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Dotw: Vasilis

Name: Vasilis
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Height: 35"
Weight: 115 lbs
Build: Vasilis is a leggy wolf with broad, muscular shoulders and a scarred pelt.
Both ears are closely cropped to his head, with some of the worse scarring on his
face and noggin. His pelt is rather dense and downy, making it clump together
thickly instead of tapering to smooth points as most wolves' coats do.  

Territory: Aryn
Family: N/A
Rank: Omega

Personality: Vasilis the proud, honorable Warrior type. He's, for the most part,
well composed and cool under pressure. This fellow has a gentle heart, but a fierce
bite to any who threaten him or his pack. He has a sort of servant's demeanor.
Willing to protect and serve, performing duties to the best of his ability and
ensuring his packmates are well looked after...even before his own well-being. Vas
is hard on himself, always criticizing and thinking down on himself, it seems that
no matter what he has done he almost thrives to find something wrong with
whatever it is. Needless to say, his self-esteem suffers terribly. Even worse, his
past, and what he's done to overcome those past trials, has cursed him with a
terrible trait. The very sight, or sound, of an innocent in pain or fear at the
doing of another sets Vasilis into a red-zone state. Without thought, or warning, he
will viciously set upon the matter who it is.

Pre-Group History: Vasilis' story is a terrible one from the start. Though he barely
remembers it as nothing more than a few fleeting and blurry memories, his birth pack
was outnumbered and overthrown by a rival pack when he was only but a month old. He
and his sister were torn from their parents, kept separate and raised by wolves who
were more slave masters than loving caregivers. They were given surrogates to nurse
from, cold and distant females who cared none for the newly acquired slaves, and
their ears were torn from their heads to mark them as servants to the pack. Vasilis
and his sister, Sibyll, as well as the other survivors of his old pack were
subjected to awful beatings and torture whenever they stepped out of line or worked
too slowly or not up to the standards of their masters. The females, and sometimes
the males if they were 'worthy' enough were even subjected to hand-picked breedings
to produce strong offspring to add to their slave ranks. Only rarely did these
breedings produce a pup that was extraordinary enough to be chosen to rise above the
slave ranks into the common ranks of the pack. Vasilis and Sibyll, having only
eachother since the enslavement, were extremely close. This caused Vasilis to
receive the brunt of Sibyll's punishments, for whenever she was targeted he
retaliated instantly. It never got overly out of hand until, one day, his dear
sister ran to him in tears..sobbing and inconsolable she reported to Vas how she'd
been chosen for, and put through, a breeding. Vasilis snapped. He wasted no time in
tracking down the slave master who had done this to Sibyll and laid into him
savagely. He was able to wound the slave master significantly before others of the
pack set upon him and dragged him away, snapping and snarling like a rabid beast.
Vasilis was severely beaten down, then was held down as he was forced to watch
Sibyll receive a beatdown as well. Afterward, Vasilis was confined to a den until
the day his sister gave birth, when he was then allowed out and allowed to see his
nieces and nephews. Things seemed like they would start going well for the little
family, or as well as the life of a slave could be, but it was only a cruel
illusion. The pups were taken, as they had been when they had been overtaken, and
given to a surrogate mother. Sibyll was forced back to work, never allowed to truly
bond with her children. She fell into a slump, a fierce depression that caused her
work and health to suffer. Punishments only made her weaker by the day, and
Vasilis..though he fought for her as he always had..could only watch as she grew
thinner and thinner until she was no longer able to rise or move. He was by her side
the night that her life force ebbed away. with his larger paw settled over his
dearest sibling's smaller bony one, he spoke gently to her. Speaking reassuring
words, 'Everything will be okay', as her shallow gasps became farther apart
until they ceased all together. As one can predict, Vasilis' fury welled up through
the pain and sorrow of the loss of the only wolf he had been close to. Knowing he
