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Ushicon No More

Ah, ushicon. i miss it. too bad there will never be another one. And i missed the very last one because of *twitch* extinuating circumstances. here's a very brief and very sloppy comic i did in class one day after hearing a group of jocks across the room go on and on about it. So i made a comic of the completely absurd daydream i was having. i only cuss this much when im angry. so when i start droppin f-bombs know that im about to crack some skulls...or pull a rubber duck out of nowhere and do something completely fucking god-awful to you with it.
And yes in real life i use my pencil as a weapon.
portable zombie repelent.
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omg xD
Meh, I miss Ushi too. T_T And Ikkicon wasn't too great at all...but they're still having another next year...I mean damn, I didn't even get to sell my fucking art that I worked on FOREVER at Ikki...they were too disorganized to the the fucking art show AND art auction least I still have should go with us this year. =D
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"When feeling uncontrollable rage, art is an outlet that only the school counsellor might find concerning"

This is really good, it's nice to know I'm not the only person experiencing violent revenge fantasies against retard tools in my classes.
Tool: Freak!!
Me: shutup
Tool: You're a freak and you like that freaky music!
Me: *death ray*!!!! DIE!!!
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Umm...I swear in my original comment the "P.S." was at the BOTTOM. [starts to think DA has it out for her]
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I was at a Halo competition once (yes, competing) and there were these jocks there commenting on "all the geeks" and how stupid they were as they bought their sports games, and I was like, "You're buying the same type of thing we're playing, just in a different genre." and they all got all huffy and started badmouthing me and defending themselves- I laughed my head off. Pissed them off but they had no idea how to respond to that, and left looking like they felt rather stupid.

This reminded me of that, but, seriously, why do jocks always show up at things and then making fun of the people there during and after THEY go? It makes noooooo sense.

P.S. The "...penis..." thing made me laugh.

Great comic, I thinkt there should be a search party for your mysteriously disappearing hat.
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*lol :rofl:
Enjoyed it a lot! ^^ Pretty funny!
aRiBoObOo's avatar
XD aaahahahaha!! pencil in da eye!! :clap: i love it! i love ur comics!!! XD
zorye's avatar
hahah! :rofl: I see that all the time! -the anime dissing, not the pencil-stabbing ness although that'd be pretty sweet to witness..=P-
Awesome comic =3
visual-musician's avatar
Wow awesome piece of work man ^^
Keep the good work coming ^^
it was really funny ^^
Bungled-up's avatar
Oh man I can't tell you how many times I have wanted to do that to someone in the past!
spongebobcallumpants's avatar
That was gr......
I really enjoy.........

Ok Ok this was great. it was so funny.
I love it.
The pencil in the eye, everything
Good job.
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