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JJBA: Dio Brando



"That man is so strong . . .
profound . . .
bold . . .
beautiful . . . "

" . . . Even the evil need a savior of evil ones."


Recently I watched JoJo's Bizarre Adventure . . . The imagery of Dio Brando from the back was so haunting from the very start! By the time N'doul gave his speech about him, I knew I wanted to do an interpretation of it- Try to capture the godly, dark, romanticized viewpoint that a "fanatic" follower experiences.

I've only just started reading the manga, but I skipped ahead to find the image that those scenes seem to be based on: [link] (Hirohiko Araki's beautiful work!)

So I used the composition of that to make this piece. The artwork there is quite stylized, mixed with my own . . . Strange things happened. Painting this was a very delicious experience. I want to try Jotaro too eventually. :)
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hermosa pieza. Una pose de misterio y poder