could not fight his way out, he had to plan. In time, it all came together. After
learning the schedule, and habitual routes, of each slave master..and with the help
of other slaves brave enough to try to escape..the plan took action. The group of
five took special precautions to mask their scent by taking advantage of a fresh elk
kill dropped at the slave's quarters. They would wait until the slave masters were
distracted by giving report to their relief in the depths of the night. By laying
the scent of the elks' glands or urine on their bodies, and the paler pelted slaves
darkening their fur as much as possible by coating themselves in mud, they would
then go on the move. Time had been spent scouting, and creating, a path that would
lead them as much out of the sight of the slave masters as possible by skirting
around the dens and slipping through thick brush as silently as possible. With
having disguised their scents, any rustling that was made was dismissed by the
tyrannic wolves as elk in passing just as they'd hoped. The escape was a careful
procedure, for many times they had had to stop and wait for a pack wolf on patrol to
pass by. Of course, things can't always go perfectly. Having nearly reached the edge
of the territory, and with dawn just barely lightening the sky, their cover was
blown by a duo of patrolling scouts. Five to two...the outcome was obvious. Perhaps
a soul shouldn't take so much joy in ripping the life from another, but the slaves
had felt it a fitting end to their near-escape. Unfortunately, the scuffle had been
a noisy one and had caught attention. Two other nearby scouting parties, each made
of two wolves, had heard and come bolting. Howls of alarm from the scouts were
thrown into the air, and the slaves knew they were running out of time. An escape
attempt was punishable by death, which gave both parties a vicious edge. The slaves,
knowing they had nothing left to lose and the pack wolves..knowing the slaves knew
they would die anyway and would fight with their lives. As a bloody brawl ensued,
other pack wolves were able to rush in and join the fight. After the first escapee
fell to their merciless teeth, the others realized they were outnumbered. Two of
previously well-coordinated escape group panicked and scattered, leaving only two
against the mob of pack wolves. They were quickly hunted down and slain, but while
that happened Vasilis and the remaining slave were able to break away from those
they were facing against and make a dash for it. Already so close to the border, the
two put their all into racing across toward the edge..pushing aside the pain of
their injuries to keep out of reach of the snapping jaws only hair-lengths from
their hindquarters. It seemed unreal as their paws flew over the territory border-
line, carrying them past the edge and into the thicker forest of tangles and briars.
They had done it. Two of the five escapees had made it out alive. The pursuit had
ended at the pack border, the slaves out of the pack's land and thus out of their
jurisdiction. Yet still they ran. Ran until exhaustion forced them to stop and
settle down. Vasilis and another male, smaller and more wounded than he was. In
fact, the gravity of his wounds had been unnoticed until they'd stopped. Blood
coursed from his hind legs and torso. One eye was all that remained, and his nose
was better described as hamburger. Having aspirated blood from the latter wound
during his mad dash, the smaller male's breaths rattled in his lungs. Vas did his
best to clean the wounds that would not stop bleeding, and eventually the two fell
into a deep slumber. Vasilis was the only one to wake up. The other..a combination
of bleeding out and compromised breathing from his blood-filling lungs. The only
survivor buried his comrade and moved on..eventually ending up at Aryn's border
where he was taken in and his body nursed to health, though his mind and soul remain

Group History: 
Joined: +2 - 'Hidden Truth', Vasilis meets Bloom after arriving at Aryn +1 Bone - 'Life Will Get Better', art for Hidden Truth +1 Bone - Something Old Something New Meme +1 Bone - 'Winds and the One', Vasilis meets Gabitrix +1 Bone - 'Parent Pairing Meme' +1 Bone
DotW: Squirrels and A Story +1
DotW: Squirrels and a Story Scene +1
Rank Up to Warden -3
Riser art +1
V-Day Meme +1
New Character Tupaarnaq -5
Bison Hunt pt. 1 +1

= 3

Other: In case of confusion, the light brown 'streaks' in the picture is ticking.
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Poor Vasilis :C I hope he gets a happy ending.

Would he be interested in meeting Bloom?