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JJBA: Dio Brando

By cogdis
"That man is so strong . . .
profound . . .
bold . . .
beautiful . . . "

" . . . Even the evil need a savior of evil ones."


Recently I watched JoJo's Bizarre Adventure . . . The imagery of Dio Brando from the back was so haunting from the very start! By the time N'doul gave his speech about him, I knew I wanted to do an interpretation of it- Try to capture the godly, dark, romanticized viewpoint that a "fanatic" follower experiences.

I've only just started reading the manga, but I skipped ahead to find the image that those scenes seem to be based on: [link] (Hirohiko Araki's beautiful work!)

So I used the composition of that to make this piece. The artwork there is quite stylized, mixed with my own . . . Strange things happened. Painting this was a very delicious experience. I want to try Jotaro too eventually. :)
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God this is INCREDIBLE! You captured his evil essence so well

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hate the guy. love ths painting tho-- is really really really well made
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This looks beautiful, I mean the details just looks marvelous. Beautiful work on Dio Brando.

Hijirina's avatar
Oh my god, you're a genius! :wow:
That's just amazing, everything's so perfect! The light effects and shadows, these details....just everything!
Why can't I fave this a hundred times?
HotPlate's avatar
Dat back tho...
SatsujinTamashi's avatar
The Best Shadow DIO had ever seen!
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They used this piece in All-Star battle, right? Your exact painting? I'm sure I saw it in there..
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I would Like a Render of this Image is Awesom
RyunosukeOSM's avatar
INCREDIBLE I give you a fav because it totally deserves it. It shows the beauty and the darkness of this fucker, totally love it!
Fairy-Seraphim's avatar
"His hair was as smooth as silk... His hair was as gold as gold... his trapezius muscles tore through his shirt-"

"Okay, getting a little uncomfortable."

"Boy, shut yo' ass up! Dio Brando's a sexy man!"
V13T2K9's avatar
wrrryyy, the light in this suits! such nonchalance 
Syaz193's avatar
Sexy back,yeah!
What kind of arrogant asshole poses while walking up stairs when he doesn't even know that somebody is watching him. 
Oh ya, it's Dio, right.

Great Job on this piece.
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Hiya, I was wondering if you'd ever consider making dA prints available of this? I've been extremely captivated by this piece for years and I'd love to see it on my wall. Of all the artwork I've come across for some reason this one stands out and above all of them. Brilliant work. 
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:icondiobrandoplz::iconsaysplz:I, Dio, must say that I, Dio, look fabulous here.
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Excellent painting of Dio! That's a great pose from the manga.
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ohhh mr Brandoooo!!!!!! :heart::iconsexybrowsplz:........
I love him so much, REALLY great job ; o ;
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Absolutly awesome <3
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