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Stole this from  :iconsopada:

Have you ever...

[ ] smoked
[x] consumed alcohol (been 20 years since I stopped drinking!)
[x] slept in the same bed with someone of the opposite sex
[x] slept in the same bed with someone of the same sex
[ ] kissed someone of the same sex.
[x] had sex
[x] had someone in your room other than family
[x] bought porn
[x] tried drugs (once, just to see what it did... barely any effect, I was disappointed.)


[x] taken painkillers
[x] taken someone else's prescription medicine
[x] lied to your parents
[x] lied to a friend
[x] snuck out of the house
[x] Done something illegal
[x] felt hurt
[x] hurt someone
[x] wished someone to die
[x] seen someone die


[x] missed curfew
[x] stayed out all night
[x] eaten a carton of ice cream by yourself
[x] been to a therapist
[x] received a ticket
[ ] been to rehab
[x] dyed your hair
[x] been in an accident
[x] been to a club
[ ] been to a bar


[x] been to a wild party (I hate parties)
[ ] been to a Mardi Gras parade
[x] drank more than three alcoholic beverages in a night
[ ] had a spring break in Florida
[ ] sniffed anything
[ ] wore black nail polish
[ ] wore arm bands.
[x] wore t-shirts with band names
[x] listened to rap


[x] dressed Gothic
[ ] dressed girly  
[x] dressed punk
[x] dressed grunge
[x] stole something  
[x] been too drunk to remember anything
[x] blacked out
[x] fainted  
[x] had a crush on a neighbor


[x] had a crush on a friend
[x] been to a concert
[x] dry-humped someone; been dry humped
[ ] been called a slut
[ ] called someone a slut.
[x] installed speakers in a car (hello, left field)
[x] broken a mirror
[x] showered at someone of the opposites sex's house
[x] brushed your teeth with someone else's toothbrush


[ ] considered Ludacris your favorite rapper
[x] seen an R-rated movie
[x] cruised the mall
[x] skipped school
[x] had surgery
[x] had an injury
[x] gone to court
[ ] walked out of a restaurant without paying/tipping (hell no, I always pay and I tip good)
[x] caught something on fire.
[x] lied about your age


[x] owned/rented an apartment/house
[x] broke the law in the police's presence (yep XD )
[x] made out with someone who had a GF/BF (yes, but didn't know it at the time, felt bad)
[x] got in trouble with the police
[x] talked to a stranger
[x] hugged a stranger
[x] kissed a stranger
[x] rode in the car with a stranger
[x] been harassed
[x] been verbally harassed


[x] met face-to-face with someone you met online
[x] stayed online for 5+ hours straight
[ ] talked on the phone for more than 4 hours straight (I really hate talking on phones)
[x] watched TV for 5 hours straight
[x] been to a fair
[x] been called a bad influence
[ ] drank and drove (hell no!)
[x] prank-called someone
[x] laid on a couch with someone of the opposite sex
[x] cheated on a test


Complete Total: 70

If you have 00-10 ... write [I'm a goody-goody]
If you have 11-20 ... write [I'm still a goody-goody]
If you have 21-30 ... write [I'm average]
If you have 31-40 ... write [I'm a bad kid]
If you have 41-50 ... write [I'm a very bad influence]
If you have 51-60 ... write [I'm a horrible person]
If you have 61-70 ... write [I should be in jail]
If you have 71-80 ... write [I should be dead]
If you have 81-90 ... write [I got a ticket to Hell]

I should be in jail‽  Renting a home is bad? Isn't that more like a sign of maturity and responsibility?  Installing speakers?  Eaten a carton of ice cream‽  This thing makes no sense XD  But, it amused me, and I needed something in my journal section :)
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