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Custom MLP - Littlepip

This is my first customized My Little Pony toy. It's Littlepip from the fan fiction Fallout: Equestria [link] by Kkat.

I used a Fashion Style Rarity as the base and replaced the hair with hair from

Please let me know what you think, it's my first project and I could always use some tips.

Also, I made a "making of" [link] video for it, mostly for my own amusement :)
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but i dont think she smiles :/
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She does when Homage is around :)
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no she does not smile. She just hides her face in her hoofs. xD
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Zebra Rifle

My mind has been blown.
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This is pretty good, but the hair seems a little too long and tidy for her. She had a shorter haircut if I recall, one that was a bit more unruly.
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Other then having a Pipbuck and being small, she's never described in the story. I used existing fanart for inspiration but decided to go with my own feel for the character rather then copy an existing fanart. I do agree the hair is too neat here, but I consider this more of her "glammer shot" rather then a day in the life. Also, the longer hair looks cuter :)
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dA needs an edit button :(
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The paint job is gorgeous! It looks so smooth and you kept her eyes so clean!
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That's because I didn't paint her, I used a dying process to dye her to the needed color. Makes for a much smoother body.
Scaramouche-Fandango's avatar
I've never seen that done before! She really looks lovely.
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Thank you. I was looking online for ways to paint ponies and came across some dying tutorials. It's a lot harder, but it ends up much smoother.
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I love the bobby pins all over the floor!
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BTW, your "Littlepip in pencil" was my inspiration for the Stable Barding. Yours was the only one I had seen where it actually looked like barding instead of a suit.
otherunicorn's avatar
Cool! I actually looked up the definition of barding!
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Thanks, those were fun to make. I wanted to make more but they took forever LOL
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I used to make coat hangers in 1/25 scale, so I can imagine!
NovDecJan's avatar
Littlepip's Littlepip should be a brownish color it's too new and shiny and she needs scars and blood stains........or is that too much? LOL Im just messing with you, this is AWESOME!!!! I bet Steelhooves would be a challenge.
codepony's avatar

I agree about the battle wounds, but I mainly placed this early, soon after she got the zebra rifle. As for her Pipbuck, I figured since she was the Pipbuck repair person, she would maintain hers and have access to better parts :)

Steelhooves will be a nightmare, he will be last if at all. I think Homage will be next since she will be easy, Calamity will require a body repaint (because I can't find a Fluttershy fashion toy) and a facial reconstruction but it shouldn't be too hard.
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She would have the best parts lol.
The Zebra might be hard depending on how well you can pant stripes. Will Calamity have a battle saddle?
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