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Let me show you my pokemans

That's them all right.
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Cjri-Ravos's avatar
I love the psychic type mr. Fish most... But that grass type though, close second
TheNerdytimes's avatar
It would've been funny if the Dark-type one were Mega Gyarados, but I suppose it was too early for that.
DeltaBladeX's avatar
Quite a bit too early. But if they ever redid this, they could always have fun with the Fairy type as well.
SheTheTDE's avatar
I'm so amused by the fact that water is NOT a Gyaridos
FriendlyHougen's avatar
I need to do this meme.
recino's avatar
Here I was, just looking for a gyarados reference image, when I stumble across this. I freaking love it.
BelphegorPrime's avatar
Now kind of interested in seeing a Fairy-type Gyarados. :B
Poki-art's avatar
i love coming back to this meme, you did it peeerfectly :D:D
superdash77's avatar
i like terminator (steel) Gyrados
NerezaWorks's avatar
yami-becki's avatar
mr. fish! omg i love your comic! i'm so adding you to my watch list.
emeraldshapeshifter's avatar
Curb your enthusiasm, Gyrados.
UnluckyThatsMe's avatar
A Gyarados dragon roll would be interesting to taste, indeed!
SherbitSniffer's avatar
The fighting one is my favourite XD
DracoKanji's avatar
Squid, you are, without a doubt, simply awesome.

By the by, cosplayed as Jared at Marscon this past weekend. Seems like you're getting popular, I got some attention for it.
GoldFishArmada's avatar
Saw this on memebase. Sailor Gyarados made my day.
PhantomMuze's avatar
Brilliant. Sheer brilliance. :iconclapplz:
Adell021's avatar
Dragon looks delicious.
Bentham42's avatar
I know I've seen this before, but... is that Mr. Fish?
diskfire's avatar
I want me some Gyarados Sushi. :eager:
Hehe, this is awesome. :XD:
YaYaOo's avatar
haha that's badass
MastermindHen's avatar
I'm so proud of Mr. Fish.
MrSaturn420's avatar
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