the first challenge can give more depth to Vecepia being more than just super rich in their eyes and that there was a reason she was accepted into the cast. Though yeah, having April's open-mindedness at this point would help XD.

You're welcome.
CoGreen20 Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2017  Student Writer
Yup, straight up no Unovans. O_O

Vecepia's gonna need to find someone to help her out if she wants to stay afloat. xD
FloofySkuntank Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It begins
CoGreen20 Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2017  Student Writer
start the beat, dj
Orange-Ratchet Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2017
It's great to see this getting started!  So far, all the contestants are pretty enjoyable... and Logan's song... what tune is THAT to, I wonder?
CoGreen20 Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2017  Student Writer
I actually might record what I think the songs of this season sound like in order to give everyone an idea xD
grimerie Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
...songs. As in multiple. Oh my god
CoGreen20 Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2017  Student Writer
get R E A D Y
grimerie Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I hope that Chris's first line in every season is a variation of the "if you don't know what Pokémon is fuck you" thing 
April had better have the worlds best insurance policy 
Do NOT insult trubbish you INSOLENT buffoon. Be gone thot
YURI STRAIGHT UP TELEPORTED IN - or I guess she was just there but that's a sad thought
Okay she straight up teleported good to know
Francis being initially nice for like two seconds is honestly so jarring Jesus Christ 
The screech was me. I was screaming. It was I 
I'm laughing so hard my expectations were shattered for Cassandra. This is great
You got him 100% right I'm crying so hard right now I love you?? 
It's only episode 1 and already several cars, a raft, and a window have been utterly decimated 
Hello everyone. Here's a fucking rock
Gible will punch god in the face 
Yeah I was wondering about the Murkrow but I'm sure that'll be explained. Maybe Samson is the Pokémon whisperer 
Me too Ruth 
Simun is absolutely perfect and I wish I was half as funny as he was. I love it
Vecepia is so cute but also so naive. She's gonna die. Nice boat 
Cassandra is me 
Ferrum. Sweet Ferrum. I adore you. Please marry me or beat me up, either is fine
I'm laughing at the fact that the two kalos natives are ultra-capable Ferrum and... Carl. I love Carl though. Can relate 
Jackson is so nice... what a sweet boy 
Mosh pit boat 
I'm laughing so hard I guess I expected this reaction but not to this extent?? Everyone's having a heart palpitation 
Marta you have probably made a lot of enemies you poor dear 
Well fuck this. On to part 2!!
CoGreen20 Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2017  Student Writer
*wears an iron butt guard* hit me

it will xD

April does not have the world's best insurance policy xD

be gone trubbthot

she was just there and didn't speak up lol


shook by francis

Montgomery here to convert the thots

it ain't johto jeopardies for nothing, more is gonna get rekt xD

Gareth was just UNDER THE BUS xD

Simun = god? its more likely than u think

ferrum beats u up at the wedding reception

grimerie Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Logan emerges from a manhole to sing a song
CoGreen20 Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2017  Student Writer
tag ur spoilers
The-Sarcasm-Master Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2017
so far so good! character interactions are all fun af. i will say that marta is a tad more OTT than i envisioned her but she is still definitely enjoyable. i have faith. c:

on to part 2!
CoGreen20 Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2017  Student Writer
She's just excited to arrive. xD They're all on an adrenaline rush.
The-Sarcasm-Master Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2017
ah XD sounds good!
CoGreen20 Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2017  Student Writer
Tanks :3
SSBFreak Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2017
And we begin. Looking forward to seeing where the cast goes here. :)

The highlight for me was probably seeing Yuri-Chan already there without the first contestants noticing. I notice we've got more than a couple...Quiet people this season. I'm sure that'll change with a few episodes, but now I kind of want to see Yuri-Chan interacting with Gareth, where it's just the two of them staring silently at each other. =P
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