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SteeleHooves 2 from NovDecJan

An amazing Steelhooves custom made by the talented NovDecJan [link]

This is just awesome beyond words, thank you again!

He lights up! I love that! His gun lights up too, but I couldn't press the trigger and hold my camera steady.

He's now setting on my Fallout: Equestria display shelf backing up Littlepip in battle :)
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Sep 20, 2011, 10:12:23 AM
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o.o i love it. are the guns based of things in the story, or just scavenged parts?
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The big one is from a G.I. Joe toy and the smaller one is from a Jurassic Park toy I believe
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I believe they are modified toy guns.
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mk. was thinking they'd make great additions to my char in sl XD
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Is that helmet from a B-daman? (or whatever they are called) He looks REALLY cool!!
NovDecJan's avatar
Yep, I got a bunch on sell a long time ago.
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I'm not really sure, but it looks awesome!
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I just wish the light was green to match how they glow in the story but you can't win them all lol
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The red looks more sinister :)
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I've been looking for parts to make a Inclave pony and I can't find a scorpion tale the right size, but I did by a fluttershy to mod. lol
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I visit our local thrift store about once a week, I'll keep an eye out for parts that might work. Did you get the large Fluttershy or the small one?
NovDecJan's avatar
Small one, but I know I have a tail that size....I just have to find it. It's in the attic...somewhere lol
codepony's avatar
I wish I had an attic, my bedroom has become the designated storage room for the house.
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Maybe if I asked my mom to braid the tail of the pony I could then add amor segments and a stinger over it...or braid them into it.
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That's actually not a bad idea, would also give you more flexibility in the tail. I always braid the tail of the ponies when I'm working on them, keeps them out of the way.
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