Fantastic Fractalicious Fractals # 16

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:bulletred: Goodies

Crying Peacock Constructed by eReSaW Branched by ClaireJones Solemn by LeXXe Daydream With Brianna by Platinus Blooming Spring by SARETTA1 All Xaosed Out by EvilBricks Poseidons Children by GrahamSym My roots are on FIRE !! by Fiery-Fire This way by bib993 Cartophilia by FarDareisMai In The Middle Of The Night by Lucy--C The New Dawn by zy0rg explosions by alana-m Flower Of Chaos by Clepsidras Spark in the Night by jim373 Unity by Abstt Mirage by Szellorozsa 77W4-Citrus Slices by AmorinaAshton Vestige by Beesknees67:thumb292874688: Hieronymus Bosch by eReSaW Beyond colors remade by Tahyon Ascend by jadenkanan Distorted Cubism by Jimpan1973 Use Rainbows not Weapons by Leichenengel Midnight Insight by OutsideFate Da Vinci's Sketchbook by Linuron Golden Flowers by Resetblue Spring Thaw by Emasworld Mandel Industries by Vidom Ascending of the Disciples at Zero Degrees Kelvin by MANDELWERK Still Life with Seated Movement by eReSaW Broccofungus by FractKali:thumb296581859::thumb296437242: Tempered Soul by UniversalKinase

:bulletred: Resources, tutorials and parameters

Apophysis: Depths of the Sea by C-91 Dimensions and sunbeams by Astrantia01 Painting a Fractal, Part 1 by ChaosFissure 49J by Prelkia

Ultra Fractal: On the Forest Floor by timemit A Simple Joy + Parameters by snow-valkyrie Textures Tutorial and Texture Pack by Jimpan1973 Realistic objects in UltraFractal by raysheaf Gnarly Help by Kattvinge

MB3D: Fractalum Multicolour by GrahamSym Collonadium by MarkJayBee

:bulletred:Funny parameter tweaks

In November I submitted a fractal+parameters, free for tweaking. And look at the lovely results:heart:

Original parameters

A Threefold Cord  + parameters by CoffeeToffeeSquirrel

The tweaks:
Esquisse by GabriellaSperanza daigian's nut gathering by FractalEyes

:bulletred:You Can Has Progress

Render this Again meme by OutsideFate
Dots OutsideFate put this up some days ago, and I think it's a fun idea. What about whip up some of your old fractals, one of your first ones and tweak them/improve them and then put it up here? If you do so, I'll feature it in the next issue. If you want some inspiratio;  check out Iwona's Sucky Fractals articles.

:bulletred: Fractals for Indonesia

Some weeks ago guagapunyaimel and killythirsk asked for some support to their exhibition at their school A Chance To Exhibit Your Fractal ArtworkHello everyone. :) How are you? hope you are all okay. :) It's been a long time since i wrote a personal journal. :D So here i am. posting a personal journal. Well, not very personal actually. :paranoid:
I'm here to tell you about an upcoming event called "Fractal For Indonesia".  So, me and my friend, killythirsk, are organizing a workshop about fractal art, what are they, and how to create them. The workshop will be held on April 7th, 2012 at The Hall of Polytechnic of Bandung, Indonesia.
On the workshop area, there will be an exhibition, showcasing some fractal artworks. Now this is the part where i need your help. One of the mission of the exhibition is to educate the visitors that fractal art is now become a global phenomenon. People all around the world are creating fractal art and it's getting bigger and bigger. So, i need your participation to proof this fractal global phenomenon.
How to participate?
, and several the fractal artists here generously offered their works for this event, and here you can read about how this went:

Photos: Fractal For Indonesia Photos by guagapunyaimel
Media:… (in Indonesian)

Until next issue, Happy fractaling:love:

© 2012 - 2021 CoffeeToffeeSquirrel
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Nice selection of fractal images.

Well done on your choosing, and congrats to those whose wonderful images were featured! :)
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Thanks for the feature! I appreciate it. :aww:
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Brilliant feature..thanks so much for including me :hug:
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:clap: Awesome feature.
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Great features! and i love the idea about re-tweaking old fractals, there`s def` some of my first ones i`d like to redo :)
CoffeeToffeeSquirrel's avatar
:) Send me a note and link if you do so, I will gladly feature it:aww:
MalDudemaker's avatar
Cool, thanks. I will do :)
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thank you for the galery my friend
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Great feature!!:clap::clap::clap:
Thank you very much Therese for add my work in this beautiful:gallery::bow::bow::hug:
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beautiful collection hon :clap:
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Thanks so much for including Mirage in your feature. This is an honor.
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Thanks a lot for featuring my tutorial!!!
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Welcome! I look forward to dig in it:)
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wonderful features,Thank you so much for including one of my images!!:hug::heart::sun:
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