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REM OLIVIA Charactersheet



[REM] Olivia’s Character Sheet!

Olivia was originally conceived as the stick-in-the-mud that was the group’s logical compass in the dream world of [REM]. She muttered and  over-thought and applied logic to the surreal nightmares they encountered; however that proved for poor writing and shallow character in early drafts. Her boring stick-in-the-mud attitude was scrapped and she soon turned into a Hermione Granger archetype: sassy, decisive, judgemental, and sharp witted. and eventually evolved into an important, if not the most fleshed out and crucial member of the group.
Most of Olivia’s color palette is still up in the air. Her main color is purple however this rendering came out more neon than anticipated. She has direct ties to Virgil hence the bright blue jeans. Her final color palette will probably be darker - dropping out the pink highlights should help.
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