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Fallout: Equestria - Littlepip

This is my first customized My Little Pony toy. It's Littlepip from the fan fiction Fallout: Equestria [link] by Kkat.

I used a Fashion Style Rarity as the base and replaced the hair with hair from

Please let me know what you think, it's my first project and I could always use some tips.

Also, I made a "making of" [link] video for it, mostly for my own amusement :)
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I am just..astonished.
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Thank you :)

Sadly, the dye is starting to fade and she has more of a purple tinge these days. Lesson learned, will use paint next time :)
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Whats the blue thing in her left ear?
Needs more Little Mac and I think her PipBuck takes up more of her leg.

Im not hatin on you, just some critiques.
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It's the Earbloom, mentioned in some of the early chapters. It's actually silver, but the camera flash gave it a blueish tinge. The design as supposed to be from soon after she left the Stable, so everything is still newish. I plan on creating a final one once the story is finished to show how she has changed.

I actually made quite a few Pipbucks, but the larger ones never looked right. I wanted the leg to still appear to be able to move and once I got them on her they looked uncomfortable at best.

I know, and I am glad to hear them :)
I always pictured the zebra rifle as a dragunov svd, since that's what the Chinese sniper rifle in fallout three is based off and since zebras also have stealth cloak, like the Chinese stealth suit
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I agree, but I ended up basing it on the FO3 Zebra rifle since I liked how it looked :)
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I like the attention to detail. The Cutie Mark, the PipBuck, even the Stable 2 outfit looks awesome. Pip herself looks great :)
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Thanks! I love making accessories although that PipBuck took forever, I remade it I don't know how many times LOL. I'm still trying figure out what accessories to make for my current one (Homage).
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Just do something simple. Give her some cool shades and a mic, that's all Homage would really need, right?
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I've already designed the mic, nice 1950's one. I'm thinking about some records scattered on the ground and maybe a turntable. But, my current project (see sig) is eating my time lately.
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*whistles slowly* I can see. And yeah, the records should, of COURSE be with her *facehoofs. Realizes hoof isn't enough. Slams face into keyboa\akjrweapjbgr;ej\gzrd;lnzn'rihahiewr ahermz erpoihaioiz hprdoiiozr phiodarepoihy ip\r o* Owww...... dumb idea... stupid... hard... plastic...
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