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Probably what you think of when you hear it's a magical Puppycorn!..    : D…

But also lexically correct!..   ^W^

It's cuteness every time though XD ^W^
I am a hermit. far as real-life interactions go!
But there is a different kind of hermit these days!!
The kind who shutters themselves from social contact in the physical world..
..but embraces it in the online!!
For on the internet, even one-in-a-million people are numerous :')
And so even the most eccentric of people can find like-minded peers!  : D
Heck, even Daniel Suelo has a website!! XDD  \ : DDD /…
And in that ilk,
I, too, am coming out online in my now merely-physical hermitage :>>

I'll probably be recreating the blog on other platforms ^^''
(Though Google+ doesn't allow multiple accounts! D: )
But if you have a Facebook, I'd love it if you followed me!   \ : DD /…

The last one is the best X'DDD…

Silly make-believes!  : D
That moment when you realize Pikachus are real!!  (In a non-electrical sense XD )

: DD

And it's so obviously and precisely named I'm sure everyone knows this but me XDDD'
Concept: a plant person and an animal person could kiss each other forever and never run out of breath.

*squees* /^WWwwwwwwwwwwww^\
Hey I wonder if just building a motion tracking room and using lots of physics would count as 3D animation XD

Oh yes yes, I did all this by hand, the perfect clothes flapping in the wind, the jiggling of cheeks with each step you only see in slow motion, and the painstaking crafting of each individual kink in each individual strand of hair.  In the womb, one hand grew for Translate, the other for Rotate; one half of my cortex is the mesh lobe, the other is the pose lobe.  You should give me an honorary PhD for 3D Awesomemator.   ..Oh, no, that?  No that's just my strange obsession as a cat circus photographer, pay no attention to the room draped in white canvas >.>
I have a proposal for friends and everyone! ^W^

If you give me a lead on some company that might want an app from me—even if you don't contact them and do nothing but point me to them—and I end up making one for them and getting monies from it, you can have a percentage of it!! FOR EVER!!   \ : DDD /
(well as long as they give me monies to maintain it! :D )

Like, 20% ?
idk XD :D

Don't worry about submitting bad leads :333,
but ofc the less likely it is that they'll want an app, the less likely we'll both get anything XD
I would reeeeeally like to make something (2D) like Furcadia or Creatures or Starbound for friends and me to make woooorldssssss togetherrrr! :'>>
But don't have enough time or nonloneliness to make alllll the pixel art myself!  \o/
If anyone waaaanted to, I'd love to write all the codes for it :>
(I started a youtube channel o_o )…



But what should I post on itttttt!?  :0
Let's plays?! (fyi I fail at games XD, but that could be funny 8> )
Q&A thingsss!? ^w^
Sciencey things!? 8>
Singgggingingingey/voice things?! 8>
Podcastthingsssss?!!? 8>
iddddkk! X//D
\ ^///////^' /

*dies of nervousness*  ^/^''''
What's twenty-seven minus seven?  Twenty! :D
What's twenty-seven minus twenty?  Seven! :D
What's forty-two minus forty?  Two! :D
What's forty-two minus two?  Forty! :D
What's ice cream minus cream?  Ice! :D