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Abdomination: How to draw beef

By Coelasquid
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Haven't seen this many naked rainbow torsos since the Pride Parade.

Consider this a companion to this other anatomy tutorial.

If you're hard up for reference, feel free to pick through my manbucket [link]
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Were you the one that made this?
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Fantastic tutorial! <3
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finding the source for the 'bara bodytype is valid fightermode' drawing is nice
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Oh god thank you I've needed this D: 
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Yes yes yes. Saw this years ago. And I thought I'll never find it. Thank you so much for this wonderful resource!
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This will help me make many beefs. Much thanks.
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Went through the whole thing,
I could not fimd any mention of how to draw an Antilock Braking System anywhere
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one: this is seriously gonna make drawing my male characters easier, two: beautiful joke xD
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i am still mastering the circle tool so this isnt that helpfull
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When u got pranked by da link
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Fascinating. Much obliged!
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Best shit ever.
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I'm sorry, but I can't read this tutorial without thinking about FMA.
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>Consider this a companion to this other anatomy tutorial.
lol dead link, dude
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If that's how a competitor looks like, tell me, how much a martial artist or a soldier(no matter the era) should have?. Illustrate.
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a soldier will have a good all-around fitness:

Lower body, for travel stamina and load carrying. A marching soldier is going to get a workout just by carrying even minimal gear

Core, because you need to be able to control your gear when carrying it, nevermind actual combat. 60lb of body armor, ammunition, bedroll, rations, weapon adds up to a lot of inertia, and you need to be able to move effectively in it

Upper body, because you're going to be hauling ropes, moving supplies, and doing a lot more general mid-weight labor than actual combat.

These all make for a well-rounded soldier physique. not fat, not skinny. Stamina and stamina-recovery will be balanced with raw power, so not whipcord-wiry nor musclebound.
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I think it also depends on during what time and at what age you'd become a soldier and your function.
during WW2 a big portion of the European soldiers were very pretty young and there wasn't necessarily the time or the amount of nutrion to fully develop the body fitting the job. So this kind of cannon fodder basically would of course look more like the 15- to 18-year-olds with the respective muscle and than modern soldiers who grew up being well-fed and fully adult.
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Thanks, I appreciate your answer.
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Oh wow this is amazing! :la:
//Has just scrolled down to see the date this was posted./ :O
I was looking at a poses reference sheet for women (Cause I suck at drawing female figures) that was on the front page when I logged in and this was linked in the comments because a lot of the figures in said reference sheet were very "samey".
My characters are all males and anthro but still have human bodies and I'm fascinated by and absolutely love anatomy.
I really do try my hardest to make their bodies all look different, but I'm lazy and always end up reverting back to the typical "gym rat" 6 pack because it looks desirable.
But this will really help me out! I have one guy who is very much the typical "Tank" and although he does go to the gym, his lifestyle would mean he would build up a lot more useful muscle rather than for show, so this will really help when it comes to releasing his 2017 ref sheet, which I have been currently working on. Time to go change his figure a bit! :XD:

Seriously thank you so much for this, I just wish I had seen it sooner! :D
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OH CRAP IT'S YOU.  I follow your Manly comic. Saw this in someone's faves, hopped in and read before noticing your name. Pleasant surprise for me!
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I found this on google images like, ages ago and i had a hard-time findin its source... But here you are! At least!
This tutoral is magnificient, it helped me a lot, to be honest
But! That's the real question i was driving nuts trying to find you: you have like, a female equivalence of this? I have a female character that is pretty muscular, not like a bodybuilder but she can kick your ass pretty hard. I'm searching like a bitch for a good tutorial on female muscles, bc when i try this kind of tutorial (made for male phisiques) she kinda looks too manly, and that's definitely not my intention...
Thanks for hearing me anyway

P.S.: I used this in male characters and holly macarroni this helps, like, a lot. They looked more realistic and plausible and it made it easier. I loved it.
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This helped me get a better understanding of what strong and fit means and gave me a better appreciation of my own body.
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