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Raptor Red - Established Creature Size Chart 3

By codylake
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An updated version of my Raptor Red project size chart I made the previous time in this link;…

Look to that link for further information 

I hope you're all enjoying these updates. There's still more yet to come ;)
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It's pretty nicely done. I actually happen to have finished re-reading Raptor Red earlier today. And these animals were found in the Yellow Cat Member (Upper and Lower) of the Cedar Mountain Formation, correct?

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Very cool. Also, Falcarius was part of the fauna, as was Iguanocolossus and the troodontid Geminiraptor, which you might want to replace the Hypsilophodont with. The "Deinonych" could easily be Yurgovuchia. All of these animals are contemporaneous with Utahraptor. 
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Here's an updated list of creatures that appear in Raptor Red (Based on the Wikipedia page of the book):

-Yurgovuchia doellingi (Deinonych)

-Istiodactylus latidens, Ornithocheirus simus & Caulkicephalus trimicrodon (Dactyls, Ornithodesmus & other Pterosaurs)*

-Nedcolbertia justinhofmanni (Ostrich Dino)

-Martharaptor greenriverensis (Segnosaur/Alt: Falcarius utahensis)

-Utahraptor ostrommaysi (Raptor Red & her Pack)

-Moabosaurus utahensis (Astro)

-Gastonia burgei (Gaston/Alt: Hoplitosaurus marshi)

-Hippodraco scutodens (Iguanodont/Alt: Iguanacolossus fortis)

-Geminiraptor suarezarum (Tro-Odon)

-Cedarosaurus weiskopfae (Whip-Tail)

-Cifelliodon wahkermoosuch (Sub: Aegialodon)

-Bernissartia sp. (Croc)

-Callawaysaurus colombiensis (Sub: Unidentified Elasmosaurid/Alt: Leptocleidus superstes)*

-Sachicasaurus vitae (Sub: Kronosaurus/Alt: Acostasaurus pavachoquensis)*

-Platypterygius americanus

-Leycavhelys cipadi (Sub: Gamerabaena)

-Iberomensornis romeralli (Sub: Ambient Birds)*

-Ammonites, Belemnites & Jellyfish (Ambient Creatures)

I changed the time setting from 120 MYA to 125.45 MYA. The creatures with asterisks are actually found on different continents but could potentially be found in/near North America due to them either being aquatic or flying animals.

The only creature that I couldn't find a substitute for was the Acro (Acrocanthosaurus atokensis). Is your Neovenatorid based on actual fossil material or is it a speculative creature? Thoughts of the list? Any anachronisms? Any alternative creatures listed as preference?

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well since it was set in the time when dinosaur migrations happened to and from Europe and North America, I was thinking a Neovenatorid could arrive in N. A. (and they would only make at least one or 2 major appearances)

Palaeontologist of Utah Jim Kirkland approved of that idea

Plus, a undescribed velociraptorine and unnamed sail-backed iguanodont were also found in Utah at the time (the latter I was planning on adding)
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Hello! I have questions:

1) Why is there no video on your YouTube channel?

2) Besides these dinosaurs, will there be others? For example, Acrodont (there is no such dinosaur, but it is mentioned), Trinitichelys, Elasmosaurid, Kronosaurus, Platypterygius, Bernissartia, Aegialodon?

3) What genre will your film adaptation have?

4) Who will be allowed this series - children or adults? Given who, the book contains such lines as "Dactyl felt numb the whole body. Red furiously slashed his claws and tearing teeth. She cut the muscles of the neck and tore his head off. Then a quick trot dragged the victim's body to the edge of the bog and sat down in the shade of a lush pine wood. The murder of dactyl distracted her from her own grief.", "After a pause, she added an even more powerful sign of his family and tribe — a pile of manure.", "Once he tried to mount her, but she immediately shook it. He again resumed the dance and bows and again tried to ride her. Red kicked him again, but this time more gently.

The third time she admitted it to herself freely.".

Thank you in advance.:love:

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if it's ok to ask, might we expect to see something along the lines of a comic strip?
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I wasn’t really planning on it

why, did you have plans Fort e?
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just thought it would be cool, that'\s all/.
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of course not all of the creatures are there yet
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Why is it a velociraptorine and not a deinonychus? Same with the acro
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Because Deinonychus and Across didn' live at the same time as Utahraptor.  So I based them on undescribed fossils of the same age and area
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So who's going to play the part of the Whiptail?
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Perhaps the Cedarosaurus

Or I could switch roles between it and the Moabosaurus
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You know, I think Cedarosaurus might work. As a brachiosaurid, it fits the "remnant from the Jurassic" description.
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Incredible work 
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