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Kratos is the most comical video game hero I've ever seen.

[link] Template for people who asked.
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memes4evar's avatar
this should be a creepypasta, if you look at the picture kratos reaches out to you and rips you in half
Varia31's avatar
How do you scowl harder than THAT?! LOL
Sakura-Arte's avatar
Gotta love that Spartan Super Scowl.
how do i write a text in it?
This is my reaction when I smell bad breath.
XxKraitxX's avatar
Don't do it, Kratos, you'll rip your face off.
InspiredDragons's avatar
HA! YES! Expression is priceless, he does look like that most of the time XD
E-Nigmara's avatar
I favorite this piece in commemoration to every facially impossible M-shaped scowl you ever made an angry man do.

Look at what you've driven me to... Just...just look. I still have to upgrade from my trademark C-scowl! >:C
Katarsium's avatar
He's... so handsome. :iconmanlytearsplz:
Eragon007's avatar
hahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahaha...........*breathes deeply*........hahahahahahahahehehehehehehehhooohohohohohohhwhhehehehehehehehhhhhahahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

funny as hell
gargoyle-Lauren's avatar
there needs to be a demotivational for this
Compass-Wave's avatar
Hahahaha! Oh man, I've been trying to find this forever! I think if I ever saw this face, I wouldn't know whether to cower or just laugh.
droctogonapus24's avatar
more like do not want face
DANYANTTO's avatar
this reminds me to that part when zeus said "don´t fail her like you failed your familly" before kratos goes RAAAAAAAAAAH and wipes zeus ´s face
KittyKyn's avatar
HAHAHAHA!!! I love it!
GeotrixQueen's avatar
Kratos is the only man to have had a staring contest with Gladiator Hulk.....and win.
Yamoshi's avatar
LOL, just made this my desktop image XD
SPMwolf's avatar
SUN,............I..........AM........ DISAPPOINT.
Dragoon-of-Darkness's avatar
I tried scowling like that.

But now my face hurts from the attempt.
BenSoulstone's avatar
Wow. Now THAT is a scowl. XD
KimiTheV's avatar
Best face EVER!!!!
Dudemon's avatar
Acquired white skin

Act like a nigger
Greed-kun's avatar
How wonderfully exploitable!

So I walk into a bar...
And I Kill Everyone!
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