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Happy Girl 03

Scanned from photos taken in 1982
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I'd love to see you get her to wear  an identical outfit today as an adult. It'd be interesting to see what she looks like now.
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she's cute, picture perfect.
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this picture is wonderful
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this is really cute.
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i absolutely adore this.end.
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you know how to make good pictures of children!
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You flatter me, thanx.
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I lov take pix of children, especially that little blond girl, in my DA... they use to be playing whith the camera, and that's great!
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Well then we share the same DNA. Keep them comming. I'll do my best too. By daughers are getting a bit older now, so I have to find models outside the family. People are so suspisios these days, its hard to push the limits, but now and then one gets lucky.
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Oh yes, I understand... I find it hard too to find good models, people who is at ease in front of the camera, who knows how to place, to smile, or not... That's why, most of time, I am my only model!!! As for children... I have my little brother who is a very good model, and this little girl who is my cousin... As you've said, "only family"!!!

(sorry if my english isn't very well... I'm in holliday, so i lost my vocabulary... :blahblah:)
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She's so sweet! this picture is perfect!
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Very beutifull :floating:
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verycool. It's too bad the quality is grainy, because the set up of the piece is very artisitc.
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You are 100% correct in your comment about the quality. I scanned the photo which was the normal postcard size, and a matt finish, and this was the best i could to. The photos where not stored properly either, so it lost a bit of its colour as well. But i think it was still worth sharing.
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jesus. this blows my mind. the dress and the roses...just gosh...
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Thanx a lot. Its jus a pity that i did not have a good digtal camara back then.
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yeah. but you know, having a digital camera is kinda like cheating. it just makes it so easy.
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I dont mind cheating if the end - product is better. Anyway, Digital cams remove many constraints.
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