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Loud House - Lana is ecstatic

By cogbrown
I don't know why, but it feels like Lana would instinctively dance like this when listening to "Aloha 'Oe" :iconcoyoterom: 
You  should  totally  make  your  profile  picture  an  emoticon  Coyote Loud House - Lana showing you how it's done 
She must've gotten tickets to Dairyland Amoosement Park. Loud House - Amazed Lana 
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Hooray For Lana! ;) (Wink) 
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Caramelldansen! (i think)
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What episode was this in?
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Now if I recall correctly, this "joyous" occasion transpired within "Room with a feud." Lisa's Mircophone 
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Hip Hop Hooray! HO! HAY! HO HAY! HO!
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Wicked singing there, luv. Loud House - Luna rocking a beat 
Music is always something we can relate to. Loud House - Luna 
Especially when it's about the things we love! Loud House - Lana is estatic 
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Looks like Lana just got finished watching that part in ET where Elliot saved all the frogs from getting dissected in his class.
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It does me good knowing others are doing their part to keep all of hop's friends safe. Loud House - Lana Celebrating 
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Ooh Pit Hair, hope she doesn't have strong pit smell. Loud House - Lana likely 
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A necessary sacrifice to look this awesome. Loud House - Hulk Lana about to lay the smack-down 
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*might totally do that*
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I patiently await until the day it comes to fruition. Loud House - Luan can't resist 
Is  it  there  yet?Loud House - Lola is unclear on what she saw 
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You were good son, really good; maybe even the best. Loud House - Luan is just browsing 
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