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Contest Entry: moggymawee

By CoffeeCupPup
For :iconmoggymawee: 's Pony OC Contest!

Name: Sweet Wings
Nicknames: Swirlie
Gender: Young Lady
Residence: Sugar Berry Fields
Occupation: Berry Cultivating--She grows the sweetest berries in all of Equestria!
                    (she uses her wings when she's seeding the fields, flying over them and scattering seeds as she goes)
Known For: Sweetest Strawberries, as well as her homemade "Strawberry Swirl Puff" pastries, which are the absolute yummiest!
Personality: Quite friendly and generous, visitors to her fields always leave with a little pastry to take home, or a small basket of berries, in addition to whatever it is they purchased.
Parents: An Earth Pony mom, and a Pegasus dad, hence her wings but rather Earth-Pony-ish talent.

More About Sweet Wings:
:bulletpink: On a typical day you can probably find her checking her berry fields, or in her kitchen making various delicious berry desserts.

:bulletblue: Her main crop are strawberries, but she also has some blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries.

:bulletwhite: If she's not working with her fruits, she's relaxing outside with a good book and a basket of berries to munch on while reading!

:bulletpink: She's a one-mare-do-it-all at Sugar Berry Fields, which is quite impressive, considering she's the main supplier of berries to all the major cities around, but she does have help when it's harvesting and clean-up for winter time!

:bulletblue: Her help is in the form of the neighboring town's young fillies and colts, who visit after school to pick the sweet berries for her, or tear down the dead plants, together. In return they each return home with either a big basket of berries or some freshly baked pastries, or even some berry jam, depending on the season. (though, the treats are so tempting that usually by the time the lil ponies get home, 70% of what they started with is already in their tummies!)

:bulletwhite: She's generally a very calm and sweet pony, but if her plants are ever harmed, she tends to become rather like a very concerned mother goose, hovering over her plants day in and day out until everything's back to normal again.

:bulletpink: The peculiar white swirl on her tail comes from her fillyhood, where, when she learned how to make those delicious swirl puffs, her Mom decided to curl a strip of her tail (which happened to be white) so her tail looked a bit like a swirl puff! They laughed about it at first, but it just...stuck, and to this day she curls that strip of tail whenever it starts to straighten out.
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Catzilerella's avatar
Fantastical! Great story too! 
And totally one of my favs so far in the entries. 
Best wishes!! 
CoffeeCupPup's avatar
Thanks!! :D
I'm glad you like her so much!~
reygan-kiwi's avatar
She is absolutely wonderful. Her backstory is very detailed and her design is also lovely.
CoffeeCupPup's avatar
Thank you very much! :) I'm really glad you think so!
moggymawee's avatar
Oh wow!  I love her so much!  That colour scheme!  And how did you know about my extreme obsession w strawberries?!  (basically the only thing I ate during my pregnancy). Lol!  Argh, I really don't know how I'm going to choose the contest winner.  There are too many awesome entries!  X3 I love your backstory too!  So creative and cute!  ^^ 
CoffeeCupPup's avatar
Oh I'm so glad you like her!!! :heart:
I attribute that little piece of knowledge to my super stalking skillz. JK was pure luck XD (that's really funny! strawberries are the best :D )

Hahaha, I know, I was browsing through the current entries and there are a lot of good ones! :)

Yaaay~ Hm. I guess I really do work best when it's super late at night!
moggymawee's avatar
I'm similar actually, I feel I'm a lot more "creative" at night :P I'm actually an extreme night owl!  But I've had to make a lot of changes after I had Melody :P and of course I like!  She's beautiful!  And sooo plush friendly!!! and strawberries are the bestest.  Definitely!
CoffeeCupPup's avatar
Yaay for being creative night owls! =P
Oh yeah, that's true (her name is just too cute!) was she a good kiddo, and slept soundly through each night? =)

Of course I made her plush friendly! XD Also a plush maker here, definitely thought that part through! ;)

:heart: strawberriesssss~
moggymawee's avatar
Yea!  It really helps that you're a plush artist too ^^ She's a perfect balance of complexity and simplicity!  And those colours will be so beautiful in shannon minky ;)

Haha, not yet!  She's never really slept through!  She's so active and energetic and hates sleeping/naps etc She won't sleep unless we all sleep, so I've been having to sleep early at 8pm then wake up early at 3am to sew/do housework etc that way, I'm actually awake when she wakes up for her nightfeeds and it's a lot less tiring ;)
CoffeeCupPup's avatar
Hahaha :) Mhm, those are some of my favorite minky colors XD

Oh my! That's actually pretty funny, but man, you're running on quite an interesting sleep schedule there! Whatever works, I guess!! :D
moggymawee's avatar
Yep!  It's been working for me for the past 6 months xD
bassMouth's avatar
this looks cute. I may not be a brony..maby.. but I LIKE THISSothereplz (fixed) 
CoffeeCupPup's avatar
bassMouth's avatar
your  very welcomeWink/Razz 
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