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PokeMeter - Pokemon Skin for Rainmeter

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I finally got around to finishing this theme.
Pokemon Trainer card inspired theme for Rainmeter.

6 (Program|Websites) launcher

Everything is fully customizable

Thanks :iconreaper-bunny: for the awesome wallpaper
Thanks :iconcsandoval: for the Unova overworld icons
Thanks :icon2and2makes5: for the Unova shiny overworld icons
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Thank you very much !

if you're still paying attention to this page, how do i get the pokemon to show up

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helloy, do you know perhaps how to make the Pokmns to appear on the card? I did pick the numbers and all and saved, but the only thing i could change was the trainer and the name, qoq
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I'm Having alot of trouble changing the trainer card, can you make a tutorial?
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Wow, it's been years since I haven't touched this, I can't recall anything at all hahahahha
But if I'm not mistaken, there's a text file with instructions in the download somewhere ;)
(Just took a look, it's called Settings.txt, there's a step by step in there)
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Amazing! Thanks so much!
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Glad you liked it! Really appreciate it!
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so like how do i get the pokemon to sit correctly in the trainer card?
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nvm I found out how to change it C:
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How do I get the email icon to change from a regular pokemon to its shiny form when it has new mail? Also, I have multiple gmail accounts, so how can I change the link to have one email instead of the another?
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This looks Amazin',I'll try this one....haha!!!!
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Thanks! Enjoy mate!
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How do i add the pokemon? i've been trying and i cant find the spot to type the pokemon number 
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How do I download? ;s
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Theres a download button right here to the right ----->
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I really like this theme! I've been using it for a while now, and I've recently started using the Gmail launcher but it seems like it doesn't notify me when I get a new email. I suspect this has to do with the recent update to Gmail's inbox?
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Thanks for using it mate! I have no idea why, but my gmail launcher takes a looooong time to notify me as well. Worst part is, I have no idea how to fix this. Hope that's not a deal breaker =/
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The fix for this is relatively simple, in the base code for the email checker you have the update rate set to 60, meaning it only checks it once a minute or so, which might be it, but if not, it might be that you've changed your password or the like recently enough and forgot to change it.
It's been a while since anyone has comment on tho, however I felt the need to let you know that this theme is amazing! The only question I have for you is how would I go about adding more programs? I may have already done so and I just need a restart, I'm not sure. I'll find out after my Adobe Suite finishes installing. =P
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Thanks so much mate, really appreciate it! By adding more programs, you mean creating more than those 6 already present program shortcuts? Or creating a different meter altogether?
commented on this** |= I hate auto-correct...
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in the settings doc it says to look in the trainer folder to find the other trainer sprites. i'm gonna guess i look in a pokemon folder to find to find the other pokemon as well. how do i do that?
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Yeah, exactly, but the pokemon are arranged by their numbers, so there's really no need to check them out. As for the folders, just go to your rainmeter folder, pokemeter, trainer. Voila!
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