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A Dawn Over Midnight - C1
The ferns provided perfect cover, Lucent had decided. Both he and Sister Borealis had found a comfortable yet covert position at the base of a tall, ageing oak tree. The undergrowth embraced the tree like a dying relative, all congregated around its deathbed to await the giant’s fall. Borealis caressed the trunk, finding that its bark crumbed beneath her hoof.
“Our quarry’s presence has had a terrible effect on these woods. There’s no doubt it’s close, those farmers at least had their wits about them.”
Lucent nodded, though Borealis could only see his sharp, emerald eyes beneath the lunar cloak he wore. She wore the same; a soft, velveteen fabric that deadened noise and allowed a pony to blend into the shadow like a spirit of the night. A gift from their order, amongst many others.
Lucent and Borealis were alike in many ways. Their coats both glinted a soft silver, though they were currently suppressed by their cloaks to hide their presence. Beneath
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A New Sound - C3
“Vinyl Jennifer Scratch, please stand.”
Vinyl bolted to her hooves, stumbling slightly as she stood before the judge. To her left stood a motley assembly of ponies in a jury, that together formed a judgemental rainbow of colour and expression. A couple of them glared, though most seemed fairly nonchalant and bored. One chocolate brown mare was even tapping at a device laid on her lap. Vinyl could probably appeal to her later, if it was iPone then she had an ally on the bench.
The judge, conversely, was a very dull grey, perhaps as much with stress as any natural colour he may have had. His overcast coat juxtaposed with the silvery wig atop his head, which made it very hard for Vinyl’s eyes to follow his own steely gaze when it practically sparkled by comparison. His overall dim colour made it very difficult to hold back yawns when she looked at him. Vinyl preferred colour and light, she wouldn’t have been surprised if his cutie mark was a breezeblock with a frow
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A New Sound - C2
Vinyl eventually emerged from the bathroom amidst a rolling fog of condensing steam and shampoo fragrance. She trudged into the kitchen with her mane and tail still encased in a pair of towels, softly dripping a sparse trail of water onto the floor as she passed through the living room. It would dry long before Octavia noticed, Vinyl thought.
Vinyl leant against the doorway, watching Octavia busy herself around the kitchen as the pan sputtered and spat. The whole room was bathed in the delicious scent of vanilla, as well as the French toast itself. That wholesome aroma promising a delectable breakfast, a breakfast Vinyl was afraid would come back on her if her nerves kept on like this.
Octavia glanced over her shoulder, noticing the slightly damp Vinyl in the doorway. She smiled in a passing manner, before trotting over to attend to a violently hissing slice of toast on the pan. Vinyl had to admire the skill Octavia had with tools, she herself would be useless without her horn, and cou
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Gateway - C1
Kate forged her way through the moors, her boots sinking inches into the clods of dirt before she wrenched them up into the air, sprinkling soil as they prepared to plunge once more unto the peat. She allowed herself a small, warm rush of smugness as she mentally applauded herself for changing into wellies, before her foot came crashing down in a puddle.
Sighing, she swept the muddy water from her skirt with sharp flicks of her hand, before staring off into the distance. A small log cabin sat upon a hill, a pillar of silvery smoke rising into the otherwise cloudless sky. It was a quaint, little sight, though she wished Carson had built it nearer the entry point.
She snorted with a frustrated jolt of her chest, sending two plumes of steam into the air ahead of her as she folded her arms, and continued her stomping path through the marshland. Field work was not her favourite job when it involved freezing moors at the tip of Scotland. Much warmer memories of time spent on the African coas
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A New Sound - C1
Mornings were not Vinyl’s domain, that was a well known fact to everyone in her life. It could be argued that her job had made her this way, late nights and the bright lights of nightclubs had made her numb to the subtle, creeping advance of Celestia’s sun as it clambered over the distant rooftops to slip between her curtains.
However, despite her job being mostly to blame, there was one other, small reason that caused Vinyl to bury her head further in the pillow than usual this morning.
A court proceeding, as Octavia promptly reminded. her. She poked Vinyl in precisely the place she knew would cause her to jerk out of the bed, leaving her spread eagled in a toga formed from the bedsheets. Octavia trotted up to the edge of the less than graceful heap of white sheets and white pony, already awake and ready for the day.
“Vinyl, you need to get up, you‘re expected there two hours from now.”
Vinyl sighed, causing the sheets to flutter with her breath, before s
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Fleeing Stars: III
Consciousness worked its way through the frozen haze in Lynette's mind. It warmed her brain, bleeding down into her muscles as she tentatively worked them, testing their ability. Her eyes dragged themselves open, taking time to focus on the situation around her.
She had survived the encounter with the creatures. Memories crawled like glaciers through her mind, with phantoms of the creatures still roaming over her mental vista. However, she was still left to the elements in nothing more than a t-shirt and jeans. The sun was still far off, not even the finest sliver of its influence had touched the horizon yet. Out here, the wind seemed to tear through her skin, chilling and suppressing her like a horde of angry spirits. She needed warmth fast, or she wouldn't survive to see the sun.
The cold was a wholly different enemy. It couldn't be outrun, or brought down with a weapon. It slowed her body and mind to null her efforts to escape it. The perfect predator, it beat on her relentlessly, p
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A Canterlot Haunting
There is a phenomenon few know about, that graces the Canterlot Performance in the deep hours of night. The baritone performance of travelling stallions would cease, the crowd unleashing the required applause as the performers bow out with all the attempted grace such ponies can have. The murmur of small talk and criticism would simmer to nothingness, and as the cleaners swept through the aisles, cleared away the rubbish and ruin of the night, it would begin.
Many of the younger or newer staff members had ridiculed tales away with an sweeping hoof, having heard too many stories of pranks and hoaxes. The high, floating tone of the cello in the breeze would go unnoticed. Many of the staff had surrendered their efforts to find the very obvious hidden gramophone, while others still found the melody too ethereal for their ears. The midnight cleaning staff refreshed its ranks quite often.
It was as the cleaners shuffled out the door, elder stallions chided by the young ones for their naivety
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Fleeing Stars: II
Her first instinct was to move. The beast's hulking frame crashed to the floor not even a second after she rolled out of the way. Lynette brought herself up to a crouching position, swivelling the gun to the creature's head, and hastily yanked the trigger. At the final instant, a muscular arm swatted her gun upwards, causing it to pepper the ceiling with buckshot. She leapt over the ruined bed, as claws slashed through its wooden frame, very nearly disembowelling her.
