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PSA incoming. Hold on to your butts.

Firstly, let me say thank you for the enthusiasm and excitement many of you have shown towards some of my more popular works. (Mostly Encounter and TEOIC)
It means a lot that you guys enjoy he stories and worlds that I make and come up with, so much so that you wait for updates patiently and expectantly.

Hooooowever, you might notice I have not been posting here much. Main reason being I can't draw to save my life right now. Well that's not entirely true, I can't draw what I want to draw. Anything relating to projects right now just DOES NOT want to form into an acceptable piece of writing or art.

I have been trying for a while now and I can never seem to get the picture or paragraph I want.  I'm not "in the mood" so to speak. This would often lead to days spent in front of my computer and by the end staring at an empty screen. Obviously, this makes me depressed. 

But now I think I've come to a decision.

Hence forth, I will post whatever I want, when I want, and if I feel like it. Most likely with ZERO context and little to no relation to large projects like Encounter or TEOIC or Ariphix. If I push to make themed art like that too much, it pushes right on back. I need to let the inspiration for those projects replenish, a bit like a well. 

In light of this, I would appreciate it if people would please refrain from asking "when the next update is" or "When's the next chapter coming up" or "I can't wait!" or "How's the so and so chapter coming along?"

I know these come from a place of good intentions and enthusiasm and I appreciate it, but personally, it adds pressure which makes me anxious which makes me try too hard which makes me produce nothing which results in my feeling guilty or frustrated and everyone else with more delayed updates and waiting. Most writers and artists respond to comments on the chapters that ARE out already, things like "Why would you make me feel feelz, you heartless monster!?" It's weird, but many people get a kick outta seeing people have an emotional response to something they make and present and it makes me (and other) want to make more.

But yes. That aside, I will always appreciate the fans who have come to enjoy my works, so please understand that this is pretty much for the benefit of everyone. Expect some strange art from now on. 

Thank you for your time.

~ C.A.D ~

Devious Comments

Otterdragon Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I completely understand. I'm actually working on a novel I hope to have published, but I haven't been able to come up with anything for months.
So, I took a bit of a break, but unfortunately decided to take a break from all art. Part of it was moving problems, but my creativity began to suffer. No ideas for any of my projects came. I would sit down, with my computer or paper and pen, but nothing would come.

Finally, I just started doodling. What ever came to mind I doodled. I also found that simply going out and walking around help ideas start to come. I looked back at random projects from my past for inspiration, laughed at some, cringed at others.

Slowly, I began being creative again, but learned that I can't force ideas to come to mind for those projects. I came to welcome bouncing ideas off of others, silently watching others and having little tidbits come to mind (honestly, your little Brevil has helped immensely on my Evoloon burnout.)

In the end, a break is needed, but there are times where little snippets of inspiration will come. Jot them down, whether they are for something current, future, past, or just something for you to know (and I have tons of the latter for a classic Spyro the Dragon project I'm doing.)
But take your time. You are your own boss in your projects, and we all enjoy whatever you produce, no matter the time, no matter the art.
Kineil-Wicks Featured By Owner Edited Mar 9, 2018  Student General Artist

You're asking us to understand that you're going through what every artist and writer goes through, and if they say they don't they're lying--don't sweat having to take a break from your stories and drawing what you want. :)  I tell you, my first college, nearly every art student there experienced burnout because we had to draw what we were told--I thought I'd lose my art talent going to that college, and it took me two years after leaving it to get my groove back.  Even at that, I would have lost my artistic groove completely if I hadn't drawn for myself on the side--I even told a girl there that you had to draw for yourself, otherwise you'd lose the reason of why you draw.

There's nothing wrong with drawing what you want and posting it for all to see--I mean, if you looked at my gallery right now you'd be drowning in Pokémon, but that's not all I draw, and trying to make it so would just limit myself as an artist.  Draw what you want and share it; you’d be surprised.  I admit I started looking at your gallery over Ender and started watching you over Encounter, but I've loved seeing all your other work (and can I be honest and say more dinosaurs? I love your dino art).  A themed gallery may be more coherent, but a wider variety of art is not only good for you, but it will also be better for you when job-hunting starts--why yes, I can draw that; see here?

