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Lol well yeah Baby!Edo is cute xD

Hohenheim doesn't look perfect but hatever.
Cofie is happy...
... but Hohy is happier xD Awww he gonna cry look at him :heart:

hat is al at the moment. Jane!
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Oh, how Hohenheim loved his soft tiny baby. “I'll name you Edward,” he crooned.Twilight Sparkle Cute Face plz 
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:iconlove: GYAAAAH TOO MANY FEELS I WANNA CRY.... :iconfeelplz: (;^; )
I love this. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. I love seening hohenheim happy.... :) And Baby!Edooooo~:love: 
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c: I WUV DEM BOTH!c: Hohenheim looks perfect to me.He may have been a bit different before and after(a bit after) edo-kun was born c:
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Either it's the happiest moment in his life...

or Ed pooped his diaper and the fumes are causing him to tear up >w<
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I go with the second choice c:
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Hohenheim "Hey.........there...........Edward" (starts to cry)
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aawwww lil at lil pooter butt edward ^.^ i can feel Hohenheim's enthusiasm lol
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*melts from absolute cuteness*
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Is this newborn baby Ed?! He's so cute!:iconiloveyouplz:

Awwww, that's so sweet.:happycry:
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OG, so cuuute!I absolutely luv their exprecions. Now I wanna see him with Baby!Envy.
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This is a really, really adorable piccy of Ed and Hohenheim, one of the cutest I've ever seen on DA come to think of it. O.o

I love how both Ed and Hohenheim look, Hohenheim's expression is perhaps the most heart-warming ever and baby Ed is adorable.
Hehe and don't worry, Hohenheim looks perfectly fine! ^^

Excellent pic! :: Hugs:: :hug:
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Hohenheim looks like he's tired. Like Ed was crying at night.
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Oh, this is so warm!
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;___; oh lawd. baby!edo and hoho-papa--that's so incredibly sweet and adorable and touching and--! *spazzfit* X3 --CUTE!
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XD It's Funny Coz The First Time My dad Held Me He Had This look On His Face Like He Was Contemplating Killing Me.Sorta Like...

:kevin: No, Wait...

:evileye: :paranoid: :evillaugh:

My Dad Doesn't Like Me :cries: Oh Well...
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Mwaaaaaa...itsa...itsa...little baby!
I love babies! little Raeven's cuter though.^^

Kick ass pic, bitty-boo Edo is adorable!
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like father, like son
great job!
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omgomg>w< The cuteness! *Dies* baby Edo, and Hohenheim, I love his expression! I think he looks fine^^

This was an instant fav as soon as I saw thisO.o I had this HUGE grin on my face and i giggled like a mad fangirl.

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O_O Wowz is this adorable. Look, Ho-ho-papa and Edo in a touching moment... :3 Must fav...
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Another cute Edo and Hohenheim piccie! Awww baby Edo is so cute! *dies from the cuteness*
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