She allowed herself another, sharp breath, her first since spying the creature, before she loaded another round into the chamber. The gun resounded another decisive clack as she pumped the round in, and the creature glared down the barrel at her. A tail she hadn't noticed beforehand flicked angrily from side-to-side, as the intelligent eyes bored into her. A slight tensing of its muscles followed, then the creature launched itself at her, claws reaching out before it.
Her instincts screamed at her to fire, before realisin
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Fleeing Stars: I
Moisture hung in the air; stagnant and heavy with its time imprisoned. Within the air, dust fluttered delicately in the many, tiny breezes that stirred its presence, yet existed in such a heavy abundance that the figure making its way through it felt it was necessary to part it like a curtain, sending twin clouds of the overladen air gyrating in her wake.
The figure stopped at a doorway, peering round as it edged inwards, every muscle seemingly geared both to leap forth or run out at a moment's notice. Sharp, narrow eyes scoured the room, and pierced the shadows that clung to its edges. A short, silent sigh rushed a cluster of shredded debris passing by the shrouded face of the nomad, causing it to cartwheel into a nearby wall, and shatter into tiny flecks of dust once more.
The room was fairly unremarkable, and devoid of any memory of its previous comfort. The window was no more, and even the crushed memory of the glass it had held was smothered by the debris from crumbling plasterwor
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Venture Forth
Charon's surface gleamed with a similar mystical grace one would find deep under the Earth's crust. In those strange hollows where crystals grew over millennia, shrouded in shadow until man pierced the fog of empty darkness with light, uncovering these hidden chasms of treasure. There was a similar beauty in the icicles that reached towards the passing ship, their gleaming splendour unveiled from the shadow of Pluto's orbit. In roughly spattered paint, the name of the ship could be discerned - Venture.
The Venture had once been a pinnacle of human achievement, that much couldn't be doubted. The first of a wave of vehicles that brought man through the Oort cloud that shrouded his star system, it had led him right to the starry fabric of space that enthralled him so. As one very enthusiastic and somewhat airheaded ex-captain of the vessel had said, it brought him to the very fabric of his dreams as well.
Such a time was long past, however. The people of Earth still had a special heart fo
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A Night On The Moors
The wind tore across the moors, throttling the few hardy trees foolish enough to attempt growth on the wide plains. The sound of the wind gusting between the branches tore at the eardrums of every creature passing, sending every creature that called them home to the depths of their burrows and nests, curling themselves up against the wrath of the autumn cooldown.
Only one figure braved the chilling gales, that after a few moments brought an inevitable deluge of rain with it. On any other night, the figure would have been sighted a mile or more off, any farmer tending his cattle would have seen the slightly hunched figure standing up from the vast emptiness that is rural Yorkshire. However, no farmers stood guard over their livestock. On this night even the resourceful man found himself at the center of his dwelling, curled up with a roaring fire, the only true way to ward off the vanguard of the coming winter.
This figure was undeterred, however. The gales and rain were its close frien
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Staccato [Commission]
Vinyl carefully levitated the knife over the frog, slicing down its stomach while she held her fast food breakfast in her own with a hoof and sheer willpower. Professor Mitochondria seemed very uninterested in the fact that half her class was on the verge of demonstrating regurgitation in a practical manner, and the scattered groups had already resigned themselves to the fact that the frog dissection would likely have to continue.
Now, ponies are a herbivorous race. This means that they are very unlike more carnivorous and primitive species, such as the creatures that hunt in the Everfree Forest, or the mythical and savage Who Men that old mares still warn their grandfoals about on cold, dark nights. For this reason, they have very little tolerance for opening up other animals. It was simply something a species that ate daisies and geraniums had very little need to do. Vinyl was certain that thousands of other ponies had opened up frogs before in biology classes, it was unlikely that s
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My Little Custom: WIP 1 by CoffeeGrunt My Little Custom: WIP 1 :iconcoffeegrunt:CoffeeGrunt 10 36
Equestria War Z: Case File 6
Equestria War : An Oral History of the Zombie Pony War
Case File Six: Trixie
My next interview was several months in the making, my interviewee being a very hard pony to nail down. She makes a habit of being a wandering nomad, never remaining in one town for longer than a hoofful of days. As a result, if I were a more self-centred pony, I'd suggest she was deliberately evading me.
However, upon discovering my quest to hear her story, she contacted me with the intention of meeting for the talk. Our location as we finally meet is the outskirts of Trottingham, far from the larger cities of Equestria. The rural and upper-class houses are all devoid of life, with not even a tumbleweed breaking the deathly stillness of the town. Where it was once a quiet idyll for the rich and famous, it now stands as an abandoned ghost town, too far from more defended areas for ponies to feel safe in.
Yet my interviewee has no entourage, and seemingly no method of defending herself on the danger
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Heartstrings and Gumdrops: Part Three
Breakfast was a rapid fire affair. Lyra emptied the bowl of Cheerileeos down her throat in a manner that would have made the most gluttonous of ponies feel somewhat queasy. She devoured the bowl's contents in a matter of seconds, throwing it into the sink before she assaulted it with a sponge and towel. She perched the bowl on the dishrack at the side, breaking into a light canter as she picked up her lyre case in a mint green aura of magic. Her hoof was on the door handle as she heard the light, airy call from the kitchen she had attempted to abandon.
"Where are you galloping off too, young lady?"
Lyra cursed under her breath, lightly stroking the door handle as she decided to opt for distance rather than direct confrontation. She called down the hallway, hoping her mother would maybe, just maybe, not bother to ask any more of her.
"Just...going on a vacation from work. Only a week, mum!"
"And when were you thinking of telling me about this?!"
Lyra took the opportunity presented by th
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Allegrezza - Finale
Allegrezza: Conclusivo
Mounting entries on her to-do list coupled with a draining amount of time in which to attend to them had made Octavia somewhat irritable. The night of the Gala was upon them, and she was expected to be in attendance with her ensemble in no less than an hour. As such, it was very much to her chagrin that she discovered Vinyl asleep on the bed, where she should have already begun changing into her outfit.
A burst of sharp jabs to the stomach remedied the situation, and Vinyl's bleary eyes were met with the sight of a rather indignant Octavia bearing down on her.
"Vinyl, are you asleep?!"
A brief respite was given from the intent glare, as Vinyl's hooves shakily rubbed her eyes.
"Yeah...I was, what's up?"
Octavia practically cuffed Vinyl to her hooves, her benevolence somewhat lessened by copious amounts of stress, and an impatient cart driver waiting outside to bear them away to the palace.
"You're what's meant to be up! Come on! Ge
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Random Favourites

