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Me and German Shepherd

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My Bio

I was Born in 1994, the Year of the Dog, which Suits me Because I Love Dogs. I Love to Write and Travel to Events in my Hometown of Toronto. I am an Absolutely HUGE fan of Cats and Dogs 2: The Revenge of Kitty Galore. My Favourite Character is Diggs and my OTP Couple is Diggs and Catherine. I am also a Big Fan of Paw Patrol, Favourite Character is Chase and Favourite Couple is Chase and Skye. As you can Tell I Have Quite a Soft Spot for German Shepherds, my Favourite Dog Breed.

Favourite Movies
Cats and Dogs 2: The Revenge of Kitty Galore
Favourite TV Shows
Paw Patrol, Lion Guard, We Bare Bears and More
Favourite Books
Chronicles of Narnia,Diary of Anne Frank, and More.
Tools of the Trade
I am a Writer and Traveler
Other Interests
Animals, History, Movies, Events in Toronto etc

Happy 10th Anniversary Trivia

Happy 10th Anniversary Trivia

Today Marks the 10th Anniversary of Cats and Dogs 2 The Revenge of Kitty Galore so I Thought I'd Put up a Trivia About the Movie, See How Much you Know. 1) How does Kitty Galore get Possession of Secret Satellite Information? a-Hacks the Company's Computer b-Pays a Worker to Sneak it out c-Goes Undercover and Takes Photos 2) What does Diggs "Accidentally" Blow up? a-Outdoor Market b-Used Car Dealership c-Library 3) What is Lou's Position at Dog HQ? a-Boss b-Field Agent c-Tech Expert 4) Where do Diggs and Butch Find Seamus? a-Twins Peaks b-Coit Tower c-Pier 39 5) What does M.E.O.W.S. stand for? a- Muses Ensuring our World Standing b- Meowers Encouraging our World Standards c-Mousers Enforcing our World Safety 6) How did Kitty Galore Lose her Hair? a-Falls into Vat of Hair Removal Cream b-Barber Incident c-Develops Mange 7) What was Kitty Galore's original Name? a-Ivana Killyu b-Ivana Clawyu c-Ivana Beatyu 8) What does the Lever that Calico Pulls Do? a-Opens a Trap Door b- Pours
I'm Dedicating July to Artwork from Cats and Dogs 2 in Honour of its 10th Anniversary!

Canada Day 2019

Canada Day 2019

Despite Ontario Premiere Doug Ford Cancelling One Canada Day Event and  TTC Construction and Rerouting Becoming a Burden I Still Make the Most of Canada Day. The Weather will be Quite Hot and Sunny and I'm Looking Forward to it. Lately I put more Focus on What is Happening at Each Event Rather than Simply Visiting Every Event Possible. We're 2 Years Past Canada 150, but there's Still Big Ways to Celebrate Canada Day Each Year. Canada Day Plans 2019 Great Canadian Fiddle Show, July 1, Sherbourne Common, 10am Hoop Dance Demo, July 1, Sugar Beach, 10:30am Musket Firing Demo, July 1, Fort York, 11:30am Artillery Firing Demo, July 1, Fort Yor

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Thanks for the favs 😉

Thanks for the fav

Can you take request trade??

Thanks for the fav. ^w^

thanks for the favs 😉