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ZS0083 | CTS Final Masquerade | Fleder Zlesdin



Registered Name: CTS Final Masquerade
Barn Name: Malkir
ID:  ZS0083
Original Design:…
Fleder Zlesdin

Gender: Stallion
Breed: Pure Zlesdin 
Age: 5 Years
Height: 14.3hh
Personality: Flirty.
Malkir is ALWAYS showing off for the ladies,
whether it be pissing off other stallions, or simply standing there looking sexy. 
Quirks: Really hates hair. Will try pull his own tail hair out, and your hair out the rascal.
Loves to eat: Carrots :D (Big Grin)
Hates to eat: Hay. Luckily we feed the horses at CTS Haylage, because Malkir DETESTS the stuff.

Color: Dom White Over Blue Roan Brindle (Brindle shines through faintly)
Genotype: Ee/aa/Rr/Ww
Eyes: Brown

Dam: unknown
Sire: unknown

Discipline: Dressage
Rider: Jasmine Rose

                               ------------------------------- SSS: unknown
------------------------ SS: unknown
                               ------------------------------- SSD: unknown
Sire: unknown
                               ------------------------------- SDS: unknown
------------------------ SD: unknown
                               ------------------------------ SDD: unknown

                               ------------------------------- DSS: unknown
------------------------ DS: unknown
                               ------------------------------- DSD: unknown
Dam: unknown
                               ------------------------------- DDS: unknown
------------------------ DD: unknown
                               ------------------------------- DDD: unknown


Bullet; Green Ready to Use
Bullet; Blue Not Ready To Use
Bullet; Black Used
Bullet; Red Closed Don't Ask
Bullet; Purple Offer

01. Bullet; Black  chelissima to SPM Yelyzaveta - DECEASED | SPM Suzuvchi Quyosh
02. Bullet; Black  chelissima to SPM Yelyzaveta - FAE Ticci Toby
03. Bullet; Purple Username to Unknown - Foal 
04. Bullet; Purple Username to Unknown - Foal
05. Bullet; Red Username to Unknown - Foal
06. Bullet; Red Username to Unknown - Foal
07. Bullet; Green Mine to Unknown - Foal
08. Bullet; Green Mine to Unknown - Foal

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Ooh gorgeous seeing this boy around again :la:
I'm just casually dropping a link to one of his foals (she's deceased already but maybe you still wanna link her idk) -> Suzuvchi Quyosh