Crystal Machine by Defreeee Crystal Machine :icondefreeee:Defreeee 13 2
Wasp Stings (And the customer that caused it)
So, long story short, I've had a pretty rough afternoon at work and I thought I'd share the experience with you all to give you an idea of the stupidity of some of the people I unfortunately have to serve.
Now, as a little bit of background information for those of you who don't know, I work in a cafe in a disused railway station out in the Peak District in Derbyshire, England, during the summer months when I'm away from university during the summer. One of my most frequent jobs is to take a tray and clear tables of any dirty pots and glasses left by customers after they have left.
So, as I was clearing a table full of plates a customer walked up to me, putting down a small milk jug covered with a small saucer onto the tray, telling me she'd finished it and to take it away. I don't normally care to much about how plates, jugs and cups are stacked, just as long as they don't fall off of the tray when I'm carrying them, but I suppose I probably should have paid attention to this one, alo
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Welcome to my DeviantArt, repository of every darned little bit of writing I dared to show the world.

It's all here. Those looking for my fanfictions, the brutal Grimdarks, light-hearted Comedies, and sappy Shipping, dive into yonder Gallery and dig out those gems.

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Wow, it's been three weeks already since I last updated. Damn life.

I'm most of the way through writing Chapter Two of Dawn Over Midnight, but after watching the season finale it will likely be delayed. I had a load of headcanon set up with the way magic works in Equestria, and how it would tie into the story and the nature of the Luminaries. Of course, with all the magical revelations in the two-parter, a lot of that headcanon has gone out the window and I think I'll need to rewrite plans slightly to suit. 

As far as the finale? IMO, best one yet. Season 2's was great when Chrysalis hit the scene, and This Day Aria was an awesome song, but this finale really felt excellently paced, escalated somewhat believably, and that villain was a pretty badass design while being a fun callback to Ye Olde Pone. Not to mention a damned good action sequence and some cool canon revelations into Alicorn magic and such.

Hopefully I'll have Chapter Two out in the coming weeks. I never promised the releases would be rapid, but they will happen, I promise! 


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