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ギー!         ,,l'll,,      -''''  .''一

           ,i゙ .゙l              ゙"

               il   !,    '          

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           l′   .゙l .lll,iiiiiiiillllllllllllliiiiii,,、  

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        ,,illll!iiii,,゛          : `. ゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙´ ゛

    .il゙゙lli,  !llllllllll!!lii、               ,i.,i,,iiiiiil

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 ゙゙lliil゙   .゙llll゙゙’,ll .゙゙!lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!lllllllll

   ゙l,.  _,,iil゙ .゙  ,,lll!lilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!lllllllii!!!゙゙゛゙

   .゙゙ll゙゙゙゙´   ,,ill゙゙'lllllilil゙!!llllllliiillllllllllllllil!゙゙゙´   .ll

    ゙ll,,__,i≠゙    .゙ll,,_..´゙゙゙゙゙゙ ̄ ,ill!゛    .,l

      ´゙il′       ゙l!!ll.、  ._ii!゙゛     i!

       ll         ゙li、 ゛ .゙″ .゙l、   ll

       !l            ゙li,     .l゙.|   '

       .!l             !lli    . l     .'li

       ゙l,,            ゙!!    l゙     .!

        .゙li,,                !      .

      ._____゙゙llli,,,__,   -    } 

    ,,,./ .,,..、  _,゙´ ̄´    : ヽ   .|  

  ./  ./゛  ! /゛ l       ''iミ、 . ,,!, .,.、 ,l=l

  .! -ー!.. . `- ... ./ -'''''^"''''''''''゙  ゙ミ゙,,,,){. .._|.,l,_、.!

                        ´゛   ̄

Hi everyone, my name is Ratteu, I'm come from Taiwan.

The name Ratteu Originate from Latte plus wolf's short sound, because I love coffee very much. Though I prefer espresso the more!!

Nice to meet you all!

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Favourite Visual Artist
Narse, Zen, Tricksta
Favourite Movies
Pirates Of The Caribbean
Favourite TV Shows
Dragon Drive
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Deserts Xuan, Asaki, BeForU, Akira Yamaoka, Lady Gaga, La Roux, Giant, Zun, Echo !mage, Mrs. This
Favourite Books
Favourite Writers
Favourite Games
osu!, Dance Dance Revolution, Touhou, The Legend of Heroes
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Other Interests
furry, drawing , coffee, music

Commission Open!!

Commission Open!!

Status: 1.     6. 2.     7. 3.     8. 4.     9. 5.     10. Info: What I don't accept: *Any case of design helping (character, clothes, building...etc) *NSFW About description of all the qualities: ★Sample 1★ 64$USD How to sum up the cost: follow the step of arrows to get it. For the example of this sample: ---Content--- 1. the Background of this one is narrow and easy (+8) =8 2. my character is Fullbody and complicated (+32) =40 3. Single pic (X1.0) =40 4. Furry arts (X0.8) =32 ---Artsty



Tagger: ~HarrisonButterGem ( Rules Tag me with your answer when posting at the others place. If you don't want to answer please ignore this uwu Answers 1. Fav game? osu! 2. Fav food? Spaghetti. 3. Fav youtuber? HowFun (Taiwanese) 4. Light, or Dark? Dark. 5. Can you reveal a secret to me? My secrets are all written on the Internet. 6. Any weird or fetishy shit you like? Furry, Femboy, Vore, Transfur, Sock, Feet, Belly and Spandex. 7. Fav artist? DAGASI. 8. What was the meanest thing you ever did? Post news feed that only someone can't see. 9. What was the NICEST thing you ever did? I don't know. 10. You have a place y



What I've reworked: About Selav Primarina rework at 2017/7/29 (change: add adornment) About Unglish Braixen rework at 2017/7/29 (change: add adornment) About Ninfia Sylveon 1st rework at 2017/5/26 (change: ribbon and clear some dirt) 2nd rework at 2017/7/29 (change: add adornment) Jumping Oscar rework at 2017/5/17 (change: face and some little details) Oscar used Shiny Attract!! rework at 2017/5/17 (change: face and some little details) Oscar's solo time!! rework at 2017/5/17 (change: details of Oscar) When Ferris is in the estrus rework at 2016/9/3 (change: left hand) Aura Storm rework at 2016/7/24 (change: backgrou

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justme3345Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Happy late birthday! I hope you had a wonderful day!
Coffee-RatteuHobbyist Digital Artist

Thank you very much!

Happy birthday to you, and enjoy this very... VERY... Cursed Halo MOD Video...:
Coffee-RatteuHobbyist Digital Artist


Ayy what's wrong with that mod xdd

Coffee-RatteuHobbyist Digital Artist

lol that's pretty hilarious!

Avian-NexusHobbyist Digital Artist
happy birthday Ratteu ^^ <3