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If only... Edo sleep.

By Cofie
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Awww I just couldn't get this image out of my head since I came up with the idea of the fanfic!

Aww Hohenheim is soooooo cool. I so love him XD Even if he doesn't really look like himself on this pic. T.T Forgive me! :heart: :heart: :heart:

Lineart done with pencil... that's why its so ugly. Gomen. I didn't dare to redraw the lines with pen because I was afraid I will ruin it. >_<;

[link] <~ read the fanfic if you are interested. ( ° _°)

EDIT: Oh damn I mixed up! Hohenheim should have been wearing blue and Edo weaing green. Eh, whatever.
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:noes: *wants to cry*
so... cute....
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Awwwwwwww!>_> <_< <_> >_< *Looks everywhere to see if no one is looking* c:< *runs in the room and hugs dem*Ur so cute!
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This is pretty amazing. Wonder if Ed really did see this? lol I really like it a lot. Your lineart isn't bad in the least btw.
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N'aww, so cute Would never happen, though.
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Awww, Ed actually looks sort of content, for once. <3 Even if it is in an alternate universe.

Actually, reading a bit of the fanfiction, I got my own idea. Though it is AU, it isn't copying from you. I SWEAR.
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how cute! <3 i love how hoho looks!
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omgomg omggggggggggg.

I love pics like these. Its so sweet!^w^

*Shnuggles with teh Edo and Hoho-papa*


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Awww cute! :aww: Hohenheim is awesome, and so is Edo. This is so adorable. :clap:
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i like you pic it one of the sweetist fma pics i seen
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...much love. ^^ ...I adore any Hoho-Edo interatction, because, well.... ... ...Really, Ed is his father's son. (They even LOOK alike. Moreso than Hoho and Al, I think.) ...But this is really sweet. Me likes. :heart:
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*giggles* I agree with Nemu here, it reminds me also of my Maths teacher. I had the same one as she and I had him for five full years and I never understood maths. =.= But I also agree that Hohenheim is much, much better than that stuffy, silly*insert a word here on your own* And it makes Hohenheim look more distinguished. =3

And Ed's so cute here! ^^ Too bad we'll never see this happening in the anime. Good thing fan-artists like you exist. XD And I don't think you ruined the picture with your pencil. Actually, I think I like this much more than with pen, because the lines are much softer now and that suits the scene better than hard pen lines. So don't you dare to say it's ugly or I... I... Uhm... *looks around* Ed~? Would you mind doing a job for me? *chuckles*

Anyway, did I already told you I adore this picture? It so suits with the story! It makes me feel all warm inside. ^^ :+fav:
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I love how the lineart is so close to the colours. OK, that sounded wrong. But I love the lineart. And the colouring. And everything, as usual. xD
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Pretty! =3 And cute.

Though the chain things on his glasses are a little um... old fashioned. XD; Grandma like. They don't really ruin the thing though!
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Lol XD
Sorry I like the gglasses chain there. Reminds me of my Math teacher, and she is one of the smartest persons I know. I serously adore her. But do not tell her. ^^;
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That's why it bothers me a bit. it reminds me of MY math teacher and he's an unlikable character. XD;
But Hohenheim kicks butt, so there. >D
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Ugly? WHAT!!! I prefare the pencil line much more!!
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Really ( ° _°)?
That's nice to hear. Too bad my scanner doesn't let my scan pencil drawings properly.
:hug: Genesis I think I still own you a picture but I dun happen to remember... oO;
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you?... you do?..... I mean Of Course you do!! How could you forget!! Quiet frankly I am hurt^^


well if you insist on drawing somethign for me^^ feel free^^
:hug: :glomp: :cuddle:
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they look so good

the poses are just great
the coloring too :nod:

but but.. the image has this great comfy feeling ;;;;______________;;;
soooo coooollll

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Weee :heart:
Thank you so much! ^^ I'm happy the poses look right!
Thank you so much for the lovely comment. and for the glomps!
:glomp: you back.
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