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The Powerpuff Girls CF 2014

Finally the powerpuff for this year! :D

It's the one I did in 2011 but I didn't finished it so I decide to finish it this year.
Powerpuffgirls 2011 UNDONE

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this is realy cute, i Love It ♥️♥️

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They look very nice.

wackywaterartist12's avatar
i love to try your style :)
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Nice again very cute looks nice well done
PonyKing1's avatar
that is adorable.
SuperMarioFan65's avatar
Awesome. I really love the Powerpuff Girls. ^^
winvistauser001's avatar
What I think would be their Twitter Handles:

Blossom: PPG_Leader
Bubbles: JoyfulPowerpuff
Buttercup: EpicActionFighter_PPG
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Heh heh very nice.
JaneTheKiller664's avatar
Omg !! they are so cute <33 i love it
RainbowDash20Faster's avatar
Coff Girl is it OK if I use your style of the Powerpuff girls to be in my comic The Powerpuff Girls X? I will credit you for the style.
Kitty-Grin's avatar
I love it, it's like a combination between the original and PPGZ!
LOLWhoopie's avatar
maaan i wish i could draw as good as you! :U :3
DionneMars93's avatar
Your style just gets better & better. :)
OrangeLetters88's avatar
You make the power puff girls so cute! :D
Mocha-Monogatari's avatar
Amazing. Simply amazing.
julian0123's avatar
Awesome :D
It came out kinda cute too :iconfavbomb-plz:
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