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mr biiiigwiiiig

i was thinking and watching watership down a lot recently, so had to poop a doodle out
this is the best bunny i'll ever love ok
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I love the sketchiness and the lighting. Bigwig looks so adorable!
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thank you! <3 I absolutely love Bigwig!
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U Totally got to watch it. Amazing and touching movie. Just try not to cry in the epic Bigwig moments :<
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Yeah its one of my favourite films :)
TallysGreatestFan's avatar
wunderfull! Although he is nearly to cute to be really Bigwid.
Plagey's avatar
He just looks so cute in your style ! :D
Love the way you drew his wig ! ^^

(the book is just awesome, the movie was too !)
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Sweet. Is there some new Watership Down thing going on now or is something just in the air? I've seen a few WD pics lately. I love that movie and the books. I love this Bigwig here too. :nod:
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hm it may be an odd coincidence! but i am hearing about a new bbc produced film which may go into production. Thank you :glomp: i love Bigwig :D
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Sweet. I'm kind of a stickler for the original movie but something new could be cool. :boogie:
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yeah i'm very apprehensive about any kind of remake (the original film is just near perfect to me). But i guess I'll go in with an open mind. so long as they don't dumb things down for the kids, that's my main worry :(
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That's what that animated Watership series in the UK was like. I saw a few moments of it and quickly shut it off. :-)
coffeebandit's avatar
yeah i didn't even bother...the style itself was enough to put me off but i did suspect it would be very kiddified! 
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The kid voice for Pipkin was vile but making Blackberry a girl was ... even more vile... and nonsensical.
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Aw, this is so cute! I really love Watership Down~
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thank you! Yeah both book and film are brilliant! Bigwig is such a BA :)
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