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A Twisted World (AU) by Coffee-Karin A Twisted World (AU) by Coffee-Karin
(So freaking bad at making comics took lil longer to do)
This is a AU i came up with for fun which was inspired from the relationship between Joker and Harley
So basically here the story of Shadow:
Shadow has a Family business well known and popular but only to the underground world. His family business is the making of gadgets,technology, and vehicles like motorcycles. Which is hard to find out about ,but only if you have some kind of connection then you know. Shadow is bascially the same but not open with his emotions to much people or any. Mostly rage and his intellectual mind. He has a short gang called the "Dark Shadows." Usually at night he steals and gathers information about other companies secret gadgets and stuff. But he's also looking for much more than that.. but what? And if he wants to make a quick "talk" to people he brings Karin and let her handle whatever he had left of that person. Basically she keeps their mouths shut. Despite how much they worked together he isn't interested knowing nothing about her. He doesnt even remeber her name he just calls her "Kar" or "Red". So far he knows (thinks) that she's only interested on the whole sha-bam ,cash.

Story of Karin:
Basically Karin had a very great life living with her loving family,(adopted) daughter, and amazing friends. All A's student and about to go to her dream college. But their was something she kept forgetting mostly failing at.. love. There are times when someone catches her eyes but isnt the right guy for her. The day she recieved her letter in the mail about being accepted to her college choice studyin about medicines and other close materials. Changed her whole life when she ran over to her friends house to tell them till she found a hurt hedgehog on the ground with the lil breathes he took he told her where he lived. As she took him and healed his wounds took very close looks at him and noticed he was the most wanted criminal. He then took her hand and grins at her "How would you like to join my gang, Red? But only if your up to it." After 2 years been missing she was found/caught running around building with you-know-who with a completly different look. Known for quick thinking and smart mouth left everything behind and caught up between his crimes. They also were known as "Partner in Crime Couple" Which Shadow hated cause he claims there was nothing between them. But she loves it and love to make him squirm whenever she mentions it. And she could care less about the money he offers but does if for fun.

Shadow and Sonic the hedgehog:: SEGA
Art, story idea,and Karin::iconcoffee-karin:
Jennyliino Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2018
shadow looks like he doesn't give a fuck 
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