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SteeleHooves 2 from NovDecJan

An amazing Steelhooves custom made by the talented NovDecJan [link]

This is just awesome beyond words, thank you again!

He's now setting on my Fallout: Equestria display shelf backing up Littlepip in battle :)
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Sep 20, 2011, 10:02:32 AM
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I hadn't realized that you used the large Rarity for Littlepip!
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Yeah, I absolutely love working with the fashion size ponies, I have about a dozen in various stages of customizing :) I'm always amazed at the detail people get out of the smaller G4 ponies. I'm working on a couple smaller ones right now, but I keep stressing out over them LOL

Sadly, the large Rarity's are nearing their end of production and are getting rare (pun totally intended)
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I've not seen many of the fashion sized ones at all. Perhaps two Rarity, two AJ and one Pinkie. I brought home Rarity and Pinkie. My Littlepip is based on Rainbow Flash, so she's way to colorful at the moment - still all original except for my poor attempt at a cutie mark. I have the guns, and some clay - now all I need it that elusive "effort" stuff.
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I see them at Walmart and Target a lot, mostly Rarity and Applejack, but those ponies are getting hard to find. I think the next round of ponies is starting up soon.
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Down here in Australia, it sucks. I've only been able to find first round ponies, and no one seems to be restocking. Mostly what is on the shelves are the Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy bonus packs, Applejack's farm, Twilight's Balloon, and Pinkies RC car.
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At that size he's more like Steele midget! hehehehehe
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Minihooves :) I like him :)
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I could see the nonlethal poison joke doing this to him.
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Everyone standing around giggling.

Steelhooves: *squeaky voice* Careful of that blue stuff, it's made you all into giants! What are you all laughing about?
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The required bubble bath would be interesting... and/or mildly horrific.
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They recruited pigmy ponies! Hey it could happen.
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That is pretty cool!
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