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Alice in Wonderland

There comes a time in every art fan's life where they come across a story that inspires them so much that it compells them to emboss it in art forever. Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking glass did it for me when i was about sixteen, ok well i was about 4 when i did my first alice in wonderland drawing. But this is the drawing i made this time. I know there are a thousand of Alice and wonderland drawings, but this one is special to me. Its normally known to be my favorite, but this piece utterly convinced me to pursue a career in art and it has my utmost respect. just think what this would look like if it was colored?

The scanner cut off the pocketwatch that had my signature in it.
Tony Gage 2005
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makes me ll happy inside
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this is awesomely demented. great job!!
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Supah cool! I'd love to see it coloured.

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This is amazing, I just love it. I really think if you've got some time on your hands you should do a color version, cause i think it would really just make it perfect.
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beautifull!!! and in pencil. even better!
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this is hella cool!!!! i F-ing love your style!!! i can never put so much detail!!! :heart:
i love the cat!! (forgot the name of that damn cat...)

:+fav: definatly!!!
Thank you so much! Your work has inspired me, it is everything I envisioned Wonderland to be and more. You are an amazing artist, and if I can ever create something even remotley as beautiful as yours it will be dedicated whole-heartedly to you. Thank you,
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*touches everything*
You are very talented.
I love how you've drawn the Caterpillars hookah.
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I like the environment of this pics ^^
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This image beautifully portrays all that is Alice in Wonderland. I especially like Alice’s face.
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