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Navajodactylus: Dinosaur Park Quartet #1



Pterosaurs in the Azhdarchidae family are scary, man. Seriously.

This is the first of a Quartet of images, known as the "Dinosaur Park Project". It's my first serious attempt at a series of Paleoart. And this is the first pterosaur I've ever painted. Psorry if it's not the best.

I kind of went with a Marabou Stork-style look for this guy. Mostly because I find them equally terrifying.

This guy, specifically, is Navajodactylus--pterosaur remains from the Dinosaur Park formation in Alberta have been assigned to that species (though why Navajodactylus, and not Montanazhdarcho, is beyond me). This was related to the later Quetzalcoatlus, the pterosaur whom I affectionately call "the Angel of Death" (but not to its face, of course)

Sidenote: if I ever made a bad Sci-fi original film, it would have one of these guys chasing down people, and it would be called PTERRORDACTYL.

Aaaaand I just noticed those fingers on the wing are in the wrong place. *headdesk* I'll have to fix it later, when I have some time.
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