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It’s an odd thing, falling in love with someone, a lot of people say it only happens once but I don’t believe them. I’ve fallen in love a billion million times, over and over again. When I see that smile that lights up the world, I fall, when you hear the soft tones of her laugh, I fall, when I feel her lips pressed to mine, I fall. It’s the little things you know? The things that really matter, they’re what make her, her. And it’s all the little things I do that make her mine and me the luckiest son of a bitch on the planet. The way her face twists up in a ridiculous mix of confusion and laughter when I say something silly is why I get up in the morning. Her smiling face is the last thing I want to see every night. She thinks it’s cute how I cling to her and whisper “mine” but it’s more, it’s not some clingy ownership, it’s a promise. A promise that I’ll never let her go never let her down and never, ever, h
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Mature content
Hold Me :iconcoffeejesus96:CoffeeJesus96 0 0
The Doll House
"We're all stories in the end" the voices quietly chanted away, Victoria braced herself against the kitchen sink, rubber clad fingers gripping the marble counter as tightly as they could while her whole body shook.
"Good morning dear," Simon's voice drifted through the hum of voices, she tried to reach for it, for him. It came again, this time more insistent, piercing through the haze, "Victoria, hun? Are you alright?" "Alright? Of course you're not alright"  they chuckled in unison and she fought the urge to scream, cry and vomit all at the same time. Then he was there, hands around her waist, lips gently kissing the top of her head, she could feel his emerald eyes, so full of concern, drilling into her. She could feel the soft silk of his tie against her bare back, the wool of his jacket, she sighs and relaxes her grip, letting herself fall back into his arms.
"Victoria honey what happened?" His voice was soft but there was urgency there, he carried her to the table and set her
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The Game of Life
Hello! Welcome to Life Inc. may I take your coat? Ah I see Mary’s taken care of that, wonderful lass, bit forgetful sometimes. Now then, tea, coffee, water or perhaps something stronger, I’m usually a five-o’clock man myself but there are a few around here who start earlier let me tell you. Nothing? You’re sure? Very well then each to their own, now let’s go take a look at your office. Ah good morning Reginald! That’s Reginald, works in HR I’m sure you’ll meet him at some point, smashing chap absolutely smashing but his wife well she’s sprung up a few times if you know what I mean, sure you don’t want anything to drink?
Christ this is intolerable, how on earth does he contort his lips like that so often and so frequently? It must be absolutely exhausting, wonder if he had training? Suppose it’s the kind of thing you learn as a PR manager, glad I had enough sense to apply for a desk job like this where no-one really cares
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Run Away Together by CoffeeJesus96 Run Away Together :iconcoffeejesus96:CoffeeJesus96 3 0 Castle in the Clouds by CoffeeJesus96 Castle in the Clouds :iconcoffeejesus96:CoffeeJesus96 5 0 Untitled by CoffeeJesus96 Untitled :iconcoffeejesus96:CoffeeJesus96 4 0 Surprises around every bend by CoffeeJesus96 Surprises around every bend :iconcoffeejesus96:CoffeeJesus96 3 3 Winding road ahead by CoffeeJesus96 Winding road ahead :iconcoffeejesus96:CoffeeJesus96 3 0
Social Life
You either wander aimlessly, a slave to detachment
Or you stay around long enough to become a vilified master
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What Time is it Mr Wolf?
Half closed eyes covered by fallen hair
An arm dangling forgotten
A head about to follow suit
Just a body in a bed
But what time is it Mr Wolf?
Is it 3am for the insomniac?
Or 8am for the student wanting just 'five minutes more'?
Or perhaps it's 4pm for the clinically depressed teenager turned adult who can't find the energy or reason to get up.
Mr Wolf knows the answer, it's always the same time for him.
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Rose by CoffeeJesus96 Rose :iconcoffeejesus96:CoffeeJesus96 8 10 Twisted Tree by CoffeeJesus96 Twisted Tree :iconcoffeejesus96:CoffeeJesus96 1 0 Junkmail by CoffeeJesus96 Junkmail :iconcoffeejesus96:CoffeeJesus96 2 3 Waterfall by CoffeeJesus96 Waterfall :iconcoffeejesus96:CoffeeJesus96 0 0 Insides by CoffeeJesus96 Insides :iconcoffeejesus96:CoffeeJesus96 1 0


