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You are More.
You are more than a number, statistic or fraction,
You are more than a stranger’s glance or reaction.
You are more than a puzzle piece or a missing link,
You are more than what the world may think.
You are more than a stigma or sign which you're labeled,
You are more than “special”, diseased, different, disabled. 
You are more than a whisper, you are more than a name,
You are more than rejection, you are more than others' blame. 
You are more than vibrations that torture your ears,
You are more than disorder that drives you to tears.
You are more than emotion you can't read or display,
You are more than the words you’re unable to say. 
You are more than your bullies who push you down,
You are more than your teachers who won’t help you off the ground.
You are more than your doctors who gave up and quit, 
You are more than society would care to admit. 
You are more than progress which may be slow,
You are more than accomplishments wh
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United States
Sorry, I'll be leaving DeviantArt.

If you wanna keep in touch, please use one of my other accounts :33

Discord: Puppul#4390


Probably what you think of when you hear it's a magical Puppycorn!..    : D…

But also lexically correct!..   ^W^

It's cuteness every time though XD ^W^
You know, the borg are like superconductors.
Resistance doesn't really matter to them.


#GeekJokesAmongstGeekJokes XDDD
You Might Be A Lonely Geek If: you search google for "how to make metrology friends"  X'D

(p.s. HEY GOOGLE metrology is not meterology T-T )
(shaaaaaame googleeeeee shaaaaaame!! >.> )
Thought of the day:  Supernovas are when the universe sneezes
Okay here's a challenge that's useful!   : D

Say you're trying to decide which electives/classes to take at school.
You could take woodshop and home ec, but if you take home ec, it'll conflict with band and soccer.  You could take band and soccer if not, but they conflict with each other!  If you take band, you could also take tap dancing!  But tap dancing conflicts with woodshop!  So confusing! X'DD

But if you can bring programs into existence 8>, perhaps you could create a little friend to help you with this conundrum? :3

If you wrote down the times and which days they were on, can you write a program to find all the possible maximal choices in your electives for school/college?  :3

(Maximal because, it would output a LOT of possibilities if it could just output "Hey! You could take just soccer and nothing else! 8D",  "Hey! You could take soccer and woodshop and nothing else! 8D", "Hey!..."  XD

It's easy to just not take certain electives, so perhaps write the program to only output schedules which are packed to the brim, and then it's easy to just take things out :3 )


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Happy New Year! Let they bring you joy and success... and blast of creativity. Don't let your dreams just be dreams... just do it :D

Why did you leave!!!!!

I'll stay in touch
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Oooh cool, thanks! :D
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Hello! :3
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Wheezes intensely while I sit here, struggling to process and comprehend the fact that someone so pure, innocent, and adorable is on DeviantART . .
I'mnotkidding but anywayy I stumbled across you from a comment on someone's page and I dunno why you caught my attention BUT
Take my watch and a llama for being damn cute ;A;cries
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*falls over*

Holy butterscotch! :"DDD
Thanks you SO MUCH WOW!!

You're adorable too :'>
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