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HexIcons 2.5



My latest progress on this suite I've been building and learning.

This has some auto alignment features = still room for improvement, also everything is completely scalable (see image)
Manually edit for locale and common scaling options. All scaling is tied to SkinSize if its not set in the skin it will use the common setting in
The Mem Meter is huge on purpose; for example, put a semicolon to comment the skinsize=256  line and it will revert back to same size as others.

Also in is STKW this is the width of the colored frame around each skin. All settings are a percentage of SkinSize so you can tweak the math (SkinSize*0.06) up or down and test it.
Middle Mouse Click to snap the skin to the nearest intersection on the mathematical grid... allow a skin to sit for 3 update cycles before doing the middle click and it works pretty well.

Looking for some feedback / insights / ideas to continue improving this suite
Thanks, CJ
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love this but seeing as there is a spotify is it posable to do a steam one?