It's Just A Matter Of Time
Today is hard.
I slip; only a little.
But I slip.
Progress done.
All is gone.
The darkness summons.
So tempting, so bright.
The darkness lures me.
Trapped, trapped in limbo.
I cannot stop myself.
I slip, I grasp at straws.
Mustn't fall, mustn't drop.
Hanging at the edge of a crumbling precipice,
my rock crumbles to dust.
The intangible becomes nonexistent.
I want to scream.
But I know my voice will be the end of me.
Even a whisper will pierce my like a knife.
There can be no helping hand.
There can be no shoulder to cry on.
There can be no light at the end of this drop.
The monster overtook me;
I put my foot in the pool of temptation,
and sunk right in.
And then came the sounds calling me.
I approached the forbidden grounds.
I knelt, helpless to resist.
I slipped, I fell.
Fear grasped at my throat.
A mountain of promises a smoky remnant of what was.
I pull myself back, standing at the edge.
Darkness on all sides as I'm held by a lie.
The darkness calls from far away.
It's just a matter
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Close Your Eyes by InfalliblePassion Close Your Eyes :iconinfalliblepassion:InfalliblePassion 1 0 Just Relax by InfalliblePassion
Mature content
Just Relax :iconinfalliblepassion:InfalliblePassion 1 7
Ari by InfalliblePassion Ari :iconinfalliblepassion:InfalliblePassion 3 0 Ugh by InfalliblePassion Ugh :iconinfalliblepassion:InfalliblePassion 1 0 Fly Me to the Moon by InfalliblePassion Fly Me to the Moon :iconinfalliblepassion:InfalliblePassion 2 0 Abisko Autumn by calleartmark Abisko Autumn :iconcalleartmark:calleartmark 1,743 163
A badass rollercoaster in hell
I can't bear this anymore. My whole body hurts. It even hurts me to type. I'm so sick of this. I'm tired. No one really gets it. Do I even get it? I get that I stil have a choice. To either die young, or dare to live. I don't want to die though. Dying is stupid. Nothing good comes out of death. Except from grief and questions and hell, presumably, for those who are left behind. Is presumably a word? I don't know. What do I even know? Last night I knew that I would be fine, that life has greater things coming for me. Now, I know that my body hurts. I know that I want to give up. I know that I deserve better, but it doesn't seem important. Because I hurt, and its unbearable. I also know, that everything is temporary. Friends, school, life... Everything of value has an end. But so does the bad things too, right? I am tired now, but eventually, I'll have to get better. And then, after a while, whats better will also end. Temporarily. As everything else. Ups and downs. A fucking badass roll
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New Ink by twstedSinner New Ink :icontwstedsinner:twstedSinner 3 14
Golden Mind
Your mind is not golden; pristine.
Its is a tangled web of  nerves, wrapped in blood.  
Wild lightning coursing  in a haphazard storm, which by some miracle,
Makes you.
Like iron left out in the rain,
Your brain can be scaled.
The grinding wheel can sand away all the rust,
But pitting still remains.
Each glowing spark of red-orange scale
Is a memory, blazing bright with intensity,
Before dying forever.
The you that was
Is gone.
Only a shadow remains.
The terror isn’t in your passing.
It is in the thing that lives in the pits.
The monster made by your mind to make sense
of the emptiness.
"I'm not crazy!" You scream.
You cannot know,
what you cannot remember
Will the you I meet tomorrow
be the you that I knew?
Will you smile the smiles of my youth?
I hope it is.
Will the you I meet tomorrow
be the you that shouldn't be?
Will you hate me, and damn me to hell?
It's hell that you're living.
Will the you I meet tomorrow
be the you that no longer is?
Will you look with fe
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So Called Illuminatus by SiriusJoker So Called Illuminatus :iconsiriusjoker:SiriusJoker 4 0 Let it go by JeremyArts Let it go :iconjeremyarts:JeremyArts 79 24 Check Out On Facebook At My Sister's Soap Bar. by SecretNightDagger Check Out On Facebook At My Sister's Soap Bar. :iconsecretnightdagger:SecretNightDagger 1 1 The small things in life by whitewolf2316 The small things in life :iconwhitewolf2316:whitewolf2316 1 0 The Great Depression Soup Kitchen Line Sculpture by whitewolf2316 The Great Depression Soup Kitchen Line Sculpture :iconwhitewolf2316:whitewolf2316 2 0



First month of university down, about halfway through my mid-term break right now. Thinking I might come back, try and get back into writing soon enough, for now though I'll probably throw up a ton of artsy photos from my rambling around Europe. I really don't know what I'm going to do, I'm in a weird place right now to be honest dealing with what I can only describe as normal people anxiety... I really just want to go back to being my reclusive self to be honest, it was easier. 

By the way I'm going to be a terrible person and just put one giant THANK YOUUUUU to everyone who's commented, faved or watched me in my absence. I'll try and repay in kind if I haven't already :)


Artist | Student | Literature
Just a cynical romantic trying to get by in a cruel uncaring world... hey I could write something with that


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Also purchasing any of my prints with points will be taken as a donation and will also get you a commission.

Seriously guys you can put in whatever you want and I'll love you for it all the same even if it's just 1 point, because I really want to be able to make one the many, many 'small time' artists day by buying one of their prints.

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