Taking a break from your big projects when they're being all recalcitrant is good for you and your story anyway--I've got an original project, Glint and the Pirates, that I started back in...2012, my goodness.  I started it for my Full Sail University thesis, researched it and cranked out work for it for a year, and when I graduated I decided to give it a break because more work wasn't willingly forthcoming.

I didn't get another blip from that story for six months.

But that was good--my Full Sail professors told me that it was best to let scripts sit for six months or more so you can go back and better determine what needs fixing.  And when I did finally go back and started working on scripts again, it was with the realization that the storyline and the scripts I had been working with were utter trash--when the characters came back nearly a year after I had graduated, I had been focusing on drawing them, drawing their world, writing out their adventures in prose, and taking notes on their world.  When I went back to the original scripts and storyline, it was to find that they were utterly shallow compared to what the characters had revealed about their world, and I ended up revamping the whole storyline and rewriting the scripts.  Even now, my original plans for how their adventure concludes are being reevaluated, because compared to where they are, it just seems insensible.  If I had forced the issue, I would have killed my story and the characters along with it; giving them space gave them room to grow and develop.

In addition, the time taken with the story, both with it and without it, has strengthened both characters and story.  For the longest time, I was getting more from the antagonist than the protagonist, and the antagonist had the more compelling story (since day one, actually).  I didn't want to give the story fully over to the antagonist, but trying to force more out of the protagonist wasn't doing it, so I finally learned to let go, stop worrying and learn to love the atomic bomb.  And in doing so, not only did their world get more complex, but I finally found the defining thread--the antagonist's story may add the meat to the story, may provide motion, but the heart and the bones of the story are with the protagonist; the protagonist is the driving force.  I wouldn't have gotten that if I had kept forcing the story.

Which is why I always have ten or twelve stories going--actually, more along the lines of fifty or sixty.  But it always gives me something to work on--I know I have active stories on FanFiction right now that are wanting for an update, but if I tried to force the issue, the writing would be worse than no update at all.  I have to wait until that story cycles back to me, and work on the stories giving me their attention instead.  And then I have a document for the days when my writings just feel like they're going to suck, so they don't contaminate my other stories. :)

But this is starting to turn into a book of a comment (over a page in Word, wow), so let me leave you with the thought that it's not us the story came to.  Ray Bradbury once said that he never directed his stories--they would come to him and force him to the typewriter.  Your stories came to you, and if they aren't coming to you at the moment, you can't force the issue.  It's best to stand back and do something you love and wait for them to come back, because when they do, they'll be the better for it.

In sum: don't sweat it, we understand, and those that don't will learn to move on as well.  But thank you for letting us know.

And remember: draw for yourself, your artistic health is more important than any demand others may make.  God gave you that talent, and He wouldn't give it to you just to see it destroyed.

Take all the time you need and draw what you want; we don’t mind. :hug:

PS: And extra love for the Jurassic Park line. :D

CoffeeAddictedDragon Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow man. Thats heavy. That might be just what I needed to hear...
Nelyasun Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
take your time and it will help
FairyofThunder22 Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2018
Take your time, and if you need any help send a note. :hug:
MarySue1964 Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2018
Take your time and HUGS!
AngelicLake Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2018  Student
It’s quite alright, Starfire. Honestly, i’m In the same spot with just everyday artwork. I can relate. Take your time and we love you.
jmercedesd Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I honestly was not aware you even HAD all those projects! :O I follow you because I love everything you put out, no matter what it is!  Your art always looks like you're having fun and that makes me smile, too~! XD Unless you're getting paid to produce something, never feel like you HAVE to meet someone else's expectations. :D Inspiration is tough enough to come by, we can't force it!
Delaware1002 Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2018
Do whatever you like ^_^ we have no say in what you do and honestly I just love whenever I see a notification from you because I love your art! So have fun with it and know that I'm cheering you on for whatever you draw!
Wintercat96 Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
*pat pat*
It's okay, you don't have to rush yourself :D
Feel free to take a break whenever you want!
JASDragon Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2018
Ah, I hear ya and I get it. I decided to take this stance a long time ago with my fanfiction after I'd been writing for a few years. Take care, dear. :)
KrestenaWolfShadow Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2018
It's ok dear. Take your time with your projects.
If you need any help I'd be happy to try and help you out. =)

I look forward to seeing what art you come up with. =)
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